Weird usernames (hacked site)

The site I am working on has been hacked, and I did solved some of the issues and “anomalies”, however there is a weird thing happened to the users list that I can’t figure out how to fix.

There is a bunch of new users (160 pages) with similar usernames and email addresses. For example, here are the few of them:

a.a.r.o.nh1562 a.a.r.on.h1.5.62     a.a.r.on.h1.56.2 a.a.r.on.h156.2  a.a.ronh15.62 

Did anyone had experience with something like this?

How could a mobile banking app be hacked?

My phone got stolen, and sent back to where it was stolen a day after. At the moment of stealing, the phone was locked. When I received it back, there was no money left in my bank account.

The Banking app needs my fingerprint or a password to unlock. The passwords used for the banking app and the phone are different.

I assume there’s no password caching for banking apps, since the app requires the password every time. Also, the account is most likely blocked if many attempts are made to unlock it.

What are the possible ways the hackers could have cracked into the phone and then the app?

My device: iPhone 7  Banking-App: Sberbank 

My tails being hacked

I have a serious problem, hoping someone in the community can help me. I’ll try to make this short. My whole life has been hacked and remote monitored for the last almost three years by group of people online calling themselves “the occult” who run a online prostitution ring they call “comet pizza.” Without debating conspiracys or getting sidetracked, my last two computers had windows 7 and windows 10. They were both hacked and I literally got rid of them. My only pc left had windows 7 on it. They were hacking it daily/constantly. These people are using some kind of technology to spy on me and this has been going on 3 years almost. They know all my passwords online, they watch my life constantly like a TV show and have been ruining my life. I decided to get Tails to secure my online life and external files. So I did, in hopes it would keep them from hiding my folders and putting programs on my pc. So I have Tails now, I deleted my old OS, and everything on the hard drive. I’ve had Tails a little over a month. To describe what’s happening I have to say that these people are using some kind of frequency and projecting it so that I can hear them in my head, I have another girlfriend in Hawaii who is dealing with the same people torturing her, I am on the east coast so we’re really far apart but we can all hear each other mentally (that is each other’s thoughts like a synthetic telepathy chat room). She has only been dealing with them a year but from what I understand these people doing this have to be local to me because earlier tonight they were in my head and I was trying to look up how to block their SSID from my PC because I started tracking the online networks popping up which actually coincide with the people “online” broadcasting to us in our heads. We don’t like them in our head btw! Now, I’m in the network list trying to figure out blocking them, and one of them says (in my head) “you’re done tracking us” and all of a sudden my network window on Tails just disappeared like they remote accessed my computer even though I’m using Tails. The only thing I found related in the community was hiding my ISP, but because they watch me all the time, they DDOS my internet constantly so I cant talk to people or load websites, my youtube or google will give me these error messages and display my IP address and then poof, they have it. So they aren’t just watching from remote access on my PC they are using this linework/cable technology to be in my house and broadcast this frequency into my freaking head as well as watch my ilfe like a TV show! I am sure that some people won’t take this seriously but I’ve been living this way with these people in my head stalking me for three years. I tried moving houses and the same type of weird networks would pop up on my PC when I lived in the country, and now that I’m in the city they are doing the same thing. I thought that they had to be local to appear as a network on my connections list, so perhaps my problem is being stalked #1. Number 2 I want to know if anyone knows how they could have remote accessed my PC using tails. I refresh my ISP very often, several times a day. I mean I have tails because I thought it would protect me from being remote hacked. Anyone dealing with the same things, or ideas on how to secure my pc please let me know. If you think I’m just crazy please check out Mark Zuckerburg or Elon Musk’s disclosure on BCI (brain computer interfacing) as well as Mark’s disclosure April 19th 2017 on fb developing ways to send thoughts directly to each other, this only started happening late in 2017 to me. It goes hand in hand with neurocorporatism and other disclosure about how our thoughts are being monitored and artificial telepathy being developed. The truth is some people have been living with it a long time, and as for me, I’ve been tortured with this technology for the last almost 3 years. I only write this because people who don’t know the tech exists will just think I’m crazy and I am not. Thanks. C Starfire

“I hacked my way into this interview”: Is this a good idea for getting a job?

There’s been some joking on the internet where a candidate would “hack their way into getting a job interview” and disclose that as a proof of skill in a job related to Infosec.

If I somehow find a “hack”, such as keywords in an ATS, bypassing application checkpoints, secretly putting my name in the “interview list”, or anything similar, would it be a good idea to disclose that along with a report on that hack as a reason to hire me for a job in Infosec?

From some quick research (such as 23946), I’m guessing not.

My IP address was hacked by Trojan Tiny Banker

I was using a unsecured website to watch movies and my windows 10 alert went off saying my registration code had been blocked or something to that nature and to call1(888)2521262 .. tech support.. they basically told me I can’t change my IP address and the only way to fix the issue it to pay 500 for firewall protection or they can steal all the personal information linked /used on this IP address.. I’m not the least bit computer savvy so I don’t know what I’m doing . Please someone help me.. I wanna know if there’s a way to change my IP address and what to do from here