How do I get my Plex media server/Plex to find my external hard drive?

I will start off my saying I know there are many questions on this subject (just not my specific situation) and I thank you all for your help. Lets start from the beginning. I am brand new to ubuntu (I just installed Ubuntu to an old aspire laptop that I want to make a dedicated plex server). With this computer, I have a Toshiba hard drive with multiple personal files in it that I don’t want on Plex but a couple that I do. Also, just an FYI, I do have a folder in the hard drive called “Plex” and a couple sub folders that I want to use on plex (“kain” and “rob”). Now, I do understand some basics of this new OS. I know the 3 groups of users and allowing them to either read, write, or execute and Know that there is a need to mount (even if im not 100 percent sure how to). Finally, my plex is not seeing my hard drive. The computer sees it and it pops up on desktop but plex will not see it at all. From my research, I belive it has to do with permissions (which is a whole another monster lol). Also through research I found a few comments that seem to fit what I needed to do. I have attched a screenshot of what I did. EDIT:Apparently I cannot post a pic yet so I’m gonna copy paste what “SamWN” wrote:

“You have to make sure that the user plex has access not only to the drive, but the folder that the drive is mounted in. After a lot of tinkering I wound up going this route:

Edit the Mount Options (Disks -> “More Actions” (the two gears under the “Volumes” map) -> Edit Mount Options) such that:

nosuid,nodev,nofail is in the area for storing the options in the /etc/fstab file (the textbox under “Symbolic Icon Name”)

and set the Mount Point to be:

/media// and remount your HDD so that it will appear in the specified location.

Next, give all users on the computer read access to the drive by going to the Terminal and enter:

sudo chmod go+rx /media// sudo chmod go+rx /media//”

When it says:

“and remount your HDD so that it will appear in the specified location.”

I am not sure what they means.

Now, I did get up to : “sudo chmod go+rx /media// ” But when I put in ” sudo chmod go+rx /media/// ” it tells me that there is no file named that so nothing was done.

Well folks, thats where I am 😬😞. If I need to check permissions I don’t know the commant fyi. Again, thank you for helping this poor noob. I’m startimg to wonder if I should do another OS that might be better to use for Plex. I have tried to find info all yesterday. I tried I really did lol. Thanks.

Practical hard 3-sat instances

The $ 3-SAT$ problem is known to be NP-complete problem. Which means that (as far as I understand), unless $ P \neq NP$ , for every algorithm $ A$ which decides $ 3-SAT$ , $ A$ runs in super polynomial time (I know that this is not well defined). A stronger assumption is the “Strong Exponential Time Hypothesis ” which states that every algorithm has to run in worst case exponential time.
Does that mean, for example, that every algorithm $ A$ (here I refer to a “real” or practical implementation, such as Glucoses, DPLL, Z3, etc.), has an instance of size, say 200, which $ A$ will not be able to solve in a reasonable time? I see many sat solvers solving formulas with millions of variables in very short time; and I am aware of subsets of $ 3-SAT$ which are easy, such as Horn clauses, or a random instance with a known density – but it seems that these solvers work amazingly fast without any assumptions on the input.
I have searched for Sat benchmarks, or instances which should be hard, but when running them on a modern sat solver, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.
It is known that complexity assumptions (or claims) are about the asymptotic behavior, my question is: do we know for which $ n_0$ these assumptions “kick in” in the case of $ 3-SAT$ ? Can we generate, or at least be confident of the existence of a relatively small formula ($ < 200$ ), such that every algorithm requires $ \sim2^{200}$ operations?

Just installed LVM Raid 1 on a new server with 2x 10Tb hard drives and the Disk I/O is killing everything else every second

I copied a bit of data on my LVM based RAID1 (not hardware RAID) with 2× 10Tb hard drives:

/dev/mapper/users-users  9.1T  1.9G  8.6T   1% /home 

and now it’s killing my I/O to the point where my mouse, keyboard, video are blocked/unblocked/blocked/unblocked…

I’m thinking that maybe something is wrong at the hardware level but wondering what that could be. Wondering what to test first to try to make a better diagnostic.

I have another 2 drives in the same drive array but they are not setup in RAID mode.

Looking at the output of iotop it tells me that there is about 2Mb/s written to disk, a pretty much permanent write… When I look at the Disk LED, I can see them come up and out over and over again and can hear the seeking heads too.

Trying to watch a video, it fails really bad. Choppy would not even be the word here. It’s like one image every other second if even that much. So a really big I/O killer for the entire computer.

Wondering whether someone would have encountered such a problem before and what can be done to fix it if possible (I certainly hope it is possible!)

My motherboard is a Supermicro X11DPH-T and I also got a case from Supermicro the 745BAC-R1K28B2 4U Full Tower Chassis. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The server is new and so is the install (i.e. not an upgrade from 16.04 or who knows what…)

Would there be a way to know whether a specific hard drive or some other hardware device is causing the trouble?

Third monitor works on live CD, but not from Hard drive

I’ve tried and failed to get a third monitor working on my Dell Precision tower 7910. It has two Nvidia Quadro K5200 graphics adapters, though when I originally installed Ubuntu 18.04 last week it only had one of the two inserted.

lspci can see both adapters:

$   lspci | grep VGA 03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK110GL [Quadro K5200] (rev a1) 04:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK110GL [Quadro K5200] (rev a1) 

I’ve installed the recommended NVIDIA proprietary drivers:

Software & Updates Screenshot

AT this point, several hours in, I’ve tried just about everything that I feel comfortable attempting following several forum posts.

Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to install Timeshift beforehand and I have been able to revert back to a working snapshop (though only with two monitors) each time things went south.

The last time I reverted back, I noticed that my live USB stick was able to recognize and display all three monitors. [shrug]

Any thoughts or suggestions?

install a second hard drive with ubuntu alongside windows 10

I currently use a computer with one hard drive where windows 10 is installed. I would like to put a second hard drive into my computer with ubuntu installed on it, and choose in which OS I would like to boot when starting my computer. Ubuntu is already installed on the second hard drive but is not in the computer yet.

My question is : Do I have to configure anything, or can I just put the second hard drive in my computer, and when I will turn it on again my screen will ask me automatically in which drive I want to boot ?


Can I create a bootable hard drive with other files in it?

I’d like to install Ubuntu on a laptop and all I have is an external hard drive with some free space but also a lot of important files in it.

Is it possible to create a bootable hard drive (I guess from an ISO) without deleting the other files on the drive ?

I found this guide to follow, but I guess I’ll lose all my files on the hard drive if I go that route.

Also I guess that whether I use a bootable USB key or an external mechanical USB hard drive makes no difference (I have no USB “key”, just a big mechanical external drive).

Do you find creating good Facebook/Instagram ads for low cost hard?

I have talked to many businesses who advertise on Facebook and unless you have large budgets, we all face a bunch of problems.

Especially because of ad fatigue, we need to keep creating new ads and I've either found the options to be DIY tools like canva, or agencies which are far too expensive.

So I'm working on a solution for e-commerce businesses to get great social ad creative (images and videos) from expert creators at a reasonable price!

Do you want a free Starbucks coffee voucher?…

Do you find creating good Facebook/Instagram ads for low cost hard?

During reboot my screen goes black, how long should I wait before hard reset?

For whatever reasons I need to reboot my laptop every 5 days now. Normally it is suspended/resumed a couple/few times a day. Sometimes during reboot my screen goes black for a long period. How long should I wait before performing a hard reset (holding power button down for 10 seconds)?