What rule system handles fully automatic firearms the best?

I know it is a subjective matter, so let me specify a bit:

  • Full automatic fire encompasses all modern and future firearms with some form of recoil (lasers out of scope)
  • The attacker is sending multiple projectiles downrange. This includes 3 round burst, long burst, suppressive fire, etc
  • the focus is on infantry sized weapons. The combat dynamics of i.e. fighter jets is so much different it makes no sense to try to squeeze them in under the same set of rules

How I define good:

  • it encourages cooperation it the team. Covering fire, bounded overwatch, etc. are the primary tools of small unit tactics
  • it is reasonably elegant. Rolling a skill check for all the bullets in a 30 round burst is too complicated, but some extra rolls or bookkeeping is acceptable
  • it captures the key compromises an infantryman should consider (i.e. long burst makes no sense on a longer range, but devastating from up close), but not all the physical factors of muzzle rise, recoil, etc

Cannot retrieve script handles from custom scripts, not in $wp_scripts

I’m trying to retrieve the handles of my custom scripts by using:

global $  wp_scripts; var_dump( $  wp_scripts ); 

But this is only showing me the script handles + info of all the scripts enqueued by WordPress by default. None of my custom scripts, all enqueued and working on their respective pages, is shown in the output. Why?

Job assignment where each worker handles two non-consecutive jobs

There are $ N$ workers and $ 2N$ jobs, named from $ J_1$ to $ J_{2N}$ . There’s a matrix $ M$ denoting the subset of jobs can be handled by each worker: If $ M_{i, j}$ is true, then worker $ i$ can do job $ j$ .

Our task is to assign exact 2 jobs for each worker, s.t., each job is handled by exact one worker with respect to $ M$ . (So far the problem can be solved with max flow.) Moreover, If a worker $ i$ handles job $ j$ , it can’t handle job $ j+1$ .

The problem asks:

  1. If there exists such an assignment
  2. If there is, find out a solution to $ \max_{Assignment}{\min_{i} {\left| J1_i – J2_i \right|}}$ , where $ J1_i$ is the first job assigned to worker $ i$ , and $ J2_i$ is the second job assigned to worker $ i$ . In other words, to maximize the minimum interval between two jobs for all workers.

What config file handles touchscreen gestures?

I have a Wacom companion 2. Gestures like pinch to zoom, two finger drag to pan and the like do not work in Krita. I also have Microsoft Surface pro 3, which has a modded kernel and other files by Jakeday. Gestures to pan and zoom DO WORK with the surface pro 3 and Krita. So I’m curious if touch screen gestures are configured in a specific file that I could copy and place into my Wacom Companion system to get gestures working properly. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


How does a router know which device handles calls?

How does a home router know which connected device is meant to handle a VOIP call? Is there a specific broadcast that is sent out? My home setup uses an analog telephone adapter (ATA) box in bridge mode that handles the calls and I am wondering how the router knows where to send the SIP packets since there is no port forwarding or ALG in use.

I tried disconnecting the ATA and running Wireshark to look for broadcasts being sent to the other devices but nothing showed up; perhaps the router remembers the usual device?

I found a post on another site that mentioned the “registration process” keeping a connection alive, which I assume means the ATA registers the line and from then on out the router only deals with that single connection for all things call-related (SIP, actual call/RTP data, etc.)?

Any information you can provide is appreciated. Thanks.

How to exclude usernames and handles while searching twitter

While searching twitter for rather generic terms, returned search results include bio-names and handles of users. How to filter those fields from search results?

For example: Searching latest tweets containing word ‘Squawk’ mostly returns usernames+handles containing the word ‘Squawk’ or mentioning/replying to such usernames+handles.