Homework about egypt essay on uk corporate governance

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Homework about egypt essay on uk corporate governance

Does your large organization have a governance committee? What are they called?

I work at a very large organization (10k employees) that make widely distributed products. Several managers are starting a governance/oversight/steering committee to pull the org together and start a regular cadence of sharing and collaboration. We’re struggling with our name. One proposal included Design Council, oppositions to this revolve around design excluding research. Another proposal was UX Council, and then there was Interaction Design Council.

Does your organization have a similar group? If so, what are they called and what was the rationale behind the name?

CMS Content Governance Tips


I am a system administrator for my company's content management system and we are having a difficult time enforcing content governance standards (non consistent titles, descriptions, tagging). We have trained content contributors and have a queue in place to review content before it is published to our CMS.

However, sometimes things fall through the cracks which creates inconsistencies across similar content. Does anyone have any concrete suggestions for enforcing content…

CMS Content Governance Tips