Can a Light Domain Cleric cast Burning Hands while carrying a shield?

I have a Light Domain Cleric who gets, as part of the Light Domain, the Burning Hands spell. Can I cast this spell while carrying a shield?

I subscribe to the idea that one physically must touch one’s thumbs together and spread one’s fingers per the spell as the somatic component of the spell. Is it reasonable to think that a Cleric with a shield strapped to their arm is able to make such a gesture and not burn their own shield?

Can I use Fast Hands to draw something from a magic item?

My DM gave me a magic little bag that has the description:

Someone holding the pouch could reach into it and speak the name of any type of nonmagical seasoning—salt, pepper, saffron etc.—and produce enough of that seasoning to apply to a single meal. This power could be used up to ten times until the pouch recovered its magic at the next dawn.

I’ve read that you can’t use an object that requires an action to use/activate, but that item does not require an action (and don’t need to get activated neither) and we’ve ruled it produces enough for a single meal, but does not requires to be applied on a meal. Wich means it’s basically the same thing as taking an item from a Bag of Holding.

I wanted to be able to draw pepper as an action and a bonus action, that way I would be able throw pepper in someone’s eyes on my next turn.

Can a scholar repeat healing hands every 10 minutes?

In adventures in Middle-Earth RPG, the scholar class has “Hands of a Healer” ability: “If you can touch a creature, you may expend one Healing Die per action, instantly granting them hit points equal to 1d8 plus your wisdom modifier…If instead you tend the creature for at least 10 minutes…, then you may multiply the 1d8 by your proficiency modifier… “

My question is: Can a scholar repeat healing hands every 10 minutes, spending more healing dices?

I want Lay on Hands, but I think Paladins are campaign-wreckers and won’t play one. What are my options?

I’ve DM’d for Paladins as PCs before, and my experience is that they can unwittingly derail a campaign, even without any effort or powergaming on the part of the player. As such, now that I’m a player, I refuse to play a Paladin. I don’t want to inflict campaign-derailing sidequests just because I accidentally broke the Code and have to go on a redemption quest just to be a useful party member; I don’t want to torment my DM with at-will detect evil, like I have been tormented.

I still like the character concept and some of the abilities though; I especially like their Lay on Hands class feature. So, as a first stab at finding acceptable alternatives to the Paladin class, I was wondering if there were abilities one could acquire that work just like or very close to Lay on Hands, but without being a Paladin.

Can you use a weapon with hands and it still count as a monk weapon?

Martial arts is a monk skill where, if you are using a monk weapon, you can attack with that and also make an unarmed strike as a bonus action. Monk weapons are shortswords and simple melee weapons that don’t have the heavy ot two-handed properties. But if you use ,let’s say, a Quaterstaff with two hands, could you still make an unarmoured strike as a bonus action?

Artificer Eldritch Cannon and hands

The artificer class allows for the production of an eldrtich cannon at 3rd level.

[you] magically create a Small or Tiny eldritch cannon in an unoccupied space on a horizontal surface within 5 feet of you. A Small eldritch cannon occupies its space, and a Tiny one can be held in one hand.

If a player wants the tiny cannon to ‘attach’ to there shoulder (I’m fine with the flavour of this…or wrap it’s legs around it’s wrist etc), am I correct in ruling it still occupies (for lack of a better term) ‘hand slot’.

For example:

1) If the artificer has a Sheild in one hand and has this eldritch cannon on their shoulder, then would they no longer have a free hand to perform a spell casting that requires somatic components? Hold tools?

2) Would it be considered “worn or carried” with regards to being able to move with you?

Thanks! L

Do any action traits indicate that free hands are required?

What action traits or tags, especially for spells, require the user to have a free hand (if any)?

I am asking because I was caught by surprise to this answer to a question regarding lay on hands and how many free hands it required. Specifically that the somatic trait – which as I understand it means physical movement, such as hand gestures – does not in fact require a free hand.

N.b. I am the GM.