Why is Google giving me Page with Redirect error when trying to index the page?

I’m trying to index a landing page through the Google Search Console. The result I get is error Page with redirect: The URL is a redirect, and therefore was not added to the index. The error explanation which Google gives is:

If you link to an old version of a URL that redirects to a new one, Google will still detect that URL and include it in the Coverage Report. Consider updating any link using the old version of the URL so search engines aren’t forced to go through a redirect to discover your content.

I have not created any redirects for the page and when I used redirect-checker.org I got: CONGRATULATION. Everything seems to be fine. There is no old version of the URL.

The page was created with WordPress.

Can you throw any light on this?

npm package “watch” giving “no such file or directory” error

Thanks in advance for helping me.

I want to create a product build on changes inside src directory. For that I used watch package of npm. Below is my “scripts” inside package.json

"scripts": {     "webpack-dev-server": "webpack-dev-server",     "dev": "watch 'npm run prod' src",     "prod": "webpack --mode=production" }, 

Now when I run npm run dev command. It gives me:

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘E:\projects\chatapp\run’

Magento 2 Update Cronjob Status is giving error readiness_checks failed auth.json.sample

Magento 2 Update Cronjob Status is giving an error readiness_checks failed for file auth.json.sample as "file_permissions_verified": false

Is this something to worry about? Or should we just restore the original auth.json.sample (of course its suffix was unsampled and started using)

{     "readiness_checks": {         "error": "<br/>Found non-writable path(s):<br/>/var/www/html/m2/m2_dev/auth.json.sample",         "file_permissions_verified": false     },     "last_timestamp": 1555343582,     "current_timestamp": 1555343642 } 

HTTP “Accept:” in request headers – public website giving back PDF, JSON, etc for testing?

I want to demo test the effect of various Accept: options in a HTTP request, e.g.

curl -H "Accept: application/pdf" -X GET http://hostname/resource curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" http://hostname/resource 

Is there a site on public internet that will give me back PDF or JSON, etc depending on the headers ?

SOAP output requests post giving string response (XML output) but not sure how to read the same

response = requests.post(url,data=body,headers = headers) print(response.text) or print(response.content) it is printing Reponse—- b’——=_Part_1259_1689825246.1555312654314\r\nContent-Type: application/xop+xml;charset=UTF-8;type=”text/xml”\r\nContent-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\r\nContent-ID: <1bd8e87f-9242-43b8-9593-e5a322e0eff5>\r\n\r\n\n1CHECKIN_UNIVERSALFAFusionImportExport \r\n——=_Part_1259_1689825246.1555312654314–\r\n’

From above string i want to read “dSecurityGroup” value i.e “FAFusionImportExport” and i am not sure how to read this data. could you please help me on this.

How can I add encounters in the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign without giving PCs too much XP?

I’m currently reading the LMOP scenario. I was thinking about adding some encounters if the PCs want to explore the forest or other side-story zones that aren’t considered in the book.

But actually I don’t want them to earn too much XP from these, plus I’ve never DMed before so I’m not aware at all what XP quantities represent.

The reason I’m concerned with giving them XP is that:

  • It can lead to them being higher than level 5 before the end (I’ve asked here whether that’s a serious concern)
  • Maybe the PCs end up trying to farm XP by just going side-road to easily go through the following of the scenario

What I’ve already thought about:

Within the scenario, each encounter is specifically awarded with XP, so I might only give XP for scripted encounters, but it might look a bit disappointing for players.

On the other hand, if I award them with the full XP given in the monster’s stats blocks, it might end up with one of the problems I mentioned above.

Given prior experiences as a GM or player (especially with LMOP in particular), how can I give PCs XP for encounters that aren’t scripted without changing too much of the scenario level expectation?

Android Auto – Google Play Music are played in a personal playlist after giving Voice command (Play Music), it then starts playing some random mix

I use Android Auto primarily for music, to listen while driving in R-Link2. Recently, when i use push to talk(VR) to play the song which was paused earlier, a new song from a random browse station get played instead of downloaded playlist songs or the previous paused song.

Any idea why that is going on, and how to fix it. I’ve looked at the settings and can’t find anything that would help.

Here’s are the details might help you to rectify my problem:

Android Auto Version: 4.1.590944-release Google Play Music Version: 8.0.6322-1.W