What happened to ShoutKey?

Shoutkey was a URL shortener where the short URLs were temporary and of the form shoutkey.com/word where word was a short, easily memorable/pronounceable/spellable English word.

This service was very useful when trying to share a long URL with a roomful of students, for example.

It’s been offline for a while now, and seems to be discontinued permanently, even though Crunchbase still lists them as active (as of this writing).

Is there someone here who knows the reason(s) why the site went down? For example, was it legal issues with being unable to police where the links went, lack of sufficient revenue model(s), lack of defense against DDOS attacks, or personality issues among management?

It would be good to learn from their experience so as to not repeat the same mistakes, especially if the issues are inherent to the service that was offered.