How to plot a graphic with solution of some inequality?

I defined the function $ z(n)$ by

z[n_] := Catch[Do[i; If[Mod[Fibonacci[i], n] == 0, Throw[i]], {i, 100000}]]

and now, I would like to plot the graphic (n,z(n)) for points such that $ z(n)/n<\epsilon$ , for some given value of $ \epsilon>0$ . For instance, for $ \epsilon=0.05$ , I used the command

Catch[Do[n; If[z[n] < 0.05*n, Print[n]], {n,1, 3000}]]

which provides me many values of $ n$ , but I do not know how to make a graphic with them (they appear in some collumn). Thanks in advance.

Any possibility to evaluate / calculate the threads by usage of graphic card?

Would it be possible to employ the GFX card instead of CPU, for work with threads, like it would be when the video or anything that would require high power of processing can be used?
I just bought this one for video rendering: PNY NVIDIA Quadro P4000, 8GB GDDR5.

Thanks for your answer, eventually to add it to the wishlist.

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Ubuntu 19.04 not booting after change of graphic card

I had an old AMD Radeon Graphics card (really old, ATI series), on which i ran 19.04. It was working perfectly fine, until graphic card is changed.

I now inserted an Nvidia GeForce 210, tried to boot Ubuntu.
The loading dots come, color of dots change till last dot, it stops. I found an unusual thing happening. A command line appeared and many commands were running. Something like Starting VPN servers..starting mysqld..starting gnome display manager etc.

Finally, the command scroll came to a stop, stuck at starting BP Filter. Next an error comes stating that Cannot run ubuntu on this graphics card, failed to load gnome display manager.

Nothing happens after that, no commands work. Even the basic commands like ls, cd, pwd dont work. I dont know how this is connected to change of graphic card.
Any idea what happened? How to solve this problem?