Are then any good open source examples of data access layers?

When it comes to developing DAL’s I always seem to end up tying myself in knots. I trawl example after example looking for the definitive way to write a DAL and often end up more confused than when I started.

Are there any examples online of open source projects that have good DAL’s? I know for example that Netflix have a lot of their codebase on GitHub that I’ve enjoyed perusing but there’s nothing in that repo that I can find by way of serious data access code.

“A good programmer can be as 10X times more productive than a mediocre one” [closed]

I had read an interview with a great programmer (it is not in English) and in it he said that “a great programmer can be as 10 times as good as a mediocre one” giving reason for why good programmers are very well paid and why programming companies give many facilities for their employees. The idea was that there is a very large demand for good programmers, because of the above reason and that’s why companies pay very much to bring them.

Do you agree with this statement? Do you know any objective facts that could support it?

Edit: The question has nothing to do with experience; if you talk about one great programmer with 1 year experience then s/he should be 10 times more productive than a mediocre programmer with 1 year experience. I agree that from certain experience years onwards, things start to dissipate but that’s not the purpose of the question.

What is good start for doing offpage SEO?

Good day all,
i have read so many topics regarding seo techniques but as a beginner i want o know that how can i use these techniques for generating original traffic and ranking for my site?
Forum Posting, Article Submission, Blog Commenting, Directory Submissions &
Social Bookmarking are commonly shared latest seo techniques by members but how they will benefit me to get massive traffic?
Hope you will all help me for a good start

what to do to make yourself a good bot? [on hold]

We are working on providing credentials on behalf of users to many of the secure sites (anti-bot-prevention-tech/reCaptcha) who don’t entertain any kind of bots from technical perspective. Some of the facts regrading our activities

1) We are not scrapping anything.

2) We are not spamming anything.

3) Just detecting login input forms to enter the credentials already provided by user.

4) All are financial websites which is related to payment only

The problem we are facing is that some of the websites have implemented anti-bot prevention technology like reCaptcha any many similar things.

The intent of these technologies is to prevent unwanted crawling and scrapping/spamming, but what are the factors that will make us the good bot in terms of our intent? Is there any common vocabulary that is documented and shared between this anti bot/bot-prevention technology because I believe google bots also crawl many things at all levels. (We are aware about robot.txt but that’s manual intervention)

What is a good way to organize hundreds of sortable items in a list

I have many pages of items each page containing m x n items with the m and n dimension layouts being editable by the user. I want the order of the items on the page to be editable so I thought about using the jquery-ui sortable connected list shown here:

Where each page would be a list and the items can be ordered based on their position in the grid like array of connected lists. Is this a good approach or should I go in a different direction?