A glitch with importing a list of lists of polynomials

Would anybody know how to import a list of lists of polynomials which I exported earlier?

d = {{3*t^2 + 2*t^(-1), 5*t + 6*t^(-2) + 7*t^(-4)}, {7*t^2 + 8*t^(-1), 9*t + 10*t^(-2)}}  Export["mydata.dat",d]  Import["mydata.dat"]  Out[]={{"2/t", "+", "3*t^2", "7/t^4", "+", "6/t^2", "+", "5*t"}, {"8/t", "+", "7*t^2", "10/t^2", "+", "9*t"}}  imp=Import["mydata.dat", "List"] Out[]={2/t + 3*t^2  7/t^4 + 6/t^2 + 5*t, 8/t + 7*t^2    10/t^2 + 9*t} imp[[1]] Out[]= 2/t + 3*t^2  7/t^4 + 6/t^2 + 5*t imp[[1]][[1]]  error: Part::partd: Part specification 2/t + 3*t^2  7/t^4 + 6/t^2 + 5*t[[1]] is longer than depth of object. Head @ imp[[1]] Out[]=String 

Exporting as "List" does not help.

Google Phone app notification glitch

Phone: Moto e5
Android OS: 8.1.0
Google Phone app version: 33.0.249138098

The Google Phone app appears to have a notifications glitch when swapping/tapping between its different tabs [Favorites, Recents, Contacts, & Voicemail] ; mostly seems to be between "Recents"& "Contacts" or "Favorites" & "Recents"
The glitch shows a very brief missed call notification in the notifications panel that disappears; its very subtle, but quite annoying as ive only just started seeing it.

Clearing the cache & data for the Google Phone app doesnt solve the problem; uninstalling updates for the app somewhat does, at the cost of an outdated phone app… disabling notifications for the app in general also works, but i wont get anything if i receive/miss a call. I tried testing with a guest user on my phone but i couldnt see the glitch happen, most probably due to guest users not having permanent/any data stored.

Is anyone else able to replicate this issue with the Google Phone app as well?

Glitch or bad design during booting on Mojave?

After enabling FireVault with recent T2 firmware patch the loading bar looks weird like its missing pre-cached image:

enter image description here

I replaced default Mojave.heic with a test image and gray “transparent” area kept test image framed while the rest of the screen remains black after system switched to user scale. Setting Display -> Scaled back to Default returning smooth booting. Is this a design issue or missing cache?

Gmail glitch – when sending out group emails, it’s not able to select multiple emails address under the same person

We send out group emails at our workplace a lot and about a week ago, Gmail has been acting up. This glitch happened once before maybe about a year ago and it’s the same problem that’s happening again.

When sending group emails, it’s not possible to select all the emails under one person any more. It will only let you insert one email per contact. While you are doing it, it will show all as selected but it will only insert one email no matter how many times you try. Please fix this google!!!!

Software Glitch iPad 2 Caused Activation Lock

I’m very new to this thread and I hope I’m in the right place for help.

I’ve got an iPad 2 WIFI only model and have an issue, some time ago whilst I was using the iPad it suddenly and out of nowhere went to an activation required screen.

I believe this to be a software issue as the iPad hasn’t gone to the very beginning of the setup process, I’ve attached 3 screenshots showing what it does.

When I turn on the iPad I can see my wallpaper I’m required to enter my PIN to unlock but after that it goes straight to an activation required screen. Unfortunately it’s been years since setting up the device and as I’ve never had need to use iCloud password as I’ve got a seperate iTunes and App Store Apple ID have forgotten it. I can’t reset the password as I’ve got two step verification setup and I can’t find the recovery key.

Unfortunately Apple won’t assist me without proof of purchase and as I purchased the iPad in Oct 2013 I’ve found it impossible to get a copy of an invoice from the supplier thus no help at all from Apple.

As the iPad still has everything installed on it is there some way of extracting the password by some means.

Is data extraction or connecting the iPad to my iPhone Wirelessly to access the iPads data even possible?

I’d appreciate any assistance anyone could give me. iPad Home ScreenPIN LockActivation Lock

YouTube glitch that sporadically inserts a static “subliminal” image for 1 frame of uploaded video

In the following video that I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel, a still image from the beginning of the video flashes for 1 frame many times throughout the video. Here’s an example right after the 5:48 mark:

The original video stored on my computer (that I uploaded to YouTube) does not have these “glitches”.

I reported this to YouTube and they are working to fix the video, so by the time you read this, the problem may no longer exist for this particular video. However, I’ve seen a few people complain about a similar issue, and so I’m asking a question about whether there is something that can be done to minimize the probability of these glitches?

I’m using 30fps, 1080p, H.264, generated by Premiere. Original video is 59.94fps, but again the exported video at 30fps looks flawless on my machine.

In case the video is fixed by the time you see this, here are two frames from the 5:49 mark, the second is the inserted frame from earlier in the video.

enter image description here

enter image description here

YouTube Glitch on OnePlus 6 [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Getting Black screen when i play youtube videos in youtube app 2 answers

For the past two days, YouTube on my One Plus 6 has been glitching. Everytime I click on a video, I can hear the audio but the video doesn’t play. Also, the new update allows me to swipe right to see the next video, something which isn’t there on my brother’s phone(he has a Redmi note 4) even though he has the updated version of YouTube (as per play store). I deleted cache and storage in settings and also restarted my phone. The app works fine but again goes back to glitching after a while. The glitch starts with the home screen and slowly stops the operation of all the other features on YouTube. Can someone please help me with this? The problem seems to be only on my phone.