When my Google search lists landing page, the Title and link is for Home page

I’ve created 2 landing pages with target keywords web design eg web design strathfield. I entered the meta tags using Yoast plugin and I’ve checked the HTML and the title and description tags are correct. Landing pages are optimised.

But when I enter to google the search term web design strathfield it lists in the serp an entry with the Home page title and Description and the link is to the Home page.

The site: command lists the landing page. I’ve reindexed with the Console.

Can you help with why is Google listing the Home page in serp instead of the landing page?

Google crawls site.com/my-category/0/page/* urls that are not supposed to exist

Google reported a schema error on a page on my website which should not exist:


my-category does not have 25 pages. It only has 3 pages. I checked the other categories and I can access those pages with /0/ on the URL as well.

my-category pages should only be


Only the main archive page, which has all the POST, should have 25 pages.

Is there a setting that I need to update, or a hook that needs filtering to remove those URLs with /0/ on the URL? Those need to be 404.

How to show same company’s different office address in google based on the user’s country?

our company has five offices in five countries , once the user search in google, I need to show the office address based on the user’s country, for example if the user search from US , I need google to show US office address automatically, also if the user search a specific office address then the search result will show that country office address, for example, the user search "ABC UK or ABC UK office address " then the search result shows the UK office address. How can I do that?

my website is not appearing on google [closed]

my website www.maioradiamonds.in is not appearing on google when I search maiora diamonds on this keyword. I have submitted my website on google search console and everything is properly working like sitemap, URL indexed and the website URL also indexed on google. I already checked my meta tag but there is no include no follow and no indexed tag.

I used robots.txt with allowing all but didn’t get a result. I don’t know what happened, please suggest to me what should I do to make it appear on google.

Google Analytics GA4 – How to filter data based on Event parameter values

I am very new to GA4 and have been working with Universal analytics for the past 2 years. Now custom events are tracked in my GA4 property along with Event parameters and custom dimensions. But where can I filter an Event using the event parameter data ? Like in Universal Analytics we have an advanced option on the right corner on top of the result table, where we can filter based on "Category/ Action/ Label or dimensions". How can I do the same in GA4 ?

Below is the the filtering options used in UA :

enter image description here

Advertising third-party site listing on Google Ads

I have a client who would like to advertise their service on Google Ads, but they do not have a website. They are interested in getting more calls.

While I can offer to create a website for them, it would be a lot easier / cheaper for the client if we could create a listing on a third-party listing site and advertise that listing on Google ads instead.

Would that even work / be something that Ads can be set up to do ? If so, is the efficiency going tank a lot compared to a dedicated website ? Is there any other workaround this problem, different from the solution I am currently thinking about ?

Any help will be appreciated !

Google de-indexed 1.7k pages on my WP site, trying to figure out why [duplicate]

I created a site in WordPress with a mass page plugin called Mpgwp.com which dynamically creates pages with a spintax doc and spreadsheet. It’s an affiliate site going after local keywords. The pages are duplicates structuarally, but all the content is spun from a spintax doc, so the actual content is not the same across each page. Google initially indexed them and I was getting traffic, and then steadily started de-indexing them. I’m assuming Google just doesn’t like the pages, altho they are actually content-wise better than most of the other spun pages in the SERPs for these pages (many other sites taking the same strategy). The pages work fine and the plugin dev. is stumped and suggested I come here to ask. There are no manual actions or other penalties. Either goog hates the content and thinks it’s spammy, or there’s something tecnically wrong here.

He mentioned that the "disallow" in my robots.txt might be causing it? robots.txt

This is the message in my search console: "Crawled – currently not indexed: The page was crawled by Google, but not indexed. It may or may not be indexed in the future; no need to resubmit this URL for crawling." search console message

This is an exmaple of one of the pages: https://trailersconnect.com/construction-trailer-rental-in-madison-ca/

Does anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Old business name appearing at the end of meta titles on Google – how do I get rid of it?

I’m having some issues with how meta titles are appearing on Google. Some pages have our old business name added onto the end of their meta titles, even though the old name doesn’t appear anywhere on our CMS. This is only an issue with Google, as on other SERPs they appear correctly (same meta title just without the old business name).

The old business name isn’t in the page source, and we’ve done a scan of directories for any old references and haven’t found anything, so I’m not sure where it’s picking it up from or how to amend it?

If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate them.


Database being hit with thousands of (Google?) search queries causing high load

I have a bit of a strange issue. Running this WordPress site several years now, but never encountered anything like this. LEMP server (ubuntu, nginx 1.18, mysql 8) Two weeks ago (according to Google Search Console excluded noindex pages and me manually checking mysql processes), more and more hits to the database started to occur (now already 4M+). All very similar (search queries?):

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xx_posts WHERE 1=1 AND (((xx_posts.post_title LIKE '%google=662496898\_session/feed/rss2/<a_href/page/3//page/1/&usg=AOvVaw1w32-jX45qQEhTH-iBghzF

The part after rss2 tends to change. No idea where this is coming from, but it seems to be increasing and causing the server load to increase as well.

Has anyone seen this before? Or hints to find where this is coming from? No new plugins or themes were installed in the past few months. Everything is up to date.

enter image description here

enter image description here