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Twitter Hashtags

Hi, Twitter virgin here :). Can anyone pls explain how the hashtags work on there? I have also noticed people use them on Facebook too presumably to link back. Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks :)

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Post MicroBlog message which includes Hashtags – InsufficientPermissions Error

I have a webpart in the master page which uses a jscript file to perform microblogging operations. This webpart has similar features like OOB NewsFeed part. There is no problem if I create a post which includes Mention, Url SocialData items, but if the message contains a Hashtag, the following exception is occured.

Microsoft.Office.Server.Social.SPSocialFeedManager.CreatePost: Microsoft.Office.Server.Microfeed.MicrofeedException: InsufficientPermissions : ( Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) ) The current user is not authorized to perform the operation.

I tried the code example which is found in MSDN and got same exception.

// Ensure that the SP.UserProfiles.js file is loaded before the custom code runs. SP.SOD.executeOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(PublishPost, 'SP.UserProfiles.js');  // Declare global variables. var clientContext; var feedManager; var resultThread;  function PublishPost() {      // Initialize the current client context and the SocialFeedManager instance.     clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current();     feedManager = new SP.Social.SocialFeedManager(clientContext);      var socialDataItem = new SP.Social.SocialDataItem();     socialDataItem.set_itemType(SP.Social.SocialDataItemType.tag);     socialDataItem.set_text('#hashTag');         var socialDataItems = [ socialDataItem ];      // Create the post content.     var postCreationData = new SP.Social.SocialPostCreationData();     postCreationData.set_contentText('The text for the post, which contains a {0}.');     postCreationData.set_contentItems(socialDataItems);      // Publish the post. Pass null for the "targetId" parameter because this is a root post.     feedManager.createPost(null, postCreationData);     clientContext.executeQueryAsync(PostSucceeded, PostFailed); }     function PostSucceeded(sender, args) {     $  get("spanMessage").innerText = 'The post and reply were published.'; } function PostFailed(sender, args) {     $  get("spanMessage").innerText = 'Request failed: ' + args.get_message(); } 

It works if I use this code in “MySite” collection.

What should I configure to send messages including hashtags in other site collections?

YouTube hashtags don’t appear on top of title if alocation is set

Usually when adding hashtags to the video description, these tags will appear on top of the video title:


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCs9OEMfd2Q

However, when adding a location in the advanced settings, the tags are removed from the usual location space above the video title:


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhQ9vd4A_JI

I could not verify that this is documented behavior.
Is there any way to have both, location and hashtags above the title ?

how to extract hashtags with gsub in r

Hi I would like to extract only hashtags from tweets with gsub . For example

sentence = tweet_text$  text 

And the result is "The #Sun #Halo is out in full force today People need to look up once in awhile to see", \n "inspired #YouthStrikeClimate #FridayForFuture #FridaysFuture #ClimateChange", \n "Multiple warnings in effect for snow and wind with the latest #storm Metro"

What I am trying to get is only #Sun, #halo from the first one. \n #YouthStrikeClimate, #Friday~~ from the second one. #storm From the last one.

I tried to do this with

sentence = gsub("^(?!#)","",sentence,perl = TRUE) or  sentence1 = gsub("[^#\w+]","",sentence,perl = TRUE) 

whatever. I already deleted useless words like Numbers or http:// so on

How can I extract them with using gsub?