[ Other – Politics & Government ] Open Question : Who do you think will stand out in the first Democratic primary debates in the end of June?

Night 1: Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar,John Delaney,Tulsi Gabbard,Julian Castro,Tim Ryan,Bill de Blasio,Elizabeth Warren Night 2: Michael Bennet,Marianne Williamson,Eric Swalwell, Kirsten Gillibrand,Andrew Yang,John Hickenlooper,Kamala Harris,Pete Buttigieg,Bernie Sanders,Joe Biden

Government Root CA installed on computer/browser and Man-In-The-Middle [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Is there anything preventing the NSA from becoming a root CA? 4 answers
  • How can my employer be a man-in-the-middle when I connect to Gmail? [duplicate] 5 answers

Some countries already have their government Root CA installed on computer/browsers. Is it possible for these countries to read Google etc. mails by using Man-In-The-Middle or similar technique(s)?

How can you safeguard yourself, when banks and government offices know your (1) full name (2) birth date (3) address and (4) signature?

Assume that it’s impossible to dodge or forswear your government and corporations like credit card companies and banks from knowing your (1) full name (2) birth date (3) address (4) and signature. For this question, please don’t dispute this assumption.

How can I shield them from abuse or fraud?


In June 2018, I filed a formal complaint against Bank X.

Since April 2019, I have received:

  1. inordinately more junk mail. Some of them had glitter that scattered everywhere. Now I have anxiety when opening my mail. I don’t open some letters.

  2. orders like pizza that requires payment upon delivery, but that I didn’t order.

  3. sundry visits from Neighbourhood Watch staff who said that someone had reported criminal activity, but there was none.

I have multiple bank accounts and credit cards. Thus I can’t prove that it was Bank X that commenced all this fraud. Nor do I know who at Bank X would have done this.

For now at least, nobody has

spread rumours that you’re a pedophile and put my address on the internet so that your house is flooded with paparazzi and haters.

place[d] “online orders with your data as billing information. Imagine one day getting your mail and seeing 5+ dunning letters stating the payment to your orders of £1000 each are overdue, you are told to pay within 2 weeks or face legal charges. You tell it’s fraud, they demand you file criminal complaints. So you start bugging the law enforcement with every new letter you receive. Meanwhile your credit score has already dropped, so vacation flight orders are denied. As of now you have been talking with every company demanding money, maybe their lawyers, the police and maybe your local Pricewaterhouse Cooper. The person would create online accounts with many big online retailers (Amazon and the likes), which upon fraud notice, for security reasons close all your user accounts.”

opened “a bank account in your name, address, and DOB and transfer funds to known terrorist. You’ll be placed on a large number of watchlists.”

Government database of lost/invalid documents

I am not sure if this is a proper place to asks this question (if not – feel free to delete this thread).

I am looking for government publicly accessible databases/APIs where I can send a request to check whether a document “XXXXXX” is registered as stolen/lost/invalid/etc.

I know such databases/APIs must exist (at least for some countries) because i managed to find such API for Lithuania.

Is there maybe a public list of databases for countries that can be accessed?

EDIT: By documents I mean – any kind of identity document – passport, id card, residence permit, etc.

I work for a foreign government. Can I travel to the USA on an A-2 visa?

I have Dutch citizenship and I work for a German federal government agency. My employer has advised its employees that they must obtain an A-2 visa when travelling to the United States for work and must not travel on ESTA. The U.S. Department of State defines several categories for A-2, including:

Government official representing your government, coming to the United States based on written request of your country to perform official, government related duties.

Does the phrasing your government means the government I represent must match my nationality (country issuing passport), or can I travel on an A-2 visa on behalf of a government different from the one that issued my passport? The purpose of my travel is to attend a conference (with any regular employer I would have simply travelled on VWP/ESTA, but my employer has explicitly advised that we must not do so).

What measures can defecting-spies and whistleblowers take to protect themselves from a government that wants to silence them? [migrated]

When it comes to an angry government the ending can range from Acute Radiation Sickness (Alexander Litvinenko) to imprisonment (Chelsea Manning) to ‘car accidents‘ (journalist Serena Shim). Also according to NSA Whistleblower William Binney framing is another tactic used, along with exposing damaging information gathered either on the target or his loved ones.

I’m guessing physical violence against loved ones is also part of the menu, depending on the damage the whistleblower did or may do.

What measures can whistleblowers take to protect themselves from a government that wants to silence them or make an example of them?

This should be on-topic here. If not, let me know if I should edit or flag for migration to World Building SE.

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