Post MicroBlog message which includes Hashtags – InsufficientPermissions Error

I have a webpart in the master page which uses a jscript file to perform microblogging operations. This webpart has similar features like OOB NewsFeed part. There is no problem if I create a post which includes Mention, Url SocialData items, but if the message contains a Hashtag, the following exception is occured.

Microsoft.Office.Server.Social.SPSocialFeedManager.CreatePost: Microsoft.Office.Server.Microfeed.MicrofeedException: InsufficientPermissions : ( Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) ) The current user is not authorized to perform the operation.

I tried the code example which is found in MSDN and got same exception.

// Ensure that the SP.UserProfiles.js file is loaded before the custom code runs. SP.SOD.executeOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(PublishPost, 'SP.UserProfiles.js');  // Declare global variables. var clientContext; var feedManager; var resultThread;  function PublishPost() {      // Initialize the current client context and the SocialFeedManager instance.     clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current();     feedManager = new SP.Social.SocialFeedManager(clientContext);      var socialDataItem = new SP.Social.SocialDataItem();     socialDataItem.set_itemType(SP.Social.SocialDataItemType.tag);     socialDataItem.set_text('#hashTag');         var socialDataItems = [ socialDataItem ];      // Create the post content.     var postCreationData = new SP.Social.SocialPostCreationData();     postCreationData.set_contentText('The text for the post, which contains a {0}.');     postCreationData.set_contentItems(socialDataItems);      // Publish the post. Pass null for the "targetId" parameter because this is a root post.     feedManager.createPost(null, postCreationData);     clientContext.executeQueryAsync(PostSucceeded, PostFailed); }     function PostSucceeded(sender, args) {     $  get("spanMessage").innerText = 'The post and reply were published.'; } function PostFailed(sender, args) {     $  get("spanMessage").innerText = 'Request failed: ' + args.get_message(); } 

It works if I use this code in “MySite” collection.

What should I configure to send messages including hashtags in other site collections?

YouTube hashtags don’t appear on top of title if alocation is set

Usually when adding hashtags to the video description, these tags will appear on top of the video title:



However, when adding a location in the advanced settings, the tags are removed from the usual location space above the video title:



I could not verify that this is documented behavior.
Is there any way to have both, location and hashtags above the title ?

how to extract hashtags with gsub in r

Hi I would like to extract only hashtags from tweets with gsub . For example

sentence = tweet_text$  text 

And the result is "The #Sun #Halo is out in full force today People need to look up once in awhile to see", \n "inspired #YouthStrikeClimate #FridayForFuture #FridaysFuture #ClimateChange", \n "Multiple warnings in effect for snow and wind with the latest #storm Metro"

What I am trying to get is only #Sun, #halo from the first one. \n #YouthStrikeClimate, #Friday~~ from the second one. #storm From the last one.

I tried to do this with

sentence = gsub("^(?!#)","",sentence,perl = TRUE) or  sentence1 = gsub("[^#\w+]","",sentence,perl = TRUE) 

whatever. I already deleted useless words like Numbers or http:// so on

How can I extract them with using gsub?

Do You Know! How Can Use Digital Marketing Company #Hashtags Effectively?

Do you use #Hashtags on social media? If not, the time has come to integrate with your technique! Hashtags have turned out to be ubiquitous in social media and consumers are just using them more (I should specify some of them use 100’s of hashtags in one post), in any case despite everything they have taken advantage of these tagged topics.

It has numerous advantages – Expands the reach of your content, opens up your messages, focuses on your audience, and numerous all the more such perks. Hashtags can be used more strategically than only for basic searches. With the tips specified below will help you to consolidate them in your social strategy more successfully.

Make it Smart and Topical

You should make hashtags which are tuned in to the present happenings from your industry and the keywords you use should convey light to your brand. In any case, it is likewise fundamental to remember, not to tap all the present happenings; a lot of brands make that mistake with expectations of increasing their presence online. But that only confuses their audiences and influences them to address which course is this brand catering towards! So recall, to be smart and topical.

It should be Interactive

Getting a point to a trend is a large accomplishment, yet if you can’t do that you can, in any case, get people collaborating with your brand through methods for a remarkable hashtag. Brands can use hashtags for things like contents and events. During your event, you can make an extraordinary hashtag and give your groups the complete low down of everything that is going on continuously which truly provokes the interest of your users and makes them lock-in. Challenges are an incredible method to expand commitment, and combined with hashtags is a story of success.

Case – Quirk ran a challenge on Twitter, with an association of digital marketing agency where they promoted the hashtag #QuikrRouteTodigitalmarketingagency. Devotees needed to use this hashtag and answer questions, where they stood an opportunity to win goes to this celebration. Because of expanded cooperation and such a unique hashtag, it was even trending on Twitter
Overusing hashtags is nearly spam

Like I specified before, your consumers are using hashtags however not every one of them. Brands are following a similar suit, #they #hashtag #every #word which will influence your brand to appear in the discussion feed, however, are most people will skip it as it influences your post to look excessively jumbled and spammy. By overusing hashtags it degrades the strength of the hashtag itself and makes every single one of the words good for nothing. With this move, it might make you lose followers/fans and influence your brand to resemble a beginner.

Expert tip – Follow the thumb manage of close to 3 hashtags per post, this rule doesn’t have any significant bearing to Instagram however that doesn’t mean you can hashtag words like #and #the on Instagram.

Illustration –audacious system design on their Facebook page, clearly didn’t get the hashtag manual they have so ineffectively used it in their post that they have hash tagged words like “Look.”

Be Relevant as much as you can

To emerge, make a hashtag particular to your business and try to showcase it alongside your social media posts. Keep your hashtag simple and not complicated so your followers/fans can use it when they are taking part in discussion with you. Remind your audiences every now and then to use this specific hashtag when they are discussing or accomplishing something identified with your brand. You can use Ritetag which is an amazing tool with regards to distinguishing hashtags on social media.
Cover several Social Media channels

This constitutes the subsequent step after creating a relevant hashtag, which should be in-sync with your brand’s esteem. To increase awareness to your hashtag, it is critical to cross advance. So the user knows when speaking with your brand they can use that hashtag, on any of the informal communities and it is only yours!

Hashtag Hijacking

A great deal of times contenders/masses hijack your hashtag and begin relaying across their messages, consequently diluting the real essence of why your hashtag was made. This thusly just confuses your audience and abandons them on cross-streets of which messages to the consumer. Amid these circumstances, you truly need to have a plan of action ready instead of simply dismissing it! The quickest thing you can do is get the greatest number of users as you can (workers, customers, followers, supporters) talking about the actual matter at that moment.

Measure and Preserve

It is vital to quantify the aftereffects of your hashtag, make use of various social media tools as with those metrics it truly gives you a chance to release the power of your hashtags. With those bits of knowledge, it will show a superior understanding of how your hashtag is performing.

Audacious systems design is an ideal arrangement to feature how your hashtag campaign visually and you can preserve the best of tweets as tributes also for some time later.
Tackling the power of hashtags is essential for your business today, so you can stay aware of the way your customers are communicating via social media. You can put yourself in front of your competitors by applying these previously mentioned tips in your social media plan.