My Local SEO – Step by Step Checklist Guide 2019

My Local SEO – Step by Step Checklist Guide 2019

Step1 – Local Listing Set-Up

*Set Up Local Profile ASAP

  • Google My Business

  • Bing Local

  • Yahoo Local

Step2 – Your Listing Optimized

  • Business Name

  • Map

  • Address

  • Photos & Videos

  • Contact Info

  • Introduction

  • Category

  • Keywords

  • Hours of Business

  • Validate

Step3 –  Getting Regular Client REVIEWS every month

  • Check Competition

  • Start with Best Customers

  • Start Asking for Reviews – Google, Yahoo, Bing, TrustPilot

Step4 –  Adding Regular Name, Address & Phone (NAP)Citation

  • Start with the Important NAP Sites

  • Which Country you based In?

  • Add New NAP Citations Every Month

Step5 –  Listed in Industrial Directories

  • Search for Industry Specific Directories

  • Check where competitors Listed > Get Listed There

Step6 –  Must-Have Separate Page in Every Product/Services Offer

  • List Every Product / Services you offer

  • Create a Unique page for every product or services

Step7 –  Do you have Long Form Pages – min. 500 words?

  • Check Hard Drive for Content. You can used, eg: Presentation, Proposals, FAQs, Email Outbox.

Step8 –  Optimized every page of you website

  • Identify Target Keyword for every page

  • Create UNIQUE Metatags (Title, description) for EVERY Page

  • Crete Keyword Rich URL’s for EVERY Product or Services Page

  • Add Keywords to Headings H1,H2,H3

  • Add keywords to text +/- 2 to 3%

  • Link to other pages from within the text

  • Optimize Images

Step9-  Do You Have Many External Website Linking to Your Website?

*Go for Quick Wins eg:

  • Give Testimonials to Local Suppliers

  • LinkBack from Social Media profiles eg: Twitter, Facebook, & Linkedin

  • Paid Authority Directories, eg.

Step10 –  Have you Completed All Optimization Task?

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • XML Sitemap & Robots.txt

Step11 –  Does Your Website Load Faster Than Your Competitors?

  • Run speed test

  • Switch to SSD Hosting

Step12 –  Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

  • Check Mobile-Friendly Test

  • Set Up Mobile Site or Switch to Responsive Design

Step13 –  Is Your Website Safe and Secure?

  • Switch to SSL 

  • Set Up an Anti-Malware Site Seal

Step14 –  Do You Have a Blog Set-Up

  • Set Up WordPress Blog

  • Check Competitors Blogs for Ideas

  • Identify Leading Blogs in your Niche

  • Create a Schedule of 10-15 Blog Posts Based on Your FAQs

Step15 –  Do You Know What to Blog About

  • Target Market? Individuals or Businesses?

*Businesses (Choose from the Following) – Newsletter, How To Guides, Buyers Guide, List Based Content e,g 21 Ways to …, Best Practices Guides, Product Reviews, Best of List, Ways to Use List, Screen Capture Videos, Predictions/Old vs New Content, Infographics, Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ), Common Mistakes with Content, Case Studies, Checklist Content

*Individuals (Choose from the Following) – Newsletter, How To Guides, Local Interest, List Based Content e,g 21 Ways To…, Seasonal /Holiday/Guides/What’s On/Upcoming Events, Best of List, Ways To Use List, Product Videos, Predictions/Old vs News Content/ Latest Fashion Trends, Checklist Content

Step16 –  Is Your Content Optimized for SEO & Sharing?

  • Attention Grabbing Headline

  • Identify Target Keywords

  • Include Keywords in Meta Tags

  • Keyword in Title and Headings

  • Keyword in URL

  • Optimize Images

  • Add related Keywords in Text

  • Link Internally to Other Posts

  • Link Externally to Authority Content

  • Add Social Sharing Buttons

  • Check Mobile Ready

  • Check Load Speed

Step17 –  Do You Use Video Extensively Throughout Your Website

*Set Up Youtube Channel > Are you Happy to appear on Video?

If Yes, Choose from the following

  • Whiteboard Presentation

  • Product or Services Description

  • HeadShot/Interview Style

  • Talking FAQ/Hints & Tips

If No, Choose from the following

  • Before & After Examples

  • Talking Slides

  • Cartoons

  • Screen Capture

*Have You Optimised Your Videos for SEO? If Yes Next Topic

IF NO, Do the Following for All Videos

  • Choose Keywords for All Videos

  • Add Keyword Rich Title & Metatags in youtube

  • Transcribe Video & Create a Blog Post with Video Embed

  • Optimize Blog Post (Title, MetaTags, Headings,etc)

IF YES, Does Your Website Create Trust?

Yes, Relax and Have Coffee

Not Sure > Professional Accreditations, Supplier Logos, Guarantees – All of these clearly Displayed on All Pages,.

If This might help in your Local Business and you have a site to try SEO audit, then give me feedback or you may message me at so that I can try my checklist Local SEO Site Audit. Cheers!!!

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