How many bardic performances extra does a Half-elf gain?

I am new to Pathfinder and want to make sure I am reading these effects correctly. So a bard gets a number of bardic performances per day as listed here:

He can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Charisma modifier. At each level after 1st a bard can use bardic performance for 2 additional rounds per day

As a half-elf with bard as my favored class, I should also get the following at each level up:

Add +1 to the bard’s total number of bardic performance rounds per day.

If I am reading this correctly, that means I get 4+CHA mod + 1 at 1st level, then an additional 3 at each level thereafter. This just seems like a large change since it is a 50% increase in how many I get each level so I am worried I made a mistake somewhere.

How many proficiencies and languages does a noble half-elf Knowledge Domain cleric start with?

I’m starting a new character sheet for a noble half-elf cleric (Knowledge Domain), and I’m just wondering about proficiencies and languages.

How many things would I be proficient in, and how many languages would I know? Also, when it comes to the proficiency bonus, is that also applied to the skills I am proficient in?

I’m not super new to the game but character sheets are always where I get confused.