Can Bluetooth “headphones” be malicious?

I received a parcel from Amazon which I did not order, addressed to me. It contained Bluetooth earphones. It may just be part of a brushing scam, but it’s got me curious.

So my question is.. Could a Bluetooth device be disguised as earphones and actually contain malware?

When attempting to connect my phone it appears as an audio device but prompts me to “Allow access to contacts and call history”.

Bluetooth headphones crashing driver

My bluetooth settings are working fine with any kind of phone. I’ve recently got a set of Ryhodi bluetooth headset and my driver goes haywire.

I’ve uninstalled all kind of bluetooth services and audio service (huge mistake, took me 1.5h to recover all the settings back into my linux) without success.

After my sound and bluetooth went back live I’ve decided to switch on this specific set of headphones ( and the problem showed up again.

In short what happens is that when I switch the Heaphones ON it tries to pair with my PC, my bluetooth keeps on losing it’s will to live and every so often (every 5-15 sec) and goes into “Please insert dongle to use Bluetooth”.

I’ve tried all of the google wisdom to manipulate pulsedaudio.serive, bluetooth.service, pavucontrol.

Any ideas where to go further? Is this cheaper-end bluetooth speakers not suitable for Linux control?

Thanks, Tom

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Bluetooth headphones buttons do not work (audio is fine though)

I’ve recently bought these pretty great headphones

I’ve also installed additional codecs from this PPA and they connect fast and well.

The only issue is that mostly the control buttons don’t do anything, volume up/down changes the internal volume of the headphones but not Ubuntu (on Android it works as expected, it’s synced) and when I push pause/play/next a big 🚫 icon shows up on the screen.

What am I doing wrong?

Buzzing sound on laptops headphones out

Laptop Dell Latitude E5540, clean install Kubuntu 18.04.3 / dual boot with Windows 10 (but same problem with 19.04, Mint or Debian 10).

With headphones or speakers plugged in laptops jack, some annoying buzzing sound appears. I followed many advises about resetting alsa, pulseaudio, adjusting modules, nothing helped.

Here is my alsa debug info.

Its not a hardware problem, because with OpenSUSE Leap 15 everything works normally except of when I unplug power cord and laptop is on battery, the annoying buzzing sound appears again.

With alsa-tools-gui I am able to override headphone output to “headphone” which fix the buzzing sound until next reboot and I break jack auto detecting in the same time, so after unplugging headphones, internal speakers dont work.

Im not demanding user, but this essential issue prevents me using linux.

Not getting the option menu when headphones plugged in

Whenever I plugged in a headphone I used to get a menu with three options.

Use the device as:   - Headphones  - Headset  - Microphone 

But I am no longer getting these options whenever plugging in the headphones. I want to use my headphone’s microphone whenever they are plugged in. To do this earlier I could choose the headset option from the menu and it would use my headphone’s mic. But now the default mic is set to the in-built mic and I have to change it every time by going to the settings. Is there a way to get back that options menu whenever headphones are plugged in? Or is it possible to automatically use the headphone’s mic instead of the in-built whenever the headphones are plugged in?

Bluetooth headphones connected but not playing audio

  • I have the Audio Technicas ANC900BT
  • They show as paired but for some reason nothing is playing,
  • it will occasionally show as connected, but then I’ll go into a youtube video and no sound will come out and then ill open the bluetooth window again and it will show disconnected.
  • I updated to bluez 5.50-0ubuntu0ppa1
  • I downloaded Pulse Audio Volume Control, and all I see for output is headphones (unplugged), but still won’t play any sound.
  • I’m out of ideas