How to make your players hate your villain, but not your game

How does one build the character of a villain such that the players (playing heroic characters) hate the villain as much as possible without detracting too much from the quality of the game?

What motivations, habits, etc should the villain have to make them particularly despicable? Should the villain be based off of the PCs in some way or is it more effective to base the villain off of some objective standard of villainy? If the former, in what way should the villain be based off of the PCs?

In order to back up your answers, please either a) provide examples of published works making use of the technique/method you recommend, b) cite real-world RPG experience evidencing the success of your technique/method, or c) cite published material on the subject supporting your position (DMGs, Academic papers, Dragon articles, blog posts, etc)

The best answer will provide unique insight into the causes behind player responses within the character-driven framework, provide critically successful example works exemplifying the particular method advocated, and provide a source where for information on the method/subject, if desired, can be acquired.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Trump Slams NYC Black Lives Matter Mural As Symbol Of Hate?

NYC is cutting Police [budget] by ONE BILLION DOLLARS, and yet the [Mayor] is going to paint a big, expensive yellow Black Lives Matter sign on Fifth Avenue, denigrating this luxury avenue,” the President objected. “Maybe our GREAT Police, who have been neutralized and scorned by a mayor who hates [and] disrespects them, won’t let this symbol of hate be affixed to New York’s greatest street,” he continued. “Spend this money fighting crime instead!” That is one thing Black Lives Matter and de Blasio have in common – their hatred of the police.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do I wake up every morning feeling depressed that Trump is president and inciting hate everywhere?

I want everyone (regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, social class, education level, occupation, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity) to get along. Trump’s presidency has divided us all, but many of us don’t realize it. I am hurt that this country made the decision it did in 2016. I want my children to grow up in a society where equality is emphasized. It sadly isn’t anymore. I’m also saddened knowing the economy is taking a slow downturn. Forecasters predict a recession by 2021. My children will have graduated college by then. I fear for their futures. Wages have remained largely stagnant and aren’t keeping pace with inflation, healthcare sucks because Trump has gotten rid of many components of ObamaCare, etc, etc. I just want Trump gone. I want to feel ok again. It’s hard not to have a full-on panic attack everyday. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : Could Dem candidate & spiritualist: Marianne Williamson convince Trumpers to give up hate & white identity politics & embrace love and peace?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. ” Marianne Williamson

Hate to keep asking so many questions :)

Still learning a lot.  I’ve tried a zillion different ways and can’t figure out how to scrape Instagram for URLS.

I have have several other bots that scrape IG with ease, but none of them saves the URL in the profile.  I was trying to use Link Extractor to feed it a bunch of IG urls and extract the links to their external sites.  I run it but it gives me zero results.  Is there any way to do this? Thanks!!

[ Family ] Open Question : I hate being different?

I’m so sick and tired of being different because so many people love to press my buttons until I snap. I do muay thai and I enjoy it, even though I’m overweight and a very late bloomer (I started it last year and I’m 23) but I’m confident with my weight. I’m learning kickboxing because I’m a different person, people love to call me a loser until I break their noses. I wished I’ve learned it at an earlier age but it’s too late now because my parents didn’t have the money to sign me up (my dad is a disabled piece of garbage and my mom has to pay rent, groceries, car insurance, etc.) Physically and tastes, pretty much mainstream. I love sports, music and stuff but I’m mentally inefficient. . When they see my true self, they try to bully me until I get pressed and then I snap, especially at work. Whenever people say “it’s your environment or the people around you, change it, get a new job, move to a new school, etc” it’s complete bulls*it. Anywhere you go, it’s the same exact thing. If you don’t know anyone in your new place whether it’s school, job, home, etc. or you’re not “popular”, then you’re going to get bullied or get into fights. When I said “my dad was a disabled P.O.S….. What I meant was he couldn’t be able to work to put me into MMA and even though I was bullied for most of my life, he didn’t even care that I got hurt or anything. Sometimes I wished I didn’t knew him because he such a P.O.S.