How to output working time in Google Sheets

I’m using a spreadsheet to perform calculations and I’d like to make a task management file. For example:

Working Time: 8:00 ~ 17:00
Lunch Break: 12:00 ~ 13:00

+- Start Time -+- Duration -+- End Time  -+ |  2/24 08:30 -+-   2:30   -+- 2/24 11:30 | |  2/24 11:30 -+-   4:00   -+- 2/24 16:30 | |  2/24 16:30 -+-   2:30   -+- 2/25 10:00 | 

Does anyone know if this is possible? I want to calculate “End Time”

How to upload a photo from mobile phone to Google Forms as an answer?

one can choose file upload to Google Forms, but when answering in form option only opens Google Drive upload dialog. Is there any way to upload photo from mobile phone as an answer? E.g. is it possible to some how add an option to upload photo from mobile with GAS?

I’m building a quick proto to capture some information with photo and form is an excellent option if only user could capture photo while answering the form…

Thanks in advance!

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AWS EC2 + Google Domains: Paths not getting converted

I am hosting a Python Flask web app on AWS EC2 and am mapping this AWS URL ( to a domain on Google Domains ( I have the A and CNAME records on the DNS page. When I go to, I see the correct page, and the browser address bar says, correctly, But I am facing 2 issues:

  1. Whenever I hover on any hyperlink, e.g. on the menu item for the /info page, the browser status bar shows the AWS address i.e. instead of

  2. When I go click on the link to, the browser address bar still says, even though I, correctly, get navigated to the new page corresponding to /info.

How to stop Google translation on a link?

I use Mailchimp for campaigns. They have a feature where a person that receives the email can click the email in a web browser and translate to another language. The issue is the links in the email to my website change my website into the user’s choice language. This creates an issue with my maps on my website not displaying. How can I get Google translations not to translate my website when they click the links in the web browser email?