i like to know when microsoft going stop montoring our computers, and takeing files that they no right to

do u know how impossable it is to disable windows tracking. most u think just moveing few setting u done, currently there is over 100 gpo settings that must be eather turn on of off, then gpo must be appled to computer, forget firewall microsoft servers are hardcoded in the os, u must disable all task,in trasmiting information, go to regisitery disable termaml server setting start up to 4 and if this not enouf u have block access to rdp, ftp as on all computers there is a active ftp server weather or not u installed it and a acktive http server, now we have other probems remote cmd, remote power shell. all office sends out to microsoft servers, currently there over 7000 data centers that some share with apple and cisco, microsoft will take passwords user names and encription certifices i have logs showing they do just this, that they tied linux in to windows was better way to access bouth os, as there servers gose on and off line takeing bits of infomraiton, over time they can vr your hole system and wach all u do and they do have abuilt to wach what u do and recored it, micrsofot admited to hacking with nsa they was supose to remove remote desktop but the move past this they found new way accessing all the computers, worse is nsa not only ones gets all your information, most gose to chana u all did know most all the code is writen in chana so is apple and cisco, and we ask why is it so easy to get hack, these busness would never pay to have a hack proof software as i did offer a way for them to do it, that system would be totaly trasparnet, but then microsoft could not get the files eather, so how beat microsoft at there own game, what i do is find microsoft certifices and remove remote access and access to the encraption system and to athenacattion, but they can target any server or pc, and sence they recored what u do they undo just about anything, so why trust micrsoft now i can prove microsoft did for two years target my network, i do have logs to prove it, was no hacker and microsoft them selfs said yes they was on my network logs prove it , as they work with cisco becomes hard to block them , now i like know why micrsooft keeps changeing sercruty settings on my network i do have there remote login certifices and ip address and they montor all gpo set ups why, u all have no right to this informaton so why are u takeing it, so again why trust microsoft

What is the going rate for forum posters these days?

What is the going rate for forum posters these days?

I need to hire some forum posters to help a new site take off.
What are forum posters charging these days?

Its a mixed forum, no specific niche,
so you can post whatever you want, except porn and adult content.
Travel, vacations, finance, news, anything is ok.

But posts should be distributed between 10-20 accounts at least. All should not be from same account.

What would a forum poster charge for this?

What happens when Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere is cast on a creature that has momentum going for them?

If a creature casts Otiluke’s resilient sphere on himself while he is walking or running, does the momentum stop when the spell is cast?

I’m thinking about a scenario where a creature is surrounded by a prismatic barrier. It can’t be seen through so to get through it by teleportation misty step is out of the picture. People are split on whether dimension door (having to target the area you are making the door to) is blocked due to the barrier blocking line of effect. The spell ‘teleportation’ is a riskier form of teleportation that is also a higher level spell and is thus more difficult to access. So my thoughts turned to a spell my artificer does have: Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere.

Resilient sphere tells you how it can be moved:

An enclosed creature can use its action to push against the sphere’s walls and thus roll the sphere at up to half the creature’s speed. Similarly, the globe can be picked up and moved by other creatures.

The words of the sphere only include a way for the creature inside to move by expending an action, it would however be fallacious to say this must be an exhaustive list of what ways the sphere can be moved. As it doesn’t say it can’t be moved by other means. These words would indicate that for an creature inside to start moving the sphere it will require its action.

I want to know if there is any way to cast the sphere and move it in the same turn on only your one action (without metamagic). Particularly, what happens if the creature enclosed in the sphere has momentum when the sphere is cast. Can a creature run at the prismatic barrier and cast Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere to get through it? I presume a creature can cast while moving, and if not I know a creature can cast while concentrating on a spell; At the very least a creature should be able to use a ready action to cast the spell and concentrate on it, run at the wall, and activate the spell before he hits the wall.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Iran is using ballistic missiles against American forces. Is Donald Trump going to be blamed yet again by the lunatic fringe?

Will the Democratic friends of Iran finally hold them to account for initiating and escalating armed conflict or will they still blame the Donald ?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is gas going up 40¢ overnight MAGA?

I own a business that uses a lot of fuel. Lots of businesses rely on cheap fuel to exist. I own a carpet cleaning and water damage restoration business. We operate 3 vans a 2013 and 2014 Chevy Express 1500. They average about 15 mpg at best. Most of the time I calculate it out to more 13.5-14.5, I attribute this to being stuck in traffic a lot. I have my old 2011 Chevy Express 3500. This gets 12 mpg or less. This beast also has the largest extractor, a 1.0l 37hp Kohler Command. Pro. This machine gulps easily 12 gallons of fuel in an 8 hour shift, One of the 15000s has a .75l 27 hp engine that burns easily 10 gallons per day. The third one has .675 l engine that sucks about 9 gallons per day. Typical week for me, I buy 250 – 275 gallons of fuel. At $ 2.50 per gallon, that s $ 625 to $ 700 per week fuel expenses. Today it jumped 40¢ to 2.90 per gallon. Will it be $ 3.00 tomorrow? Probably. Let s say it peaks at $ 3.25 per gallon, which is being kind. My fuel costs will jump $ 100 to $ 200 per week. Can I raise my prices? Not in this economy. My customer pays another $ 20-25 per week for his fuel. What s the first thing he s going to cut? Carpet cleaning. There are easily 10,000 small business owners like myself who will spend $ 100 a week more to earn $ 200-300 a week less. In other words, work for nothing. This is MAGA? This idiotic and unstable president has already destroyed the middle class economy quite a bit. As an industry, reports are we are down 2-3 percent per year since 2017. We were up 2-3 percent every year 2011 to 2016. MAGA my butt! When gas hit $ 5 I ended up laying off 3 out of 3 workers. That was Bush’s recession. I sold a 2002 Chevy 1500 and truckmount extractor with 440cc Kohler . I limped by alone in a 2003 Chevy Malibu Maxx, my personal vehicle, and my back up, anemic electric for 2 years. Then in 2010 I purchased a well used system in a 1999 Chevy Express 1500 for two years. Came very close to bankruptcy.

[ Safety ] Open Question : Should I over inflate tires if going to snow?

I’m in Chino hills with 45°F lowest and elevation is 860 ft. I plan to go to Flagstaff, where temperature drops down to 24°F and 6909 ft elevation.   My Honda Fit tire pressure is at 34. Should I increase it so it’ll compensate for the loss in freezing weather+high altitude? If so, what’s a safe number?

How would a Telepath be able to tell that they’re not going crazy? [closed]

It’s the Psychic player again. She asked me a pretty good question to better roleplay the character. Her character has been able to read people’s minds since early adulthood. As soon as she said this, she looked at me, “How would she be able to tell that what she was hearing were thoughts and not schizophrenia?” I just shrugged and said “patterns in behavior” and left it at that. But she got me thinking.

How would someone who can read minds conclude what they were hearing was people’s thoughts, as opposed to auditory hallucinations?

DNS A Record going back and forth, 48 hours after changing

I’m moving a website but keeping the email setting for now, so I changed the A Record on the current ISP to the new IP provided by the new ISP. And it has been more than 48 hours the domain is still flipping back and forth between the two IPs.

I’ve kept an eye on it on https://www.whatsmydns.net/ but there’s no real progress in the last 24 hours – sometimes I get only 4 servers showing the old IP sometimes I get 12.

Contacted both ISPs, both suggested just to wait longer, but this is very worrying.

Also did another check and found this result http://tinyurl.com/uk45xz9

The old IPS is TSOHost – previously Vidahost, so don’t know if that’s the problem.

Any advice would be much appreciated.