In D&D 5e the Hallow spell’s extra effect Fear, what is the source of the fear?

When using the fear extra effect of the hallow spell, the spell says that affected creatures are frightened whilst in the spell’s area.

With regards to the frightened condition, is the source of fear the point at which hallow was cast or the whole area?

This matters for how it interacts with both parts of the frightened condition.

If the source of fear is the point at which the spell is cast, then affected creatures can move away from it and there might be ways to break line of sight within the hallowed area itself.

If the source of the fear is the whole area, being inside the area means that the source of fear is in all directions from the affected creature. This would mean that the creature could not willingly move in any direction, as all directions would be closer to the source of fear. (Alternatively you could interpret it as you are always at the source of fear so you could freely move as moving in any direction could not put you closer to the source of fear than you already are.) In addition to the movement restriction/non-restriction (depending on your interpretation), the whole area being the source of fear would mean you are always subject to the effect of being in line of sight of your source of fear whilst in the area.

What is the correct interpretation?

For purposes of Divine Sense or ‘detect evil and good’, how else, other than ‘hallow’, can an object or area be magically consecrated or desecrated?

The paladin’s Divine Sense feature allows the paladin to

…detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated, as with the hallow spell.

Similarly, the spell detect evil and good allows the caster to

…know if there is a place or object within 30 feet of you that has been magically consecrated or desecrated.

How, other than via the spell hallow, can a place or object be consecrated or desecrated, so that it would be detected by Divine Sense or detect evil and good?

Question inspired by this one from earlier today, where we establish that Divine Sense cannot detect whether an object is cursed.