Advanced probability model and contribution to permutation glass

Actually I was reading about permutation glass, it’s a about a disordered system where the state space consists of various orderings of a list and it’s based on permutation graph (please have a quick look at it, and with more attention at pages 3-5, eq. 12, 14, 17).

My interest is that I’am trying to apply the advanced probability model of random permutuation and to see if any contribution exists (from the side of math). The idea of probability model is that Gaussian is the function of two variables and it tends to the normal distribution for infinite numbers of elements. $ F_N (x)=Φ(x)+\frac{3}{50\sqrt{2π}} e^{-x^2/2} (x^3-3x) \frac {6N^3+21N^2+31N+31} {N(2N+5)^2 (N-1)}+O(\frac{1}{N^2} )$

Acording to the article it is supposed that Gaussian does not have the cumulants of order higher than $ 2$ . This results in more or less easy calculation (eq. 12, 14, 17).

However, there are higher cumulants greater then two (only odd cumulants equal to zero). In other words it was considered a distribution like below: $ \rho_0(\lambda)=\frac {1} {\sqrt{2\pi\sigma_0^2}}exp(-\frac{(\lambda-\lambda_0)^2} {2\sigma_0^2})$ .

I would like to consider Gaussian which has higher cumulants: $ \rho_0(\lambda)=\frac {1} {\sqrt{2\pi\sigma_0^2}}exp(-\frac{(\lambda-\lambda_0)^2} {2\sigma_0^2})+\frac {3} {50\sqrt{2\pi\sigma_0^2}}\frac {6N^3+21N^2+31N+3} {N(2N+5)^2(N-1)}exp(-\frac{(\lambda-\lambda_0)^2} {2\sigma_0^2})(-(\frac{(\lambda-\lambda_0)^2} {2\sigma_0^2})^2+6\frac{(\lambda-\lambda_0)^2} {2\sigma_0^2}-3)+O(\frac{1}{N^2})$

So I wonder if could anybody help with the solution for eq.12 from the article to see if the contribution exists or not?

Should change body or glass

ive been using a nikon d3100 body and the stock lense that came with it. ive been looking at new bodys, but ive also been looking at lenses.

the body ive been looking at is 24 mp opposed to the 14 on my current, is it worth spending 600 on a new body (switch to canon) and one lense, or should save my money and spend about the same on lenses?

why isn’t glass transparency part of the exposure calculation?

The F number is a ratio calculated purely from the focal length of the lens and the size of the aperture. Any light meter talks in terms of F, Shutter, and ISO.

Different glass, or just different number of elements, is going to change the number of photons that get though the lens; we compensate for ND filters by adjusting F. What am I missing? Why aren’t t stops part of exposure calculations?

What is “desert glass” and what does it do to the PCs?

In Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, there are environment-specific encounter tables for various PC levels. In the Desert Encounters (Levels 11-16) on pages 96-97, the result of 36-40 is “1d6 square miles of desert glass”, but I can’t find that term mentioned anywhere in this book or any others.

So first, what is it? An expanse where the ground has been turned into glass? Bits of glass scattered among the dunes? Is it an environmental hazard? An mere oddity to wonder at? What does this “encounter” mean for the players?

According to Wikipedia, “desert glass” is formed from sand that has been vitrified by (probably) lightning or a meteor impact, then tossed around and scoured by wind-blown sand until it’s smoothed down and has taken on a milky yellow-green color, and it was (and still is) considered a semiprecious stone sometimes used in jewelry, including a really nice pendant found with Tutankhamun.

So that kinda sounds like maybe this is a few square miles containing scattered bits of desert glass, and suggests another possibility, that this might represent a source of income for the PCs. But how much?

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Glass Half Full

Just saw an enhancement to the old adage about a glass that is half full of water:

The optimist sees the glass as half full
The pessimist sees the glass as half empty
The engineer sees the glass as poorly designed
The sales executive sees the glass as an opportunity to discuss the benefits of ice


Servlet Glass Fish

Fiz uma aplicação ontem em java web usando Glass Fish e subi o projeto no github (

Cheguei no trabalho, baixei o projeto do github e não funcionou, na hora que eu envio os dados para o servlet, ele mostra o erro de “O arquivo não foi encontrado”

Minha dúvida é: Precisa de algo instalado na máquina para rodar o arquivo servlet .java ?

Taking Photograph Through Beamsplitting Glass so the object photographed cannot see camera lense back

I am new to beam splitting glass & its properties and possibilities, but I would like to think that it should be possible for me to some sort of beam splitting glass in order to be able to take a relatively clear photo of an object on the other side of the glass.

And, from the other side, from the objects view, if you were to look at it – possibly shining a light at where the camera lens should be, the light is refracted off the beam splitting glass and thereby not reflecting back.

If anyone could please help me with this problem or even point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. It is hard to get in contact with a lot of the beam splitting glass manufacturers – big and small

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0MG equals ZERO nicotine and just the PG, VG and Flavorant. Some people make their way down to a 0MG before they quit altogether.
6-8MG of nicotine is low and compares to an ultra light cigarette
12-18MG of nicotine is Medium to High and compares to light to medium cigarette.
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2.What type of vaporizer should I buy?
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