Magento 2 Storview switcher is gone?

In Magento 1.9, when we created multiple storviews and enable all of them, then in the top navigation part of the page on frontend, there will be a dropdown to let customers to switch between different storeviews.

It looks like this feature is gone in Magento 2? or at least it’s not showing in default Luma theme. Can we get this storeview switcher on the frontend?

I’m using Magento 2.3.1

`MySQL server has gone away` during long running cron

I have a series of stock importers, all of which run of mostly the same code, each with a few tweaks, with regards to how they fetch their stock data from different suppliers.

These all run off cron, however I’m running into issues with one of them – it fetches it’s data by API which is rate limited to 1 req/s, because of this the data fetching takes about 15 minute. After this, it attempts to get the size of a previously fetched product collection, for logging purposes. At this point the process crashes out with a 2006 MySQL server has gone away error.

I’ve tried increasing various timeouts and changing some mysql settings to no avail, e.g.

        ini_set('mysql.connect_timeout', 14400);         ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 14400);         ini_set('mysql.allow_persistent', 1); 

I’ve been talking to the server hosting company who insist it’s a code issue, but it still feels like some form of timeout.

What settings should I be looking into? It always crashes out at the same point if data is fully fetched – if I modify the script to test, e.g. by using dummy data instead of taking the time to fetch it from the supplier, no SQL error occurs.

After Windows/BIOS update, GRUB boot option gone and I can’t boot to LiveUSB

I am running a dual boot Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.X on an ASUS Zenbook UX330U. After a Windows and possibly BIOS update yesterday, the option to dual boot is missing.

BIOS Home Screen

I can only select Windows Boot Manager. I recall having this problem before, and it was easily fixed by repairing GRUB using a LiveUSB. However, I cannot get the LiveUSB to boot. I disabled Fast Startup in Windows 10. I have disabled Fast Boot in the BIOS. Legacy USB has been enabled. The CSM option is greyed out, and I cannot turn it on.

Fast Boot Disabled

Legacy USB Support Enabled

Any help getting a LiveUSB to boot so that I can repair my GRUB so that I can go back to using Ubuntu is greatly, greatly appreciated.

Where has the Llama app gone?

I recently made a full factory reset on my Sony Xperia X Compact, only to find out that the Llama app is gone from the play store (This link is dead for me).

Also the author’s website looks really outdated.

It has served me well for years (heck, it even prevented me from defaulting to an iPhone).

What has happened to Llama, and it’s developer? Why it’s gone from the store?

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Google Cloud gone to maintenance for at least a day. No way to get it working or extract data

We having yet another critical issue with Google Cloud SQL (MySQL Gen 2). Server gone to maintenance for almost a day, and still unusable. So our production and development databases are both trapped there. We can not restart the instance, we can not download backups or do some export. In essence, all controls are blocked for this server. We clicked at Help -> Send Feedback twice with screenshot and no reaction was given.

We can not afford another $ 150 per month aka $ 1800 for year for our startup to pay for fixing possible single “disaster of the year”!

Hey, Google, I can not believe that you do not see how that server cries with pain, shock and disbelief, shaking and covered with thick layer of dirty error logs!

iMac 2011 27″ Screen, Contrast Gone

iMac 27″ from 2011, OS El Capitain 10.11.6. Tried to increase screen contrast in Accessibility pref. pane, but instead got almost no contrast and very light colors! Can hardly see the grid in Excel and it is even worse in the Calendar app where there are no visible lines separating the dates. Under Display Profiles for this Display there are 2 named iMac. I can see that they are not identical.One says iMac-48812E13-8A483-7A3C-C675A9008885.icc, the otheriMac-00000610-0000-A007-0000-00000428001C0.icc Which one should I use and how do I select it? Anyone knows how to get the previous setting back?

Firefox saved logins gone on ubuntu

I tried to copy over my firefox profile from my windows 10 machine to my ubuntu lapotp. Everything works just fine except for the saved passwords & logins. History and cookies seem to be still there, but my passwords are gone. I tried to use the same profile on another windows 10 machine and it worked just fine. Is there any way to get my passwords back on ubuntu?