What happened to Irony Games’ tools?

About five years ago, there used to be a site called Irony Games that hosted a variety of useful map generator tools (Non-functional list of tools shown here). Have these tools ever been re-hosted elsewhere or are they lost forever? A quick Google search found a lot of dead ends.

Here’s a sample of what two villages and an inn (for example’s sake) were like–click for larger images. (With thanks to user DustScribe for scanning their old printouts!)

village1 p.1 village1 p.2 village2 p.1 village2 p.2 inn

[ Politics ] Open Question : If the USA had its own unlimited oil supply and made all its own products would the coronavirus pandemic not have happened?

China and oil sheiks are able to manipulate the USA because of the USA’s extreme dependence on chinese factory workers and oil. I am saying that china is able to manipulate the USA with a fake pandemic. China depends on oil from the middle east so oil sheiks can manipulate the USA through china. The coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. 

What happened to disease in D&D 5e?

In the Player’s Handbook, disease is mentioned in the Petrified condition’s description (‘the creature is immune to poison and disease’), but there is no Diseased condition to be found, nor is disease even listed in the book’s index. Is the idea that every disease is unique and so there is no ‘general’ condition to cover it?

Is there a spell that allows you to divine what happened “here”?

My Queen walks into a room full of bodies. One survivor, a small noble she’s never met before, tells her a story about what happened to the prisoners she expected to find here. Fortunately, she’s a skilled Diviner. Is there a spell other than Speak with Dead she could use to figure out what happened in this room in the last, say, 10 minutes?

If not, the correct answer is obviously “no”, but if you happen to be aware of a feature – for player characters or monsters – that does something comparable, please let me know.

In this case I’m the DM and the Queen is a DMPC. I am aware that I could easily make something up myself, so only answers on official, published content please.

How do I set up reminders/alerts to follow up on events that already happened

I am creating a calendar for our EAP to enter when a significant event occurs involving an employee/s. And they want to be able to set reminders to check in with that employee at different intervals, say in 3 days, 2 weeks, 1 month etc. from when the event happened.

The OOTB recurrence setting in the calendar events doesn’t allow for picking random dates, which would work fine if anyone can enlighten me as to how to do that. And I can’t seem to find anywhere that shows how to create reminders that aren’t at regular intervals or that happen after an event took place not before it.