Can good-aligned damage hurt good creatures

Recently I’ve been trying to make my dream characters into tangible concepts which is why I’ve asked so many different class-related questions. I was skimming through templates and found the soulfire creature template in the ability quested below it says that it deals “half as pure good-aligned energy” so that made me wonder can good-aligned energy hurt good-aligned creatures?

Soulfire Substitution (Su) A soulfire creature can modify any spell, magic item, or effect with an energy descriptor to use soulfire instead as a free action. The effect’s descriptor changes to good and fire-for example, a cone of cold composed of soulfire energy is an evocation [fire, good] spell. Such effects deal half their damage as fire damage, and half as pure good-aligned magic energy.

Can a neutral or even a good-aligned character realistically have a nightmare as a mount?

So I’ve got a player in my campaign who’s character, of chaotic neutral alignment and level 16, has been in search of a magical mount. After much research in game the character has grown an obsession for Nightmares.

Their story arch is bringing them to the Fire plane soon because of a city known for its magical beast/ servant trade there. Story-wise, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t be able to find one for purchase and begin negotiations. As the DM, I have no problem at all with this and actually promote the creative way of obtaining one.

My only question is how this may affect her, or if the nightmare will/won’t serve her.

All I’ve been able to find regarding this has been tips like this one from

Nightmare, Lesser: A nightmare is a horselike creature of evil; a good-aligned owner who makes an investment in a lesser nightmare soon discovers that the mount does not serve him and escapes at the first opportunity. Lesser nightmares are bred from their more powerful brethren. Not as headstrong or as capable of traveling between the planes at will, a lesser nightmare still can carry its passenger into other dimensions.

She for sure isn’t a good-aligned character, but isn’t evil either.

Can a non-evil character realistically have a nightmare as a mount?

Is there a complete list of good-aligned gods of hunting?

I’m building a group of bandits who worships a hunting god for D&D 5e. The god needs to be of a good alignment. The bandits are being mislead by the leader of a cult in a nearby city.

Are there any resources that are 1. very complete with respect to all the gods found in D&D, and 2. could allow me to search or filter the list to just those gods that are good-aligned and have something to do with hunting?

What Good-aligned wizarding factions are there?

I play a 10th level neutral good gnome wizard. The majority of my party (barbarian, arcane trickster, warlock, Ranger, and druid) are part of factions in game. I’ve been trying to find a group in the Forgotten Realms to join to learn from.

So far the only real groups I’ve found are the Arcane Brotherhood and the Red Wizards of Thay. The only issue is that both of these groups are evil aligned.

Are there any factions for wizards that aren’t evil? I’ve heard about Silverymoon and Blackstaff, but I can’t find any information associated with those groups.

How can I integrate a Chaotic Evil character into a Good-aligned party without disrupting the party dynamics?

I have had a recent interest in playing a Chaotic Evil character, but most campaigns I have run into are decidedly not Chaotic Evil-aligned. The Chaotic-aligned parties are usually also Good-aligned, while the Evil-aligned parties are usually also Lawful-aligned, and of course there are quite a few campaigns where the party is both Lawful- and Good-aligned, but few are Chaotic Evil-aligned for many, many obvious reasons.

Assuming I can find a GM willing to allow a Chaotic Evil character into their (likely) Good-aligned party, how should I go about integrating my character into that party in such a way that it is not disrupted?

For the purposes of this question, assume the following definitions of Evil and Chaos:

Evil: Evil implies hurting, oppressing, and killing others. Some evil creatures simply have no compassion for others and kill without qualms if doing so is convenient. Others actively pursue evil, killing for sport or out of duty to some evil deity or master.

Chaos: Chaos implies freedom, adaptability, and flexibility. On the downside, chaos can include recklessness, resentment toward legitimate authority, arbitrary actions, and irresponsibility. Those who promote chaotic behavior say that only unfettered personal freedom allows people to express themselves fully and lets society benefit from the potential that its individuals have within them.

Also assume that I am playing a Sorcerer, Bloodrager, or Bard. As of this writing, I am undecided.

How can I prevent my Good-aligned spider deity from being confused with Lolth?

I have been working on a custom campaign setting for D&D 5e for a while now, and one of the key themes of the setting is “the races aren’t what you think they are at first glance”.

The drow in particular are not the standard Forgotten Realms drow. They’re nomadic, caravan-forming, heat-averse desert dwellers. They’re charismatic with strong written, musical, and dance traditions. They’re not light-sensitive nor are they evil, but they still use poisons, albeit like modern rat-poison, not sleep poison or paralytic. They engage in peace and trade, have magical affinity, and navigate by the stars.

However, they still revere spiders strongly, and have domesticated some ground-hunting spider species for vermin control and as enormous pets, so a deity whose imagery is based around spiders makes sense for them to have. Furthermore, hunting/war, eternal vigilance, healing and magic, and defending freedom and the weak are the main themes I am working with, considering the roles spiders play in their society as protectors of food stores and wardens against disease; furthermore, they already have deities of the sun (Pelor, covering Life and Light), of trickery and the arts (including weaving and stories) (Olidammara, due to bards being common among them, and covering Trickery), and of the stars (Celestian, covering Knowledge). Rites include insect-offerings and dances while small, unattended shrines are commonplace in their homeland.

So, I ask: how would I make make the lore and imagery communicate to the PCs that this Chaotic Good spider-god is clearly distinct from Lolth, to the point where my players do not jump to the (wrong and quite detrimental) conclusion that these drow are also Lolth-worshippers, with all the Evil-aligned baggage that deity entails, upon seeing spider-themed religious images for the first time? I do wish to communicate this in-character for the sake of immersion, and also as a “backstop” for players who may not pay full attention to out-of-character cues.

Is there a good-aligned tempest domain deity?

I made a lawful good Blue Dragonborn Cleric of the Tempest Domain. I was going to use him in the Adventurers League, but none of the Forgotten Realms storm gods fit my character. Talos, the storm god, is Chaotic Evil, the exact opposite of my alignment. I thought that it would be cool to have a storm themed character, with the blue dragon’s breath weapon and choosing the tempest domain, but it won’t work out without a good aligned storm god.