What happens if an elf and a giant have a child?

I wonder what species would come out if an elf (any kind) and a giant would have a child. Which species would it belong to? What would be the appearance of it? Is it even possible?

To clarify my question, let’s assume the game is any edition of Dungeons and Dragons. I would like to know if the child would have powers from both its parents, and how to balance such powers.

Possible examples from the past lore, or information about how it’s already done would be appreciated.

What happens when the new UA Bait and Switch Maneuver is used on a grappled ally?

The recent Unearthed Arcana Class Feature Variants includes the Bait and Switch Fighter Maneuver (page 5) which states:

When you’re within 5 feet of an ally on your turn, you can expend one superiority die and switch places with that ally, provided you spend at least 5 feet of movement. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks […]

The grappled condition states:

The condition also ends if an effect removes the grappled creature from the reach of the grappler or grappling effect, such as when a creature is hurled away by the thunderwave spell.

Assume a monster with a 5-foot reach is grappling an ally and the Fighter is adjacent to the ally 10-feet away. What happens if the Fighter tries to use Bait and Switch on the grappled ally?

For a picture format, F is the fighter, A the ally, and M the monster


What happens at the moment I no longer meet multiclass prerequisites during gameplay?

Suppose I’ve got a multiclass fighter/cleric with both wisdom and strength of 16. Nice.

I fall victim to a shadow’s strength drain attack. Not nice. I roll a 4 and lose 4 points of strength.


I no longer meet the prerequisite for my multiclass. Do I lose my fighter class features until after my next rest, when that strength comes back?

What happens when it’s time to level up and I no longer meet a multiclass prerequisite?

Suppose I’m playing a multiclass fighter/druid (because that’s how I Range). I’ve got both Wisdom and Dexterity above 13, but Strength’s only 10.

I annoy an efreet, who uses wishes to reduce both my Wisdom and Dexterity to 12. (Because my GM’s a lawyer and knows that I care about the rules, and that this will tie me into knots.)

It’s time to level up, and I don’t meet the prerequisite for either of my classes. Probably don’t meet the prereq for any third class, since I was so focused on Wisdom and Dexterity! Am I stuck until I otherwise raise a stat?

When calculating PSSUQ scores, what happens with NA answers?

PSSUQ (Post Study System Usability Questionnaire) is a post-task measurement tool which is used to assess system’s usability. Current, third version has 16 statements. Each statement has a likert scale from 1 (strongly agree) to 7 (strongly disagree). Each statement also has NA (not applicable) option.

PSSUQ has an overall score which is calculated by averaging the scores given to statements.

User strongly agrees on every statement, PSSUQ overall score is therefore 1.

PSSUQ also has sub-scales for system usefulness (SysUse), information quality (InfoQual) and interface quality (IntQual). Their scores are calculated as:

  • SysUse: averaging scores of statements 1 to 6
  • InfoQual: averaging scores of statements 7 to 12
  • IntQual: averaging scores of statements 13 to 15.

But how should I handle statements that user thinks are not applicable? Do they get the value 0 or do I just ignore them from the calculation? For example in IntQual which has only three statements if NA gets the value 0:

User strongly agrees on two statements and one statement does not apply, IntQual score is 0,667.

If NA is discarded:

User strongly agrees on two statements and one statement does not apply, IntQual score is 1.

What happens if a 2nd-level spell appears in (or is added to) a character’s spell list as a 1st-level spell?

In the latest Unearthed Arcana: Class Feature Variants, one of the [many] included additions/changes is the addition of a few spells to the Ranger’s spell list. One of these changes is to add the 2nd-level spell, Aid, to the Ranger’s spell list as a 1st-level spell.

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that this isn’t just an obvious typo in playtest material, and actually constitutes a serious, intentional design decision:
How would this be adjudicated? Would Rangers be able to cast the Aid spell using only a 1st-level spell slot?

What happens if you apply Practiced Spellcaster to a prestige class?

Say you’re a 14th-level Sorcerer with 1 level in Archmage who then goes Fighter. You take Practiced Spellcaster (CA p.82) to boost your Sorcerer CL, and then later take it again to boost your Archmage CL.

Since Archmage inherits its spellcasting from Sorcerer, does this mean that at character level 20th, your caster level for everything is 14+4+1+4=20, so even though you don’t know 8th/9th-level spells, your Delayed Blast Fireball deals its full 20d6 (for example)?

Redirecting – Nothing happens ??

I have WordPress blog on my site. Recently Made entire site run on WP that replaced an old, outdated site. Not sure if I did it properly but now I have 2 WordPress installations.
That is fine but I want to permanently redirect some post to new main site pages.
mysite.com/blog/post to redirect to mysite.com/newpage
I tried using cpanel and nothing happens. I tried use a WP plugin and nothing happens.
Any ideas. I believe my posts are cannibalizing my seo…

Redirecting – Nothing happens ??