Is there an RPG where each character controls a group of people? [closed]

I am working on the beta version of an online RPG game with some friends where the players all control a nation. Each player controls a large political party/guild/noble family. My question is if there are any RPGs the forum knows of where each player controls an organization or a group of people instead of a single player.

Resource Hosting Subsystem was terminated which caused Availability group to fail

The following error was occurred in cluster events and the availability group was failed which resulted the databases in non-synchronizing state.

A component on the server did not respond in a timely fashion. This caused the cluster resource ‘AG’ (resource type ‘SQL Server Availability Group’, DLL ‘hadrres.dll’) to exceed its time-out threshold. As part of cluster health detection, recovery actions will be taken. The cluster will try to automatically recover by terminating and restarting the Resource Hosting Subsystem (RHS) process that is running this resource.

Please help me to find the root cause (A component on the server did not respond in a timely fashion).


What do I do if my group isn’t gelling?

It’s my first time playing D&D with a bunch of other first-timers (using the starter kit). One of the players is steamrolling over other players and his character is insufferable. What do I do if my group isn’t gelling?

After our last session, one of the players apparently told our DM, "It seems like we’re not all looking for the same kind of game," or something like that.

Three of us seem to be more interested in thinking around problems and the other two want to either smash open heads while yelling, "For justice!" or are making things weirdly sexual.

It’s kind of funny when the count says, "I am excellent at persuading people. I persuade him!" How do you persuade him? "With the dice!" But how? "With my mustache!" Sure. Sure! It is kind of funny. But it is also a very 2 dimensional character who takes up a lot of space and is getting on my nerves.

I might be a little more upset because this person is a family member who I’m rebuilding my relationship with, and I thought this could be a way for us to hang out in a light, fun way. He’s made a character, though, that is exaggerating the punitive justice, black-and-white thinking, my-way-or-the-highway attitude that makes it so hard to be around him in the first place. One of my friends said, "It seems like he thinks of himself as the protagonist". It just doesn’t make for a great group experience.

I feel pretty dumb for thinking this could work.

His wife is the player who’s making things very sexual, so that’s another element of "maybe funny, but mostly strange" that is in the mix.

Is there a way to turn this situation around? For those who have played in a game with tension like this: How do you break it down or adjust it? Or do you just give it up as a failed experiment?

Sync logins and Agent jobs across all replicas in Distributed Availability Group

I am using dba_CopyLogins stored proc to sync logins on replicas in Distributed Availability group , but the database level permissions are not transferred due to database sync operation is going on.. Is there any way to sync all logins and permissions from global primary to Forwarder and other replicas? also how to copy agent jobs?

MySQL Transform multiple rows into a single row in same table (reduce by merge group by)

Hy, i want reduce my table and updating himself (group and sum some columns, and delete rows)

Source table "table_test" :

+----+-----+-------+----------------+ | id | qty | user  | isNeedGrouping | +----+-----+-------+----------------+ |  1 |   2 | userA |              1 | <- row to group + user A |  2 |   3 | userB |              0 | |  3 |   5 | userA |              0 | |  4 |  30 | userA |              1 | <- row to group + user A |  5 |   8 | userA |              1 | <- row to group + user A |  6 |   6 | userA |              0 | +----+-----+-------+----------------+ 

Wanted table : (Obtained by)

DROP TABLE table_test_grouped; SET @increment = 2; CREATE TABLE table_test_grouped SELECT id, SUM(qty) AS qty, user, isNeedGrouping FROM table_test GROUP BY user, IF(isNeedGrouping = 1, isNeedGrouping, @increment := @increment + 1); SELECT * FROM table_test_grouped;  +----+------+-------+----------------+ | id | qty  | user  | isNeedGrouping | +----+------+-------+----------------+ |  1 |   40 | userA |              1 | <- rows grouped + user A |  3 |    5 | userA |              0 | |  6 |    6 | userA |              0 | |  2 |    3 | userB |              0 | +----+------+-------+----------------+ 

Problem : i can use another (temporary) table, but i want update initial table, for :

  • grouping by user and sum qty
  • replace/merge rows into only one by group

The result must be a reduce of initial table, group by user, and qty summed.

And it’s a minimal exemple, and i don’t want full replace inital from table_test_grouped, beacause in my case, i have another colum (isNeedGrouping) for decide if y group or not.

For flagged rows "isNeedGrouping", i need grouping. For this exemple, a way to do is sequentialy to :

CREATE TABLE table_test_grouped SELECT id, SUM(qty) AS qty, user, isNeedGrouping FROM table_test WHERE isNeedGrouping = 1 GROUP BY user ; DELETE FROM table_test WHERE isNeedGrouping = 1 ; INSERT INTO table_test SELECT * FROM table_test_grouped ; 

Any suggestion for a simpler way?

How does Automatic Seeding work – Always On Availability Group

I found only these two statements from BOL regarding this Initial Data Synchronization method:

Link 1

Automatic seeding uses the log stream transport to stream the backup using VDI to the secondary replica for each database of the availability group using the configured endpoints.

Link 2

During automatic seeding, SQL Server performs a backup over the network for initialization.

Looking into SQL Server Error logs of both primary and secondary replicas, these two logs caught my attention:

On primary replica

enter image description here

On secondary replica

enter image description here

My question is related to the working nature of automatic seeding, namely where does taken backup is stored before restoring on the secondary replica?

Select arbitrary single value for GROUP BY: What’s the fastest option?

I have a query that I use to indicate locations in a map where there are overlapping points:

select     min(objectid) as min_objectid,     longitudex,     latitudey,     count(1) as count,     min(shape) as min_shape from     workorders group by     longitudex,     latitudey having     count(1) > 1 

In the mapping software that I use, I need to include columns like objectid and shape. For those columns, it doesn’t matter which of the grouped-by rows the values come from, just as long as there is a value.

Presently, I’m using min() to get an arbitrary value for those columns. However, I don’t know if that’s the fastest option since finding the minimum value would require calculation — and I wonder if that time spent is unnecessary.

What is the fastest option for getting an arbitrary/single value for GROUP BY in an Oracle query?

My gaming group can’t agree on play-by-post or scheduled games

I’m currently helping out as one of the DMs of a larger gaming group that will periodically see two or three players plus a DM go on a mission, usually handled in play-by-post format.

Right now, I have a group of three that’s been having pacing problems from the start despite multiple strategies to address them:

  • When we first started, all three players had differing activity levels, and the most active player was complaining about not being able to play because they were spending all their time waiting.
  • I adopted a faster activity level myself in response, and the least active player started complaining about not being able to play because everything was happening while they were busy with real life.
  • We called a post-mortem to discuss how to handle the pacing issues. One of the players suggested moving from play-by-post to a more traditional scheduled meeting, and another player actually shot this down complaining about not being able to play because making it an obligation took too much of the fun out of it.

Unless there’s an organizational strategy I’ve missed besides play-by-post or scheduled meeting, I don’t think I’m going to be able to run a game for these players, and while I expect the answer is going to be "find better player(s)", that’s a last resort.

How do I run for this group?

Which magic item of very rare or lower rarity is most useful to protect a group of ordinary soldiers?


I’m playing a mid-level artificer (artillerist) who’s a disgruntled veteran with a missing limb who, disillusioned by the leaders’ willingness to send soldiers to their deaths, has retired from the army and opened a shop. An adventure hook has people steal his work-in-progress masterpiece and now I need to find a fitting item he was trying to create.
Because of this background, the item he would be most interested in would be something that helps ordinary soldiers without magic powers survive the horrors of the battlefield. It might be something that protects a group of people from hostile spells or something that provides healing to them, similar to the artificer’s Protector cannon.


  • I am trying to find an officially published item before resorting to homebrew (UA is probably fine, as is basic refluffing)
  • The DM has ruled that the item should be below legendary rank, so very rare at most
  • I probably won’t be held to strict prerequisites such as being able to cast every spell going into the items myself, but the item should still basically fit the artificer flavour
  • The item should be usable by someone who cannot cast spells
  • The item should be able to affect a group, not just the carrier
  • The item should be defensive in nature

My own research

I’ve gone through the "warding" and "healing" categories of magic items on D&D Beyond and found very little. There are almost no items that work on groups and those that do tend to be musical instruments or magic staves that need the user to be a spellcaster.
In general it seems that antimagic items aren’t really a thing in 5e. An item that can cast Antimagic Field on he regular would probably be in the legendary category and a Ring of spell Storing would again require a (powerful) spellcaster to be useful.
An ideal solution would be something like a banner of protection or an Eldritch Cannon: Protector that doesn’t need an artificer to be present. I’ve also considered something like a Ring of Regeneration, but that’s again a one-person item.

Summoning a large group of the same kind of creatures [closed]

I am writing a novel and have a question regarding an incident that happens in my book. In it some very bad characters steal a very large group, say 100 head of cattle. Is that a translocation spell, they are moving them En mass from one area to another, or a group summoning? Some of the cows can be harmed in the casting. What sort of characters would those casters be? Conjurors. What is anything would be the cost of such magic?

Magic in the world is rare, and rarely used, thus far in evil. But it is there. There are druids, and healers, races must be intelligent enough to be magic users and it is viewed with suspicion by the non magic users.

I am very familiar with MMO RPGS but have not seen something like this and wonder if table top gamers may have seen or heard of this. It could be multiple magic users casting the spell that also has some elemental features too.

Thank you for reading and the help!