Was I hacked? Does the Apple Mail App on Desktop trigger a Google “signed-in device”?

Several of my personal accounts were hacked by my former employer (files were altered). I confronted them, mentioned the platforms but only sent them evidence of my Google account being hacked knowing that they might try to sweep it under the rug.

They conducted an “internal investigation” and concluded that the Apple Mail on my work device triggered those sign-ins. Besides the fact that their explanation doesn’t explain why my other accounts were hacked, I tested their theory and couldn’t replicate it. I looked it up and some people said that pull requests from Apple Mail don’t trigger logins. Can anyone confirm?

In addition, I did more digging and downloaded my Facebook data and this is what I found. It shows everything including the browser used, which a third-party app is not.

The hacks coincide with both a complaint I submitted to IT about their questionable practices and false allegations (made by IT a week after my complaint) that led to my dismissal.

How can your BIOS be infected or hacked and Can a BIOS virus be used to “steal data”?

I know that BIOS can get virus but it’s very rare, but it seems to me it’s pretty impossible or improbable for a virus to creep into your BIOS via normal computer use. Let’s say I’m using windows 10, even if I go as far as downloading a malware on my windows 10, it would seem that the worst damage it can do it to my windows 10 itself, not the BIOS, is that accurate? (Or at least, it’s incredibly difficult). If I don’t deliberately take a usb drive, and go into BIOS to m-flash it, how can I possibly infect a BIOS? So similarly, since your network would only work in the OS level, how can anyone possibly modify your BIOS by hacking your operating system?

And in the other direction, Supposed by some means my BIOS was infected with some virus, how can anyone possibly steal information on an operating system using the BIOS when the BIOS itself cannot be connected to the internet?

It seems to me the damage a BIOS can do is very local.

Have I really been hacked or am I falling for a phishing scam

I received an email on the 14th saying that a hacker has access to my pc it says that at the time of hacking my account (myemail@gmail.com) had this password (it was a version of my password but not one that I’ve ever used for my gmail) and it claimed to have been watching me for months and that it had infected my pc through a adult website and had video of me when I was on the site doing you know what and that it would send it to my contacts and correspondence but I don’t have any contacts on my pc and also I use a different user and email when I do that, also why didn’t it send it to that email and not any of the other emails I have saved on my pc. Am I falling for a bullshit email or do I have something to worry about? Also it said I have 48 hours to pay them in bitcoins and that it would track when I opened it and start the countdown and I just opened it last night

Can someone explain exactly how Facebook hacked and intercepted a text message?

I have an Android phone (Blackberry KEY2). I do not have the Facebook app installed on it. I did log onto Facebook once on it via the Chrome browser to confirm it worked.

The other day, I responded to my granddaughter’s request for a video chat via Facebook for kids using my laptop. Apparently, all the kids her age (5 yrs old) are chatting with each other because of staying at home because of coronavirus. While in messenger, I briefly noticed a text message from a friend whip by. It was probably on the Facebook page (I didn’t have anything else open and video chat was smaller than the other page, overlapping a good part of it).

After the video session, I couldn’t find the text message anywhere. I emailed him back and he said he did not send it over Facebook, he just sent a text from his cell phone. I checked my phone, and yes it was there as an unread text message.

I am now perplexed, I never associated my cell phone number with anything in Facebook. I hardly ever use Facebook. So how would Facebook know to intercept a SMS message and display it via my Facebook page on my laptop?

What’s more, I don’t have any other app on my laptop that is aware of my cell phone number, especially anything that was running.

I went through my profile on Facebook, and my cell number does not show up in it at all.

It looks to me like Facebook has somehow, surreptitiously associated my cell phone with my account. Is anyone else aware of anything like this? How do I get my cell phone number disassociated? If I do not use the Facebook app, what other data could Facebook steal from any device (phone or computer) via a browser? Or, could anyone point to where text messages are supposed to be found within Facebook via a browser?

How to know if my router has been hacked?

I have a (maybe dumb) question for you. I was wondering if there is a way to know if my router has been hacked.

I secured it the best that I can and also made it so only the mac addresses of the devices that I know can access my WiFi.

I turned off uspn, WPS, and remote access to the router settings even though I noticed that the page won’t load anymore on the device I used to set it up but it loads on my phone.

While days ago it would not load on my phone but it would on other devices but I keep seeing accesses to my social medias by devices that seem to be mine but I nor everyone else in my family used lately.

I’m afraid someone hacked my router and is using my devices remotely. How can I be sure? Would calling my ISP help? My router is from my ISP.