Google Search Console: Content wider than screen [closed]

The Google Search Console says that my website content is wider than the screen. That’s very weird because I checked everything, the only element it may out of the screen (the navigation bar (nav tag more exactly)) is default inside, and after JavaScript execution, it may be outside (but with display: none).

How I should debug it? It doesn’t give me any information about the element or where is this happening.

How to exclude rule 930120 for google oauth

I’ve this error:

ModSecurity: Warning. Matched "Operator `PmFromFile' with parameter `' against variable `ARGS:scope' (Value: `email profile (16 characters omitted)' ) [file "/usr/local/owasp-modsecurity-crs-3.0.2/rules/REQUEST-930-APPLICATION-ATTACK-LFI.conf"] [line "84"] [id "930120"] [rev "4"] [msg "OS File Access Attempt"] [data "Matched Data: .profile found within ARGS:scope: email profile https:/ https:/ openid"] [severity "2"] [ver "OWASP_CRS/3.0.0"] [maturity "9"] [accuracy "9"] [tag "application-multi"] [tag "language-multi"] [tag "platform-multi"] [tag "attack-lfi"] [tag "OWASP_CRS/WEB_ATTACK/FILE_INJECTION"] [tag "WASCTC/WASC-33"] [tag "OWASP_TOP_10/A4"] [tag "PCI/6.5.4"] [hostname "a.a.a.a"] [uri "/***/create_account_oauth.php"] [unique_id "159608684932.394214"] [ref "o53,8v144,116t:utf8toUnicode,t:urlDecodeUni,t:normalizePathWin,t:lowercase" 

and I’ve created this exclusion rule for that:

SecRule REQUEST_URI "@beginsWith /***/create_account_oauth.php" \         "phase:2,log,pass,id:19023,ctl:ruleRemoveById=930120" 

what I’d like to do is to refine the exclusion for googleapis only. I’m think chaining the rule with another one to match googleapis in the data field. Is that what you’d recommend? It seems difficult to find resource on chaining. Can someone please help? Thank you.

Google is caching my homepage almost properly but not other pages

My website is built on NodeJS with ReactJS as frontend and has server side rendering.

Problem 1: Home page is cached properly by Google but other pages are cached without their CSS.

Problem 2: Blogs which are brought dynamically are not shown in the cache.

Link :

Thanks in advance


Google Search and YouTube search change spelling to spelling with zero results

NOTE: How to remove "Did You Mean:" from Google Search? does not answer this question. The suggested fixes in this question is to set up FB, IG, and other social media pages. We have had these for months. We have 576 Instagram followers, 293 followers on Facebook, 17,425 views on Vimeo, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn presence. Here is the response in a YouTube search:

enter image description here

Let’s be clear. If you search for my company name and product name YT changes the spelling to something that doesn’t exist and suggests a video with no matching result terms (using either spelling) disparaging OTHER luxury handbags, while leaving the viewer with the impression it is referring to our handbags.


When a user searches for our business, Aslaen Vaugn, Google changes the spelling to Aslan Vaughn and displays these results:

enter image description here

If you misspell part of the name (aslan vaugn or aslaen vaughn), it shows my company at the top of the results. For the first few months it just seemed like it was taking some time to percolate, but over 7 months we have had 17,500 unique visitors and 90 backlinks.

enter image description here

The only results for Aslan Vaugn is the birth announcement of the second child of a musician in New Jersey. It is a Facebook post and has 14 likes. Google is favoring a spelling that has only two results with 14+ views over my company with dozens of results and tens of thousands of views.

How is this possible? An FB post with 14 likes is that much more popular than a business with 17,500 unique visitors and 40,000 page views (despite the Google obfuscation)? Do I have an enemy at Google? On other search engines my company covers the first few pages in results. Through Google, you cannot find our company no matter how many pages in you go. Unless you search for the term in quotes, "aslaen vaugn". In which case we cover the first few pages here like in the other search engines:

enter image description here

It isn’t harvesting results from Google & Yahoo

Hi, I am using 10 proxies from and after adding them I select Bing, Google and Yahoo to harvest the links.

It is only harvesting from Bing while Google and Yahoo have status as ‘Harvesting’ with zero results.
Here is the custom harvester:

These are my settings:

Harvester is set at Custom Harvester

I don’t know what seems to be the issue here

I would appreciate any help in getting started

Site appearing in google search results differently [closed]

I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere on this forum.

Effectively, my site which is indexed with google was appearing as expected until today. Now when I search for different phrases, the site appears in the search results however sometimes it appears without a https prefix and without my uploaded icon and other times it appears with the https prefix and my site icon.

I’m really confused why this may be happening and was hoping someone might know a way to prevent this happening.