Is Gmail Undo pattern enough for bulk mailing? What are the better alternatives?

We are in the early process of creating a mail client that would send out email campaigns to thousands of users (Mailchimp would be a similar product to compare) There are ideas and opinions, and one of them is adding an undo options to the mailing.

The owner of this approach convinced that this would raise the confidence level of the users, I’m defending an opposing idea which is adding an extra step that would review the mail content and recipients and ask for final approval.

While my solution adding extra friction to the flow, it also adds a higher level of confidence to the user’s activities.

Now everything above is assumptions and we will test these with users but I would like to hear more about the subject, especially the personal opinions.

I use Gmail every day and personally seeing that undo functionality adding more stress in my life. It happened once or twice that I undo the email and edited a few details, but if I couldn’t it wouldn’t be a disaster either.

On the other hand, I think, when a user sends a bulk mail, the user needs a better understanding of what are she/she about to do.

What are your thoughts? Are there other alternatives?

PS: I read already this question about the same functionality, while I understand the assumptions here I would like to hear more.

Fake back and forth conversation in gmail – how was it done? [on hold]

I have been accused of something nefarious and the “evidence” is solely an e-mail correspondence between my gmail account and another, with several replies back and forth.

I did find a remote desktop app on my laptop that would have been in operation when these e-mails were made (or at least the dates on the replies).

GMail Hack with 2-Factor Auth enabled

I have my business email on GMail. I use 2-factor authentication for access to said business email. I access my business email from 2 computers and 1 mobile Android device. I do not use Outlook or any email client I access it solely through the web browser. I run Webroot AV on both computers and have run MalwareBytes, Hitman Pro and Sophos Virus Removal tool with 0 hits on all.

Yesterday, spoofed emails of my business email account originating from all over the world were sent out to my customers with an attached, password protected file that was a virus. In itself this is not unusual, however, each of the emails was a actual reply from a valid email I had received previously. I immediately looked at my google account settings and verified 2-factor auth, I looked at the devices that were using my email and could verify each one. I could find no proof that someone had gained access to my email other than myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should look for this breach? I am at a loss and dreading a second round of emails going out.

GMail / Chrome battery drain

(K)Ubuntu 19.04 on XPS 13 – 9360 UHD display

The subject line says it all. While battery life on Ubuntu 19.04 is pretty good overall, whenever I use Gmail I can see consumption spike up. More precisely, the estimated battery life (I use KDE, but the same is true under Gnome) drops precipitously. Composing emails seems to really hammer power consumption.

Web browsing in general is tough on battery consumption, but Gmail is a particularly egregious offender. I am using Chrome, but I tried Firefox as well and it was basically the same.

Am I the only one seeing this? Any thoughts? Thank you!!!

phpmailer no funciona GMAIL

tengo un problema con phpmailer, tengo un formulario que debe de guardar en la base de datos y mandar un correo, hace lo primero pero no envia el correo:

Estoy usando phpmailer este es el codigo:

        require 'class.phpmailer.php';         require 'class.smtp.php';         $  email_user = ""; //Mi correo         $  email_password = ""; //Pass de mi correo         $  the_subject = "Mensaje de contacto";         $  address_to = "";         $  from_name = "Contacto norte";         $  phpmailer = new PHPMailer();         // ---------- datos de la cuenta de Gmail ---------------------         $  phpmailer->Username = $  email_user;         $  phpmailer->Password = $  email_password;          //-----------------------------------------------------------------------         // $  phpmailer->SMTPDebug = 1;         $  phpmailer->SMTPSecure = 'ssl';         $  phpmailer->Host = ""; // GMail         $  phpmailer->Port = 587;         $  phpmailer->IsSMTP(); // use SMTP         $  phpmailer->SMTPAuth = true;         $  phpmailer->setFrom($  phpmailer->Username,$  from_name);         $  phpmailer->AddAddress($  address_to); // recipients email         $  phpmailer->Subject = $  the_subject;          $  phpmailer->Body ="              Nombre: {$  nombre} <br>             Email: {$  email} <br>             Telefono: {$  telefono} <br>             LLmada de regreso ?: {$  llamada}<br>             Website: {$  web}<br>             Prioridad: {$  prioridad}<br>             Tipo servicio: {$  tipo}<br>             Mensaje: <p> {$  mensajee} </p>         ";         $  phpmailer->IsHTML(true);         $  phpmailer->Send(); 

No se si me puedan ayudar.

How to auto delete self destructive messages in gmail?

Recently I was spammed with self destructive messages on my gmail acount. All got passed by google spam filter. Unfortunately it’s hard to recognise message as spam as they filled with words like message from udemy, twitter and so on , until you click it. Is there any way to auto delete those self destructive messages? I don’t want to see them even in trash.

Moving away away from gmail

I want to try and move away from using Gmail and use a more secure and encrypted service like Protonmail or similar, How would one go about doing this? It seems like a momentous task considering all my accounts i have ever signed up with use Gmail. Is there an easier way? Thanks 🙂