We are developing a new free e-commerce tools software..need your guys input and feedback

Hi guys

We are in the process of developing a new e-commerce shopify tools and need some market feedback on the current biggest problems/issues that you guys facing when running an e-commerce business.

We really appreciate your input and feedback to fill in this super short survey on this link


Please feel free to give your honest opinion as to help us develop the new software…

We are developing a new free e-commerce tools software..need your guys input and feedback

Hi guys!

Hello buddys, my name is Adrian also known as CarrionCrow or I'mDraco for my videogame tags. I'm from Venezuela (hope don't have any trouble with that) and I have curiosity about learn all about marketing and other things in this forum.

My english isn't the best but is understandable. Greetings to all! ^^,

2 questions for you guys

Ok, so I’m using Ubuntu 19.04 and I have a couple of questions that I’m not sure how to fix, maybe y’all can help me out here.

  1. I have a Dell Latitude e6420 that I was given and I put an SSD in place of the HDD. I then got an adaptor and put in a second hard drive (the HDD that was originally in it) but when I boot up it looks like it’s confused and wants to do a RAID set-up before it continues the boot. How do I get to boot from my primary SSD like normal?
  2. When I finally boot up, how do I just have the login screen on my laptop? It shows on both monitors, how do I make it just show on the primary?

Designing for Healthcare website, what do you guys think its the limit of clinic cards to show for each page?

So, I am working on a clinic search website where people can look for the clinics/hospitals to book the treatments they need. I was wondering how many clinic cards would be best to show per page. Currently I decided to go for 10 each page. They are not too big -420×550- and so,I am trying to find best solution for both SEO purposes -page speed and keywords- but also in terms of bouncing rate. Is there and guidelines I could also refer to -maybe from ecommerce websites or in general?.

Thank you so much.

P.S: I attached an actual picture of a clinic card from ANOTHER website so that it would be clear what I’m talking about.enter image description here

Just started OOP in JS can you guys please give me a feedback

I just started learning OOP from Mosh on youtube and I looked for easiest exercises to practice. Can I get a feedback on my code please? What I did wrong and what I should change? Also where is the best place to find JS exercises? In the code there are two exercises: the first one is a temperature convertor and the second one is a currency exchange. let cel = “”; let fah = “”;

    function Termometer(kel) {       this.kel = kel;        this.getCelsius = function() {         cel = this.kel - 273;         return cel;       },        this.getFahrenheit = function() {         fah = Math.floor(cel * (9/5) + 32);         return fah;       },        this.init = function() {         this.getCelsius();         this.getFahrenheit();       }     }     // currency exchange   var eur = "";   var usd = "";   var gbp = "";   function Valuta(sum1, sum2, sum3) {     this.sum1 = sum1;     this.sum2 = sum2;     this.sum3 = sum3;      this.getEur = function() {       eur = Math.floor(this.sum1 / 4.72);     };      this.getUsd = function() {       usd = Math.floor(this.sum2 / 4.15);     };      this.getGbp = function() {       gbp = Math.floor(this.sum3 / 5.27);     };      this.init = function() {       this.getEur();       this.getUsd();       this.getGbp();     }   }    var valuta = new Valuta(300, 300, 300);   valuta.init();   console.log(eur, usd, gbp)