What Greyhawk deity is this?

I was doing my weekly browsing of the paizo forums, when this post caught my eye.

Greyhawk deity that was published in a number of the Dragon magazine. Her portfolio includes comfortable life, her church floor is covered by pillows and the priests feel that sleeping while they do mass is a show of faith and appreciation for the priest.

I’m not familiar with the Greyhawk setting, but given my amusement with this god I’m considering converting them over for my Pathfinder campaign. Can anyone tell me what god this is and give me more information about them so I can do so?

Note: this has the dungeons-and-dragons tag, because I’m not sure what edition they’re from, or if they feature in multiple.

What is the size or scale of the world of Greyhawk?

I’m looking to run a campaign in Greyhawk, but I’m not sure of the actual size of the place. I have found several maps online, but not one map has a scale of any kind that I can see. I know I’ve seen one with it before. I believe it’s this map in the lower right corner, but that one is much too small to see.

I’m aware that for my own campaign I can make 1 hex be any size I want it to be. It could be 20 miles, 30 miles, or 50 or 100 or more and it doesn’t really matter. My question is what the official answer is, because I may wish to use a published module at some point. Even knowing something basic like the distance in miles between Dyvers and Greyhawk, or Dyvers and Verbobonc would be useful information. Heck, even knowing something general like the travel time between Greyhawk and Dyvers would be useful, because you can infer a lot from that. I know I’ve read places where they speak of the distances between locations before. I want to say Verbobonc and the infamous Village of Homlett, but I am not sure where I read that anymore.