How do I become a good programmer while working through college?

If I live on campus as a CS student and work at part-time a fast-food restaurant right across from the campus, how do I find the time to practice my craft every day in an efficient manner? Right now, I have nothing to my name but an incomplete amateur OO Python rpg. I didn’t start coding until my first semester. How do I decide what “X” to do every day so that I can do it and improve?

Is it a good idea to have a large footer containing many links?

In recent years, it’s become quite a common design pattern to have a large footer on every page, containing a ‘mini sitemap’.

For example:

enter image description here

This has supposed SEO benefits but would also seem to be a legitimate use of page estate. However, such footers contain many, many links, and I’m wondering if that’s a hindrance to screen readers and/or keyboard users.

Any thoughts?

What is a good tutorial for web app UI/UX design?

I’m building a web app, but I’m not a designer, so I rely on a lightweight CSS framework to provide the basic styling and structure of different UI elements. However, I usually struggle with how to structure the web app to provide a good UX.

I googled “web app ux design” (and “ui design”), but most of the results talk about designing a web “site” not a web “app”. For example, the main focus seems to be the principles of design, e.g. color/contrast, visual hierarchy, spacing, etc. What I need are things like general app layout, hub & spoke pattern, navigation, side-bars / menus, relationship between conceptual/data model and pages/screens, role-based functionality, record details vs lists/tables, page sections/layout, cards, in-page actions, form design for simple in-page manipulation vs. complex data entry (multi-step wizards), etc.

Where can I find such a tutorial or guide? I’m willing to even pay for an online course if one is available.