Where is Zymorven Hall located?

I’ve found two maps of the Dessarin Vale, as shown below. The left one I’m almost sure of is an official map, although I do not know where it was published. The right one is an often found map, but I’m sure is an edited version of the High-Resolution Sword Coast map. It’s correct most of the time, but does contain errors here and there. Shown here you can see that where it puts "Settlestone", should have been "Winters Edge" (although not exactly). Likewise, on the official map High Hold seems to overlap with Zymorven Hall.

enter image description here

The thing that I’m trying to figure out is where Zymorven Hall is actually located. Ideally published map would be nice, but it may not exist. Second best is a description of where it would probably be.

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What are the topological phases of quantum Hall systems?

(Fractional) quantum Hall systems are $ 2+1$ -dimensional models which are said to possess topological order. One (maybe even complete) set of invariants of topological phases in $ 2+1$ dimensions is given that anyon statistics, or in mathematical terms, the (2-extended) axiomatic TQFT of the phase. Both are labelled by modular fusion categories.

Question: Which are the modular fusion categories associated to quantum Hall systems? Is there a table somewhere in the literature that associates to each value of the “filling fraction” (and whatever other parameters there are in quantum Hall models) a modular fusion category?

Also: Quantum Hall systems involve fermionic degrees of freedom. Are they proper fermionic phases? Or are the fermions somehow restricted to local islands of even parity, such that the resulting phases are still bosonic? In the former case, the anyon statistics are not described by modular fusion categories but their fermionic analogue, something like “modular super-fusion categories”.

I guess this is written down at a lot of places, I’m just having a hard time finding it without having to skim through lots of condensed matter literature that I don’t understand.

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Hall theorem with non-saturating matching

Hall’s marriage theorem states that given a bipartite graph $ G=(X+Y,E)$ , if there is no $ X$ -saturating matching, there there exists $ W\subseteq X$ such that $ |W|>|N_G(W)|$ .

Is the following generalized version true: if there is no matching that covers at least $ |X|-k$ vertices of $ X$ , then there exists $ W\subseteq X$ such that $ |W|>|N_G(W)|+k$ ? Is there a reference about this? (It is not mentioned in the Wikipedia page.)