In Unity, how can I render borders of provinces from a colored province map in a grand strategy game?

I am kind of a beginner of Unity.

I am trying do work on a grand strategy game. I already have a province map, colored by unique rgba for each province, looks like something below:


I know that the province map is kind of a look up map for province id. But when I obverse the paradox strategy games, I notice that they have render borders differently for the provinces and nations. For example, in the CK3, the Baron collars are separated with dotted lines, and the kingdoms are separated with enhanced yellow lines.

enter image description here

I thought they have some other maps or files containing those information, so I went to read their dev diary, and I find that all province shape information are stored in the province map.

enter image description here

So, my question is:

Is there any way in Unity3D to create those different borders with some shader and some province map such those given above?

Trip to Grand Canyon National Park

I am planning for my boyfriends birthday this august 20th I am planning to travel on 17th and come back on 21st like I have 3 full days. I wanted to visit maximum of places near and spend a blissful birthday night on 19th. I am ready for campgrounds, hiking’s too as I see few posts which says its helpful in reducing the price and can enjoy most. Madatory places I am willing to visit are havasu, zion, antelope along with grandcanyon with skywalk. We are planning to rent a car. I see we can camp in national park do we need to get our own tents? I am looking some what in budget friendly could spend upto 1000$ for this trip

1) Where should I first land I am coming from WAS(washington DC)?

2) Where should I stay for accommodation?

3) What would be my order of visit?

4) Best place to celebrate his birthday night 🙂

Override PlaceOrder and change Grand Total

I am modifying the placeOrder function of the QuoteManagement class, based on some information I found through searches, I was able to change the method so that an order is generated for each seller, but the values are kept the same, ie I get the value total of all items and not just the value of the already separated items. Can someone tell me what place or what should I do so that the total amount is separated according to the items of each order?


public function placeOrder($  cartId, PaymentInterface $  paymentMethod = null) {     $  quote = $  this->quoteRepository->getActive($  cartId);      $  paymentMethodString = $  quote->getPayment()->getMethod(); // edit 19.10.17      // get data from addresses and remove ids     $  billingAddress = $  quote->getBillingAddress()->getData();     $  shippingAddress = $  quote->getShippingAddress()->getData();     unset($  billingAddress['id']);     unset($  billingAddress['quote_id']);     unset($  shippingAddress['id']);     unset($  shippingAddress['quote_id']);      $  itemsPerVendor = [];     foreach($  quote->getAllItems() as $  item) {         // I don't know how do you keep track of your product vendor, use this as reference only         $  product_id = $  item->getProduct()->getId();         $  objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();         $  product = $  objectManager->create('Magento\Catalog\Model\Product')->load($  product_id);          $  itemsPerVendor[$  product->getSellerId()][] = $  item;     }      foreach($  itemsPerVendor as $  vendor => $  items) {         // init Quote Split         $  quoteSplit = $  this->quoteFactory->create();         $  quoteSplit->setStoreId($  quote->getStoreId());         $  quoteSplit->setCustomer($  quote->getCustomer());         $  quoteSplit->setCustomerIsGuest($  quote->getCustomerIsGuest());         if ($  quote->getCheckoutMethod() === self::METHOD_GUEST) {             $  quoteSplit->setCustomerEmail($  quote->getBillingAddress()->getEmail());             $  quoteSplit->setCustomerGroupId(\Magento\Customer\Api\Data\GroupInterface::NOT_LOGGED_IN_ID);         }          // save quoteSplit in order to have a quote id for item         $  this->quoteRepository->save($  quoteSplit);          $  subtotal = 0;            foreach ($  items as $  item) {             // add item             $  item->setId(null); // init item id for force to be added to quoteSplit collection             $  quoteSplit->addItem($  item);                    }          // set addresses         $  quoteSplit->getBillingAddress()->setData($  billingAddress);         $  quoteSplit->getShippingAddress()->setData($  shippingAddress);       // recollect totals into the quote     $  quoteSplit->setTotalsCollectedFlag(false)->collectTotals();          // set payment method // edit 19.10.17         $  quoteSplit->getPayment()->setMethod($  paymentMethodString);         if ($  paymentMethod) {             $  quoteSplit->getPayment()->setQuote($  quoteSplit);             $  data = $  paymentMethod->getData();             $  quoteSplit->getPayment()->importData($  data);         }          $  this->quoteRepository->save($  quoteSplit);         // dispatch this event as Magento standard once per each quote split         $  this->eventManager->dispatch('checkout_submit_before', ['quote' => $  quoteSplit]);          $  order = $  this->submit($  quoteSplit);         $  orders[] = $  order;           if (null == $  order) {             throw new LocalizedException(                 __('An error occurred on the server. Please try to place the order again.')             );         }      // disable origin quote     $  quote->setIsActive(false);     $  this->quoteRepository->save($  quote); // edit 19.10.17      $  this->checkoutSession->setLastQuoteId($  quoteSplit->getId());     $  this->checkoutSession->setLastSuccessQuoteId($  quoteSplit->getId());     $  this->checkoutSession->setLastOrderId($  order->getId());     $  this->checkoutSession->setLastRealOrderId($  order->getIncrementId());     $  this->checkoutSession->setLastOrderStatus($  order->getStatus());      $  this->eventManager->dispatch('checkout_submit_all_after', ['orders' => $  orders, 'quote' => $  quote]);  }     /**      * the API declaration and interface describe this function returning int, you can't return an array.      * in order to do that you will have to create a new end point for that.      */     return; } 

How can I set grand total and subtotal of each order after order split?

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