Content Aggregation / Headline Plugin?

I am trying to find a solution to do the following:

  1. be on an article / webpage
  2. click a browser (ideally chrome) extension
  3. input a new headline for the article
  4. plugin publishes the headline with link in a widget / page of your wordpress site

Imagine this as a way to streamline a content curation site similar to the Drudge Report or

Does anyone know a solution that would do this?

[GET][NULLED] – Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin v1.1.23.1


[GET][NULLED] – Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin v1.1.23.1

Is this a good headline and sub-headline…

Hi Guys,

This is for a weight loss product for women, I would like your opinion or suggestions on what you think about this headline and sub-headlines:

I Felt Old, Fat and Depressed

“Afraid My Husband Would Leave Me for a
Skinner, More Attractive Woman…”

Read This Special Report To Discover How I Went from Worrying About My and My Marriage Ending… To Getting a Slim, Slender Body That My Hubby Just Loves!

Thanks in advance!