Seperate Google Analytics Properties On Subdomains

I’ve created three websites on one root domain and two subdomains. In Google Analytics I’ve created three properties and each website has a different Google code snippet.

Do I need to make any configuration changes to the Google Analytics properties for this to work properly? Is there a reporting issue when visitors go between these sites?


Bot protection, http-2 link header and google tracking

I opened a link hxxps://ts[.]la/carey16046, which was in a youtube comment, than I got redirected to a tesla[.]com root page and saw the message:

Access Denied: You don't have permission to access "" on this server. 

and got 403 code. Updating page/cleaning cookies didn’t work. In response headers (full) I spotted this:

link: <>;rel="preconnect",<>;rel="preconnect",<>;rel="preconnect" 

Than I went googletagmanager[.]com and it goes:

400: Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know. 

I was okay with it, but in the title tag was: Error 400 (Bad Request)!!1 With the one in the end. Is it a joke? Last time I was on tesla’s site was week ago and it worked properly. I’m sure that there weren’t any suspicious activity coming from my ip address whatsoever, although I am currently in Russia.

What is link header? I’m using firefox with privacy settings on, might it be an issue?

My iframe on google drive folder is blocked

WordPress refuses to add this custom iframe markup:

<iframe src="" style="width:100%; height:600px; border:0;"></iframe> 

I have free plan and I’m not able to add plugins. Is it possible to add iframe that links to google drive folder with free plan and withou plugins? If yes – than how I can achieve this?

How do I point a subdomain to a different nameserver use Google Domains?

I discovered this question: Can I use different nameservers for different subdomains?

And I tried it out using Google domains.

I currently have a site hosted with AWS. However, I’d like to use Siteground to host a subdomain.

How can I do this through Google domains? According to the answer I posted, you just have to update an NS record on Google domains with the desired subdomain name and the nameserver. However, I tried this and it is not working.

For example, in Google domains I’m using 5 AWS nameservers: 

and in the custom resource records section, I have a NS record set up like this:

Name    Type    TTL     Data dev     NS      5m                

On siteground, I have a WordPress site installed on the domain

What else do I need to do to make it work?

Google Search console cannot fetch my sitemap. How to force Google to index a site?

I am working on a project that just rebranded.

Using Google Search Console I am getting some weird errors. Despite my sitemap_index.xml and robot.txt working properly, google cannot seem to fetch it for some reason.

my sitemap is here:

and my robot.txt:

When I try to get my site referenced on google this is what I get: enter image description here enter image description here

If I click on Open sitemaps it opens just fine.

This is what google is saying on my url inspection: enter image description here

I tried reindexing multiple times but nothing changed.

The site has been live for over a month now and is still not referenced despite having backlinks pointing to it from linked in and more.

Where can this be coming from? I asked Google support but no luck and asked my DNS provider to double check everything but it seems fine. I’ve also hired a DevOps to check my server configuration but apparently everything is fine.

How do I redirect a site for Google but not for users?

I have a saas app, where users can login to the app from Now I have created a new version of the app which will be

What I want to do is let google know that the new app URL is, but I don’t want to redirect /app to /dashboard because I want to allow old users to access /app.

How do I achieve that? I’ll be grateful for your suggestions.

How do I delete google help forum questions with my name attached? [closed]

I’m removing as much searchable information on myself as I can from the internet.

I asked some questions on various google help forums (calendar and play) between 2014 and this year, which are attached to my full name, and are a top result when I’m searched. There’s no visible delete option, and editing my name in google plus didn’t change the questions or search results.

Searching how to delete gets mixed results, linked here: Resolved question one. Resolved question two. Unresolved question one. Unresolved question two. I’m not fully sure which posters represent google, or current google policy, and between the questions it seems ambiguous if older posts can be deleted, if there are exceptions for privacy concerns, what “escalating” a question entails, etc.

TL;DR: What is the best way to get or ask for my google help forum questions to be deleted? Or are my grandkids and future employers going to look me up and see my teenage-self getting snippy about Google calendar? Thanks.