Connect Bluetooth 4.0 Headset

I am trying to connect my bluetooth headset.

Jabra Talk 45


Bluetooth® compliance Bluetooth® version 4.0

Supported Bluetooth® profiles Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP) v1.2, AVRCP ABS only. Hands-free profile v1.6, headset profile v1.2, phone book access profile (PBAB) v1.0

Supported modes EDR (2 and 3 Mb), SCO, eSCO, sniff mode

It is not shown in the list of devices.

enter image description here

Work-around to get USB-C headset to work for calls (in Android smartphones)?

It is an interesting, albeit frustrating, phenomenon of late that manufacturers of soft- and hardware these days (including Huawei, Samsung and apparently also Google) release new products which do not function as advertized:

I use my usb-c setup for mostly listening to hi-res music, it’s annoying when I get a phone call and I have to disconnect my USB-c headphones to answer the call. Seriously Samsung needs to get there head out of the ass and fix this problem. How can every other flagship phone handle this including the OnePlus 6.


bump. So I did some bumming around. I don’t think it’s the equalizer that’s the problem. I think the phone app is incapable of routing calls through USB-C.


Google acknowledges Pixel 2 USB-C headphone adapter issue, says fix coming


It’s 2018 and USB Type-C is still a mess


How USB Type-C Has Failed Android Smartphone Users

Here’s what I’m confronted with: Huawei P10 with up-to-date software as of 3 Sep 2018, build nr. VTR-L09 and “Dialer” app/process (?) version nr. and Huawei Active Noise Cancel(l)ing Earphones 3 (cm-Q3) where sound works and calls through other apps like WhatsApp works but not through the standard telephone app. Any ideas on how to route standard phone calls through another (trustworthy…) app?

Other than finding a viable work-around all I can do is to hope that a fix will percolate through eventually through an update…

auto connecting bluedio bluetooth headset

I have a bluedio bluetooth headset with Ubuntu 18.04. I can successfully connect it and have High Quality output. But I need to manually connect to my headset every time . Whenever i turn my headset on , it instantly connects and disconnects to my pc , then i connect it again when it goes to pairing mode after a few seconds.

Below is the bluetoothctl output:

[NEW] Controller YYYYYYYYYY yigit-P50t [default] [NEW] Device XXXXXXXX Bluedio T Agent registered [Bluedio T]# trust XXXXXXXXX Changing XXXXXXXXX trust succeeded [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX ServicesResolved: no [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: no [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: yes [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: no [bluetooth]# trust XXXXXXXXX Changing XXXXXXXXX trust succeeded [bluetooth]# connect XXXXXXXXX Attempting to connect to XXXXXXXXX [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: yes Connection successful [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX ServicesResolved: yes 

Bluetooth headset delay

To start off I am not really sure if this is hardware (headphones or the phone) or android specific issue/feature. Maybe there is an android workaround for the hardware feature hence this kind of fits here the best.

Google is full of similar topics, but all I’ve seen are related to windows and not really this kind of delay.

Up until recently I’ve been using wired headphones, but I started using bluetooth ones and I hit this weird delay when using an app like Duolingo. When there is no sound for a few seconds playing there is a slight delay when the sound is actually played. Let’s say I do 5 exercises in a row and I do it very quick- no issue. Then I come to a more complex one that I need more time to do, the sound that plays after submitting an answer is slightly delayed.

When listening to music there are no issues, which would point me to believe that the headset is actually going to some sort of sleep mode when there is no audio played from the source device.

Sony Xperia M2 android 5.1.1

Headphones are Marshall Major II wireless

Do you know of a way to fix/counter-act this annoying bug/feature?

“Use Voice with Wired Headset” Notification Stops Music

I have my Moto G plugged into an AUX port in my car which plays music from the car’s speaker’s via Google Play Music. Occasionally, the music will automatically pause and a notification will popup on my phone saying “Use Voice with Wired Headset.”

If I try to hit play again, Google Play Music will show the music playing, but nothing is coming from the speakers. In order to get it working again, I found I need to kill the Google Play Music app, unplug from the AUX cable, then reconnect and open the app. The process repeats every time the “Wired Headset” notification pops up. The frequency of the notification is random when driving.

I’m guessing the phone is picking up the music from my car’s speakers and thinking it’s me trying to give voice commands. I turned off all relevant settings concerning voice commands (Settings > Accessibility; Google Assistant > Settings > Voice), but it still occurs and I’m afraid a I’m missing something.

Anyone familiar with the problem or have an idea for a countermeasure?


Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS – Other side can’t hear from headset

When i plugin headset in the jack and open any audio/video, I’m able to hear the audio being played. While when i connect to skype, bluejeans and do audio testing, i am unable to hear my own voice. Unfortunately one of my interview was messed out due to this issue. Can you please help me and let me know if you need any other details?

I’ve tried multiple links here and here as well but that didn’t helped. Volume under settings – sound – input and output are full and not mute.