Configure a Google Analytics filter for blog posts when URLs are mixed with other content

I have a WordPress site with a blog section but also a lot of other content, that is not directly related to the blog. Now I want to use Google Analytics and only see the blog traffic, meaning users that click on blog posts.

I know there are ways to filter this, if the blog posts reside in a subfolder, like, but on my site the link structure doesn’t have that. It’s like this:

What would be a good way to filter that traffic in Google Analytics? It should also work for any future published posts. I have the Google Tag Manager connected, maybe that might provide a viable option?

Google news site

Why are you selling this site?
Just do not have time to do anything with it

How is it monetized?
I have not monetized the site at all yet

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
I do not spend any time on it

What challenges are there with running this site?
I have not really done anything with the site so none

Google Cloud intrusion

today morning I’ve received an email from Google reporting that my Compute Engine instance of my project was used to scan port 3389 of 144000 ip addresses.
I enabled compute engine some months ago for this project but recently I was only using the Maps Javascript API and there were no vm instances in the project.
This is the email email

And this is the screenshot of the recent activities of the project: enter image description here

I’m sorry that the language is Italian but as you can see it is reported that the user (which is me) has made those changes.
I was wondering how they could have logged into my account? I haven’t seen any malicious login to my Google account…

I’ve deleted the project and disabled billing for the account to prevent other problems. Do I need to do something else?


How does a typical, healthy Google Search Console history look like?

The following is a snapshot of my website’s Google Search console history in the past 6 months. Unfortunately, I don’t have any reference to understand whether this looks bad, healthy/typical, or even great. Based on your experience working with different sites, would you say this is a bad, typical, or great progress?

enter image description here

Is Google(Not just Google?) session hijacking possible within the browser?

The following Youtube video talks about Google session hijacking starting from Gmail.

I generally believe that hacking(in modern browsers, excluding short-term criticial bugs) is not possible to be initiated by the owner of a website, otherwise the web would be very dangerous.

There are 2 points in the video that I am skeptical about. Are the following possible(providing any important information)?

  1. Clicking a link in Gmail can lead to a Google session hijack.
  2. Downloading a file, may lead to it being executed in the background.

How is it possible that Google Analytics is showing a high bounce rate (50%) on a cart and checkout page?

The cart and checkout pages are not landing pages so it isn’t possible for that to be the first page in their session. The exit rate is way too low (approximately 15%) which signals to me that the bounces should be counted as exits. Also, it isn’t reasonable to believe they would time out often enough that Google Analytics counts it as a bounce.

Possible thoughts is that it’s an issue with nonInteraction?

This is an ongoing issue I have been trying to correct for the business, any help would be great.