When does “Goblin Magic” happen?

I’m exploring some rules-light RPGs, and am intrigued by “Goblin Court v2” by “BESW” (though I haven’t played it yet). I’m confused by the wording on how “Goblin Magic” happens. If some dice succeed and some dice cause Goblin Magic, what happens?

Just to make this concrete example, suppose my Magic Number is 3, and the GM has me roll Compassion with three dice (because it’s something I do a lot and another goblin is helping me), and I get 1, 3, and 6. It looks like under “Dice Outcomes”, both Rule 1 (one die succeeded) and Rule 4 (I rolled the Magic Number exactly) would apply. I would kind of naively think that just both things would happen (I get a “barely manage” success and I also get to ask the Goblin Mom a question), but then it says that when I get Goblin Magic it doesn’t resolve the action and I reroll. So does that mean that if I get any die matching the Magic Number, then none of the other dice matter and I reroll the whole thing?

Again, since I haven’t played it (and I haven’t played much in the way of rules-light RPGs at all) I’m probably greatly misunderstanding something. It’s just confusing to me that an otherwise-successful roll would be negated by the Goblin Magic, and it seems like it would happen a lot in any cases where one was rolling several dice.

How do I swear in Goblin? Orcish?

I have a character who speaks Orcish and Goblin in addition to Common. He’s got a poor Charisma score, so I want to play him as being rather uncouth, adding a liberal amount of coarse language to his speech pattern. However to spice things up I thought it might be fun for him to use his secondary languages in his normal speech.

Are there any good resources for goblin or orcish swear words, or coarse language in general? If not, are there any good resources for the languages in general (so that I can plausibly make some stuff up)? Setting agnostic; the DM is running in his own world but I doubt he would object to be drawing from somewhere else.

Can goblin food of poor quality cause some sort of damage?

To start as a new DM, I choose the first adventure of “Tales from the Yawning Portal”, “The Sunless Citadel”. During the adventure, the players ran into a store room (Goblin Pantry) filled with food & water of “poor quality”, as well as “Elf Pudding” made previously by goblins.

I was wondering if eating such food could cause some indigestion, or poison-like damage ? Is there a rule existing for that kind of action ?

(And by the way, what is “Elf Pudding” ?)

The Bard wants to convert a Goblin

Upfront: I DMed a lot from 1990 to 2005, but not D&D. So I’m decent quality and experienced, but rusty and a total novice with the 5e rules. I do believe that fun trumps rules, and that alignment describes actions rather than defines them. I also hold that Evil can be extremely selfish, not always vicious & cruel.

Lost Mine of Phandelver: Redbrand Hideout. The PCs find Bugbears playing kickball with Droop, the pathetic runt Goblin, who screeches, soils himself and passes out when the party busts in to kill.

The Bard is a pro (15-year) RPer and is written as naive & optimistic. He defends the unconscious Goblin as a victim. I made Droop exceedingly weak and pathetic (by Goblin standards) thinking that they’d send him into the wild to die. Nope, healed him up and bought him a human child’s church clothes, with the intent of converting his alignment.

I found some precedent (besides Drizzt), there’s some Orc hero that rejected his heritage, the DMG (p.287) refers to “However, some aasimar fall into evil, rejecting their heritage.” To top it off, I realized this morning that the Bard had put in his back story that his Circus was run by a civilized Goblin (can’t believe I missed that).

So I’m planning on pushing some epic role-playing to have the Bard work with his former Ringleader to bring Droop over to the light; well, the dimness – Neutral for starters.

Is there a RAW or RAI that prohibits this?

Anyone who also throws in some ideas on how to pull this off with minimum cheese will roll their next Natural 20 because of the Karma from their generosity. So, you know, there’s that.

Can a Druid Goblin use Nimble Escape while Wild Shaped?

Can a Goblin Druid use its Nimble Escape ability while Wild Shaped?

• Nimble Escape. You can take the Disengage or Hide action as a bonus action on each of your turns.

and, for Wild Shape:

You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so.

How many times per round can I use the goblin racial feat Roll With It?

How many times per round of combat can I use the Goblin racial feat Roll With It?

The feat itself does not specify once per turn; however, I have had it ruled both ways in the past, and am simply looking for clarification.

For example, if a goblin is struck in melee combat and succeeds the acrobatics check, does he:

  1. Roll the distance (provoking attacks of opportunity) and simply stop moving once the distance is reached?


  2. Roll the distance (provoking AoO) and is allowed additional acrobatics to continue rolling, thus causing a “pinball” effect until he stops?

Note: Links to such rulings restricting the usage of feats multiple times would be much appreciated.

How can a human blacksmith expert and a merchant goblin open a forge?

I’m actually thinking about a backstory that links both characters for Symbaroum.

In this universe, where elves, trolls, dwarves and goblins exist, it is common for humans to be racist towards other races. Goblins are seen as unstable and simplistic creatures; of course, not all of them are like that.

As for my characters, the human is a master blacksmith who owns the forge but lacks any social skills. He likes to hoard knowledge, and even if he has the look of a warrior, he is actually a mage-type character. Meanwhile, the goblin is a tactician who has incredible social skills, can rally his allies towards a common goal, and he is also a good liar.

So my question is, what is the relationship between the goblin and the blacksmith in order to make them collaborate and open a forge together?

What ability modifier do I use to chuck a dead goblin?

I know I can use a dead goblin as an improvised weapon (and I’m just using the goblin as example of such) and that if I use it in melee I use my Strength for the attack.

I also know that when throwing a melee weapon with the thrown property it uses Strength for the ranged attack, however goblins do not have the Thrown property, nor the Finesse property, nor for that matter are they melee weapons.

So, when throwing my goblin, ie. making a ranged weapon attack with an improvised weapon, what ability (Strength or Dexterity) should I use?