Where to find themes for Angular to get feel of the applications as google’s any app has?

Internet is cluttered with so many material design themes , however i don’t find any of them which give look and feel like any standard app of google does.

Every google app have a very good header, footer, layout, very good components, good login/logout flow , smartly placed options in headers and well designed side menu. Though there are many ready to start templates available, i don’t find any of them as simple and beautiful as google app designs.

Below are some snapshots of the look and feel of standard google application.

Google Flights:enter image description here Google Maps:enter image description here Google Keep:enter image description here Angular Material:enter image description here Gmail:enter image description here Google Plus:enter image description here

Is there any starter template of angular 2 on wards , where the developer can just start using it where all basic template is ready and which should feel like the apps above with respect to design, components, header, footer,header options ,login/logout

Where does Google’s Allo store (private) messages and media?

I suppose that messages and media sent and received in incognito mode are encrypted but they have to be stored or at least cached somewhere on the device as long as the timer, if any, has not finished. Does anyone know the location/path in the system where Allo stores normal and private messages and media? Is it accessible without root access?

Does anyone know how to add a loading bar to Google’s Heatmap API while generating?

For some reason Google’s gmplot takes a horribly long time to load a heat map with coordinates when generating a heatmap.html. I’m building a Twitter analysis tool and the user would like to know how long it’s taking to create. I’m currently using tqdm’s loading bars.

def heat_map(df_H1, df_H2):     # Create heat map     heat_promt = input("Load heat map? [yn]")     if heat_promt == 'y' or heat_promt == 'Y':         print(colored("Loading heat map ..", "green"))         # Bypass for SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED error         # import certifi         # import ssl         ctx = ssl.create_default_context(cafile=certifi.where())         geopy.geocoders.options.default_ssl_context = ctx         geolocator = Nominatim(timeout=10)         coordinates = {'latitude': [], 'longitude': []}         for i in range(df_H2):             location = geolocator.geocode(df_H1["Location"][i])             if location:                 coordinates['latitude'].append(location.latitude)                 coordinates['longitude'].append(location.longitude)         gmap = gmplot.GoogleMapPlotter(30, 0, 3)         gmap.heatmap(coordinates['latitude'],                      coordinates['longitude'], radius=20)         gmap.draw("heatmap.html")     elif(heat_promt == 'n' or heat_promt == 'N'):         pass

How to block wikipedia from Google’s Search Results?

I have installed the Personal Blocklist but it does not work. I have spent hours searching online but I cannot find how to automatically do it. Most sites state manually change the search result with the hypen (-wikipedia.org) but that is tiresome for a lot of searches.


python -wikipedia.org 

Is there anyway to do achieve blocking wikipedia from search results using Google and Chrome?

Politics & Google’s Hateful Content Policy

So, I'm thinking of starting a political blog monetized through AdSense. There's only one thing holding me back, and that's Google's hateful content policy. With our current political climate, this feels like something that could potentially cause problems. With that in mind, I have a few questions:

1. Are there any resources which further clarify Google's policy? Something with example articles of what does and does not qualify would be great.
2. Will Google issue a warning giving me a…

Politics & Google's Hateful Content Policy

What website changes (technical) SEOs can ignore confidently? Google’s perspective!

Hi community members,

I am looking after SEO at our company and there are lots of changes happening about our website; especially technical changes. It’s hard for me to look after every deployment of the website like change of server location, etc. We generally agree that every change related to website must be notified by SEO to understand the ranking fluctuation and how search engines welcome them. I just wonder what technical deployments of a website I could confidently ignore to save time and give a go ahead to technical team without interrupting or waiting for my approval.