Why writing pre-written articles is going to kill your copywriting biz

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I've had 2…no 3, Internet Marketers buy web copy from me and then turn around to request "pre-written articles." As in "Hey! do you have any pre-written articles I could buy from you?"

Now, why would they want to do this? Just visit that section, view the prices and you'll easily get a sense of exactly what's running through their minds (or checkbooks for that matter!).

We all have bills to pay,…

Why writing pre-written articles is going to kill your copywriting biz

Going through annotations in Okular

I use Okular to read and annotate PDF textbooks. I use mostly highlighting alone but I sometimes add a pop-up note attached to highlighted text. When I want to read some material again, I like to just go through my annotations: I open the navigation panel, I go to reviews and I start browsing. When I highlighted something, the navigation panel does not tell me whether I attached a pop-up note to it. When I click on the corresponding annotation, it does not open the pop-up note either. I have to manually right-click on the annotation, click “open pop-up note”, to find 90% of the time that I did not write anything. I think it greatly limits the benefit of annotations in the first place.

Is there a way in Okular to have pop-up notes open automatically when reviewing annotations? The question also concerns standalone pop-up notes, not only the ones attached to highlighted text. If not, any advice on what PDF reader/editor to use in Ubuntu with which I could get such a behavior?

i have made the custome post type but its single view is not rendring its going to index

code here

function create_posttype() {

register_post_type( 'movies',     // CPT Options     array(    'public' => true,          'labels' => array(             'name' => __( 'Movies' ),             'singular_name' => __( 'Movie' )         ),         'has_archive' => true,         'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'movies'),     ) ); 


// Hooking up our function to theme setup

add_action( ‘init’, ‘create_posttype’ ); i have also create the archive-movies.php and single-movies.php but when i open the detail page of post its going to index.php and showing the blogs list

How I get traffic to my FSB site without going OTT on seo

How I get my traffic to my FSB site

Ok I have a site that I first registered on 4 July 15, https://logburning.co.uk. I have used this site to play with and learn some aspects of FSB, I haven’t learnt them all because it offers so much.

Initially I rushed it all, had FSB in the root of the domain and thought I had written enough original content and had categories with products added. Then sat back and waited for the sales, none came because big G had branded me as a thin site,…

How I get traffic to my FSB site without going OTT on seo

What’s going on?

There seems to be a rash of disruptive trollism/spamism going on as of late. A bunch of misfits constantly changing usernames and inundating the forums with what appears to be Chinese words.
Often a particular university will be highlighted. They get deleted/banned and they reappear quickly like a mushroom patch.

Anyone know what's going on? Can it not be stopped somehow, or is DP helpless to stop it?