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Hi guys, I’m new here and I’m a beginner whith scrapebox.
I need to extract data on legacy page of a url list. 
All the legacy page have the same structure and I’m need only the data  in”Editeur” and “directeur de la publication” (french website). 
Examples of website: fleurdocean/mentions-légales. php
Thanks for your help ?

Scrapebox + Automator : How to Grab links froms hundreds of websites ?

I have Scrapebox and the premium plugin : Automator.
I have a text file with 800 domains (one domain per line).
I would like to Grab Links (function that is in Automator) of each domain one by one, with a level crawl of 4.
Now I manually create the task “Grab Link” several times.
So for 800 domains, I need to create this task in Automator 800 times with a different domain each time.
Does someone know how can I do in Automator to Grab links from 800 domains more quickly please ? Smile
Thank you very much Smile

Does Improved Grab pull in the grappled regardless of weight?

Reviewing the choker I noticed the default strength is only 16. It caused me to wonder if an improved grab can pull a creature up in the air even if the strength does not have enough to carry (envision either a very heavy character or a magically strength reduced choker if you need to).

Improved grab itself seems silent on the issue, though it does mention weight when talking about moving the creature being grabbed which makes me suspect it would be limited:

It can even move (possibly carrying away the opponent), provided it can drag the opponent’s weight.

Can one PC grab another PC and drag them?

While DMing my session today, I encountered a situation I wasn’t sure how to answer. The PCs were attacked by a werewolf and decided to flee onto their nearby horses. Two of them were already mounted and two of them were on foot. One player on the ground (a wizard) attempted to cast a spell on the werewolf and failed. He then moved closer to the mounts but couldn’t make it with his speed. After a few turns it was the barbarian’s turn. The barbarian wanted to drag the wizard with him and plop the wizard onto a horse and then mount with his remaining movement speed.

I wasn’t sure quite how to handle it, so I made a compromise. I allowed the barbarian to drag the wizard. However, because the rules specifically state that it takes half of a character’s movement to mount, I wouldn’t allow the barbarian to force the wizard to mount. However, if the barbarian wanted to, he could mount the horse himself as he had enough remaining movement.

The reason I allowed the barbarian to drag the wizard is because of the lifting, dragging, and pushing rules in chapter 7 of the Player’s Handbook. The barbarian had more than enough strength to push our tiny, lightweight wizard around.

I’m not really sure if I handled it right at all. I’m not entirely sure that those rules apply to living beings, especially living beings that can move. I would really appreciate some advice on whether or not players can drag other players after their (the player who is being dragged) turn is over or if players can drag other players at all. If I recall correctly, I believe the wizard still had about 5′ of movement left, if it makes a difference.

Is there a rules-consistent way to rule a character trying to grab a snake?

Bad-guy sorceror just cast Summon Monster I and now a Snake has appeared next to a player. The snake is right next to the king, so she wants to make a go at grabbing the snake and cutting off it’s head.

Is there a rules-based way for me work out the roll and DC? I was thinking it’s not a Grapple check, as she’s not really wrestling against a small snake, so maybe it’s an opposed DEX check?

What is a grab check, and how does it interact with Strength, Fighting, and Elongation?

In the M&M 3E Hero’s Handbook, it says under Elongation:

In addition, Elongation allows you to wrap up and entangle an opponent so it grants a +1 bonus to grab checks per rank (limited by PL).

It says that a Grab makes an attack check, and then a resistance check against Strength. So, since Elongation is limited by PL, would it benefit an attack check or resistance check, and does that require me to reduce my ranks in Strength or Fighting to account for it with PL?

Spiritual weapon- what happens if an enemy tries to grab it? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Would it be possible to grab my Spiritual Weapon and make a melee attack with it? 1 answer

I have a level three cleric and just cast spiritual weapon for the first time last session. It was in a fight against a group of goblins, so the DM thought it’d be funny for one of them to see the magical floating weapon and try to grab it for themselves.

Based on the text of the spell, none of us can figure out what would happen if a creature tried to grab a spiritual weapon. It’s dealing force damage, so it doesn’t seem like it’d be ghost-like and have the creature’s hand just pass through it. But there also aren’t any stats listed, so it doesn’t seem like it’d make sense for something to be able to grab it and do something like a strength contest to try and move/stop it.

We resolved it at table by just saying the weapon is incorporeal until it attacks, at which time yadda yadda magic and it deals damage.

According to the actual rules, what should have happened there?

Grab Emails By Crawling Sites Issue


I have scraped a few hundred thousand URLs for emails in the past 2 weeks. All the urls are instagram accounts. I’ve gotten over 30k emails using the “Grab/Check -> Check for emails by crawling sites.”

Things have been working great until yesterday.

I am not getting any errors, but no emails are being collected. All the urls checked are shown to be “complete,” rather than displaying an error message. I manually checked some of the links and there were emails on the pages. 

I’m not using any proxies. My delay is 0-2 seconds between actions. I am running on 1 thread. My depth is set to 1 level. I have tried using level 2 depth to see if it would fix my issue but it did not.

I haven’t changed any of my settings since I started scraping 2 weeks ago. 

One of my associates (located in different state) is having the same exact issue as I am. 

Any ideas?


How many actions does it cost a zombie shambler to Grab someone?

This is a Pathfinder Second Edition question.

I find the presentation of the rules in the Bestiary a little confusing, so I want to make sure I get this straight.

Zombie shamblers (Bestiary pg. 340) have

Melee [one-action] fist +7, Damage 1d6+3 bludgeoning plus Grab

So far so good. Reading this line, what I expect is that Grab is a free effect that they get when they hit. If it said grabbed, I would expect the grabbed condition to be imposed, but it doesn’t.

When we look up Grab (Bestiary pg. 343), we find

Grab [one-action] Requirements The monster’s last action was a success with a Strike that lists Grab in its damage entry, or it has a creature grabbed using this action. Effect The monster automatically Grabs the target until the end of the monster’s next turn.

Here it gets a little hairier. The effect of using Grab is listed as using Grab, a term which is not defined anywhere else, and also there’s an action cost listed.

I think the simplest reading is that the capitalization of Grab in the Effect section is a typo. That still leaves the question of the action cost.

My expectation was that 1d6+3 bludgeoning plus Grab meant that it dealt the damage and automatically performed a Grab as part of the strike if it hit. That would mean that it costs one action for a zombie shambler to go from no contact to dealing damage and having the target grabbed.

The wording of Grab makes me think that instead, the plus Grab is just meant to indicate that hitting with the melee Strike fulfills the requirements of the Grab universal monster ability. In that case, it would take two actions for the shambler to land the Strike and then use Grab.

I think the second reading is correct, but it runs so contrary to my expectations before I read the Grab entry that it would be helpful to get another opinion.