Greetings from near Richmond Virginia

good day. I am excited to be here and learn. And there is ALOT I need to learn.

Full transperancy, my principal business does not use AdWords.

I am a business coach/ Adviser for a specific niche trade industry. The disaster recovery industry. Think companies that are called when there are floods, fires, tornado’s, earthquakes, etc.

Having been heavily involved in this industry for 20 years around the world, I did what all aging people do…..become a consultant.

I specialized in…

Greetings from near Richmond Virginia

ranks hips until erica devastated greetings

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ranks hips until erica devastated greetings

Greetings from BountySite

hello LetsForum users,

We are a security startup, focusing on website services. We offer backup, security and disaster recovery services for websites.

One humble request to forum administrator. Please enable SSL.
If I may suggest, CloudFlare, it is free, and it can make your site faster.

If forum administrator is interested, I can offer a free lifetime backup account for this forum, 001_wink , with a little text, backup by BountySite link, somewhere at the bottom of the forum.