ubuntu 18.04 guests which cloned by virtualbox have the same ip but different mac address in NAT net work

I tried to build a group of Virtual machine in Virtualbox, and connect them with NAT network. The main information shows as below:

The Virtualbox version: 6.0.12 The Ubuntu guest version: ubuntu-18.04.2 The NAT network info: NetworkName: natnet22 IP: Network: IPv6 Enabled: No IPv6 Prefix: fd17:625c:f037:2::/64 DHCP Enabled: Yes Enabled: Yes loopback mappings (ipv4)

When i finish creating an Ubuntu machine, the DHCP server maybe assign ip for it. But when I cloned the machine and I change the mac address of the cloned one. The DHCP server still assign ip for the cloned one.

Why the cloned Ubuntu one get the same ip with source? I need them have different ip in the NAT network to control them. Please help me solve the problem.

What’s the best practice to group vm guests in virt-manager?

I run a lot of vm-guests on a host and manage they with wirt-manager. Whats the best practice to group them for a better overview? Best: independ on the guest names

I figure out a good way is to use the title field, i.E.

  • “[MAILSERVER] Mailserver_A”
  • “[MAILSERVER] Mailserver_B”
  • “[WEBSERVERS] Webserver_A”
  • “[WEBSERVERS] Webserver_B”

But are there other/better options?

How in Google calendar event to save email guests


Google calendar event options has functionality to email guests :
and it looks like 1 time function.
If there is a way Google calendar event to keep listing of email guests and trigger emails to them periodically?
Also I need these email guests to import/export, as I make app with import/export of Google calendar events.


How can I disallow guests to see other guests in share screen in a document library?

I have a specific client which is demanding that guest users must not see each other when accessing the share screen inside de folder shared with them. Today a guest can access the shared folder specific with him and open the share panel and them start typing on the grant access box which will show the names of other guest they should not be aware of. I basically need to turn off that share panel for guests or make sure they cannot don’t see other guests in my Azure AD. Is it possible?

Guests Filtering on villas listing page

I have noticed that big players (like luxuryretreats, airbnb..) of the global market follow a specific process when a user choose guests on the filter tab.

Specifically, if the user chooses 5 guests, the results that he/she will see are 5+ and sorted from min-max. So he/she will see first all the villas with 5 guests and the 6,7,8 up to the maximum number of guests rather than just results that match the criteria provided by the user.

Is there a rationale for this that relates to improving the user experience, as the user has chosen that he would like to see villas with 5 guests and not 5 an more?

Thank you for your time in advance. enter image description here

guests users AAD, SecurityGroups and unique permissions

We are having a tenant with like 60 external guest users (added them as #EXT# in AAD) In order to control and manage these users I’m putting them in O365-securitygroups, after they accepted the invitation.

Those Sgroups have access to specific libraries on different SPO-teamsites.

  • Teamsite A: SG_EXAMPLE1 -> visitor

  • Teamsite A – Library 1: SG_EXAMPLE1 -> member

-> As a member of SG_EXAMPLE1 I still don’t get access…

I broke inherited permissions ofc.

Am I doing s’thing wrong? Or does this take more than 1h to crawl?

SharePoint, Groups, OneDrive external sharing / guests

Can anyone provide guidance to help with the external sharing user experience? I’m finding it to be a common problem that recipients of the “invite” are presented with a password request at first logon. If they attempt to reset the non-existent password, they are told that this isn’t permitted. Most users do not have a problem but I am unable to identify why some users are presented with this problem. I’m not clear when they should appear in the “guests” list (is that only when accepted?), so what does this tell me? How do we resolve the user issues (have seen suggestion that needs deleteing in 3 places!). How can this be avoided?