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Finds a Character based on distance and health

I need to improve the efficiency of my program and, using the profiler, have narrowed the problem down to 2 key areas, but I am having trouble coming up with ways to make the program run better.

Based on my profiler’s report, it seems to be telling me that my if functions are inefficient. Whats a better way to achieve a better result?

Character* FindAttackTarget() const         {             float weakestHp = FLT_MAX;             Character* weakestEnemy = nullptr;             uint64_t weakestCharId = INT64_MAX;              //Only attack characters that are within attack range             auto& gameChars = m_pGame->m_gameCharacters;               for (size_t i = 0; i < gameChars.size(); ++i)             {                 auto& c = gameChars[i];                 if (Location.Dist(c.GetLocation()) <= AttackRange &&                     c.HP > 0 &&                     c.Team != Team)                 {                     //We want the weakest with the lowest ID number - this keeps consistent results when re-playing the same part of the game (eg. after a load game)                     if (c.HP < weakestHp || (c.HP == weakestHp && c.ID < weakestCharId))                     {                         weakestEnemy = &gameChars[i];                         weakestHp = c.HP;                         weakestCharId = c.ID;                     }                 }             }              return weakestEnemy;         } 

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Be precise to speak to your health care sincere

Vandafil Zinc and iron collectively useful resource to boom oxygen levels, produce of greater crimson blood cells as desirable as helping Vandafil circulate of bloodstream.

Be precise to speak to your health care sincere earlier than taking any above techniques.

B.: Alzheimer’s ailment brought on by means of way of testosterone deficiency with particular stipulations just like excessive degrees of ladle cholesterol.

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Sharepoint 2013 updating failure due to health usage log in mirroring mode

I have our environment setup where we aren’t using health data logging however I continue to get messages that state that the health data database is in secondary mode when attempting to update. I get all the way through 9 of 10 processes in PSConfig but it refuses to finish the updates and apply them to my farm because its trying to modify the health data database.

This question is 2 parts:

1) How does PSConfig know where the health database is located? Essentially, how is the connection string generated?

2) Do we even need to worry about this database being available in the HA system? The database wouldn’t be located on the secondary server (because its not recommended to be in HA, so when we’re on the secondary server, the database won’t be able to be found…) so will this be a problem if we have it disabled in the central administration? What happens if we don’t include it in the HA, force it to go directly to a single server, then that server is down, how will we be able to use it if we ever enable it again?

Error: An exception of type System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException was thrown. Additional exception information: The operation cannot be performed on database “SP2013_USAGE_HEALTH” because it is involved in a database mirroring session or an availability group. Some operations are not allowed on a database that is participating in a database mirroring session or in an availability group. ALTER DATABASE statement failed.

Everywhere I’ve seen just says “take it out of mirroring mode”, which is fine, but help me understand why it is this database is trying to be altered in the first place and why we shouldn’t have it in the HA system and why we don’t need to have it backed up or available in secondary mode or Disaster Recovery situation. If we don’t need it, why does it exist at all then?



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What spheres are required to turn a living person’s health into a point of usable Tass or Quintessence?

I believe Mage: the Ascension has artifacts that can be used as weapons. Each level of health destroyed by these knives is converted into a point of Quintessence.

If a group of mages were to use some kind of awakened magic – possibly a ritual – to enact a similar attack, the attack might benefit from the use of some level of Correspondence. Correspondence would allow a ritual group to target some potential victim far away.

The spheres of Life and Prime would be necessary to destroy at least one level of the target’s life and to convert it into Tass or Quintessence. Depending on interpretations of rules, the life-force might form into lumps of Tass that would stay in the victim’s body, or perhaps the Quintessence could be leeched back to the casters.

Many years ago, in 1st edition Mage: the Ascension, I knew a Storyteller who ruled that this type of spell was easy. That storyteller claimed that this type of work would just require Life 3 Prime 3, and that each success would cause a level of the victim’s health to be transferred to the caster’s Quintessence pool.

However, as time went on, various critics decried the original spell as overpowered. Some critics claimed that the spell should require Entropy. Other critics claimed that Prime could not tear the Quintessence out of any living pattern and return it in a usable form. Some of these criticisms may have been based on printed rules that were released long after 1993.

Even if this type of spell is legal according to rules-as-written, many World-of-Darkness fans would probably hate it because it allows mages to upstage vampires. If a mage can use a life-draining attack, like a vampire, the players who invested time in vampire characters are likely to object.

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