Legacy cross-compilation functionality unexpectedly vanished—how can I figure out what happened?

I am developing in a very restricted environment. For bureaucratic reasons, I need to do the following:

(1) Compile an executable on Windows for a Linux target;

(2) Do so without installing new software or packages;

(3) Do so via Cygwin command terminal.

These are fixed constants that I absolutely cannot change.

Previously, for reasons I can’t explain, Cygwin defaulted to compiling for a Linux target, and I was able to maintain this process without issues. Researching the issue, I am unsure how it wound up defaulting to this behavior.

However, earlier today, I introduced a coworker’s script to streamline my build process, putting the CMakeFiles and CMakeCache.txt in a build directory rather than in my project folder. As a part of this, my original CMakeFiles and CMakeCache directory were lost.

I then attempted to manually export a CC and CXX path to a compiler for compilation, trying every *gcc.exe and *g++.exe executable I could find on my computer. I am aware that most, if not all, cross-platform compilation tools label cross-compilation executables with Linux in their name, but no such files were found in any Cygwin drive locations.

I have additionally logging out and having another user log in to try and build, but this had the same results.

I tried restoring what CMakeFiles and CMakeCache files were still in the recycle bin, but reusing those proved ineffective.

What I know:

  1. There is a /opt/gcc-tools/ directory in Cygwin that does not contain a gcc executable, but during the initial installation of the project into the system, someone was messing around with it. There are no other installed files or programs in the /opt/ directory.

  2. Setting the CC and CXX paths back to null cause CMake to default to /usr/bin/cc and /usr/bin/c++. There are no linux versions of these files.

  3. MinGW is installed, and I am unsure if it’s related to cross-platform weirdness.

  4. There are various LINUX-{GNU/INTEL/CLANG}.cmake files in the usr/share/cmake/modules/platform section of Cygwin. These are probably just used for checking cross-compilation, but if they can be edited to get things working I would have no objections.

My build.sh file looks as such:

export CC=/usr/bin/gcc.exe export CXX=/usr/bin/gcc.exe  pushd build > /dev/null  cmake .. make all install -j8   popd /dev/null 

and previously was a simple

cmake . make 

without install or -j8

I realize that this is a difficult issue to debug without access to a terminal and the system. My one goal is to get cmake to once again spit out a.out files rather than a.exe files. Hopefully, this will shed some light on how the system ever worked in the first place in the process.

how to get the custom page event happened data to observer in magento 2?

I have custom module observer in Magento 2

<event name="controller_action_postdispatch_mpquotesystem_sellerquote_quoteedit">         <observer name="webkul_mpquote_sellerquote_managequote_after_observer2" instance="Webkul\Mpquotesystem\Observer\Sellerquoteupdateafter" />     </event> 

after the event happened I want the details of the page – data


how I can do this

Like this — if I create order observer – getting an order in the observer

What happened to the sound profiles that were in Lollipop?

I recently bought a new phone to replace my old one. The old phone is running 5.1 (Lollipop) and has “Predefined [sound and notification] profiles” (see screenshot). However, there seems to be no equivalent in 8.0.0 (Oreo), and as a result this new phone has been sitting on my desk all but unused for almost a month now.

Searching around it would seem I have to install some overly convoluted app with features I don’t need (or want) to achieve the same result, but that can’t be right, can it?

I don’t think I need to explain what I want to accomplish, but in case I do and in case my twice-daily routine triggers someone to suggest an even better solution: I have one email account (of four set up in a third-party mail app) that I need to alert me 24/7. Nothing else needs my attention 24/7. So every time I go to bed I turn off notifications for the other three email accounts, turn off notifications for the phone, turn off notifications for text messages, turn off notifications for BBM, turn off notifications for a VoIP app and set my sound profile to “sleep”. The sleep profile has all sounds and vibrations turned off so that, other than the very occasional sufficiently important incoming email, my using the phone won’t disturb my wife. In the morning I reverse all of that.

I’d be happy with just having the sound profiles back — the twice-daily routine is a bit tedious and ridiculous, it seems to me, but it’s not that onerous — so that’s the main thrust of this question. Thanks.

Screenshot of “Sound & notification” profiles in Lollipop:

Screenshot of "Sound & notification" profiles in Lollipop

When I turned on my MacBook Pro I got the following pop up message. Can you explain why this happened?

I got the following pop up message on my MacBook Pro: “A program tried to load new system extension(s) by “AVG Technologies CZ,s.r.o.” If you want to enable those extensions, open Security & Privcy System Preferences.” I just clicked “OK”. I don’t understand why I got the message in the first place.

What Happened To Exoclick?

I am using their ads on a new site (non-adult) and their CPM rates for Tier 1 countries are non existent. The attached image are stats from yesterday. Clicks and impressions from the United States aren't counted at all. Impressions from the UK and Canada aren't counted either.

Clicks on banners used to increase the CPM rate a little bit. This is total garbage. View attachment 239672

I have no idea what happened. All purple photo!

So, here’s the result of an Iphone photo I took in New Year’s Eve. I didn’t realize how bad the photo was until it was too late. For some reason (which i’m looking for an explanation), the photo got all purple(d). The hanging light were blue, the dress white, the rocks at the background very brown, the place had a descent light… It was supposed to be a beautiful photo but i got that. Can someone explain to me what probably happened? And what should I do in this case to get the colors correct? Should I pay someone? Any tips are welcome.

Att Daniel Figueiredo

enter image description here

Whatever happened to Mind Storm Labs and Alpha Omega?

Back in 2008, Mind Storm Labs released Alpha Omega, which was a really unique RPG. My group had a lot of fun with it, until we managed to find some flaws and totally break the system. Even with that, we might have tried to patch it, but the developers suddenly vanished and the community dried up.

Now I’m wondering what happened to them. Why did they vanish? Was there any explanation/commentary/retrospective from the authors? Did someone die? Even a statement like “we tried, but it wasn’t a success and we had to go back to our day jobs” would be some kind of closure.