Run a Script When Tab Programmatically added to a Google Spreadsheet

I’m trying to pull data from an Adwords report to a Google Sheet through an Adwords script. This will be done on a daily basis. Every time the Adwords script runs, a new tab is created (and an old one is to be deleted) on the Google sheet. I’m trying to figure out how to use the ‘Creation of a New Tab’ event to trigger a script in GSheets that will run a (V)lookup between the newly created tab and an existing tab on the Sheet. So essentially this whole process summed up is as follows:

i) Adwords script to pull data to a G Sheet daily – done
ii) G Sheet script to look up a value in the new tab and compare against a value in an existing tab. – currently stuck
iii) Build yet another tab “Tab C” to collect the records with different values
iv) G Sheet script to send email notification with output of “Tab C”
v) G Sheet script to Delete an older tab

As you can imagine, this is way beyond my coding skills at the moment. So any ideas appreciated.

Website redesign in progress but got indexed by Google. Why?

Hello friends. I have a question and was thinking maybe someone can help. A small company does a website redesign for me. In the last 2-3 weeks they redesigned a few pages which haven’t been replaced on the live website. So the old website is still up and running until all the pages are redesigned . This new pages have been indexed by Google it seems. So now I have 5 redesigned pages and 5 old pages indexed. Why is that? Is this affecting my website /rankings in any way? In analytics I can see that my website lost a few positions exactly from when the redesign has begun. Thank you very much for your advice.

Google map API v3 not working in sharepoint 2013 publishing site

  • use a Google Maps API in SharePoint site to display a map on SharePoint page, map works perfectly in SharePoint 2013 team site.but not working in SharePoint 2013 publishing site.I am using content editor web part for google map API.when inspect code there is No error on the console screen in chrome and internet explorer. I am getting one error message on Mozilla Firefox browser. Loading failed for the with source “”.

Can I be notified if a Google Drive (Sheets or Docs) document is changed?

I have a couple of documents in Google Sheets/Docs that, whenever they are changed by people they are shared with, I’d like to be notified (don’t care if the difference of the change is sent, just “Change occurred” flag is sufficient).

Ideally, this would be tune-able by how large the edit was (e.g. filter out 1-character change) but I’m OK either way.

Can this be done with either a document I own and shared with someone; or a document they shared with me?