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Guest Posts on DA40+ Business, Technology, Marketing, Health Blogs

[ Mental Health ] Open Question : Would peace with Adolf Hitler have been the best option for England?

What ever did we fight the Germans for? The slaughter of our European Christian sons could surely have been avoided and Europe wouldn’t have faced the invasion it does at the moment? In May 1940 the Fuhrer offered us an excellent deal and Churchill ruined everything. Tomorrow, one of my serfs daughter a catholic is getting married and I have given them permission to use my grounds providing my groundsman can do Prima nocte with his daughters. Should be a smashing good Jove of fun.

[ Insurance ] Open Question : Is it fair that we get peanalized at the end of the year if we don’t have health insurance?

After all its our choice, why should we have to pay if we decide not to have it. Thanks Obama care. people are arguing we are required to pay car insurance its the same scenario. but I say I also have the right to walk if I don’t want to drive. I m not required insurance if I walk. if this is the case then everyone should be required to have life insurance so there is no go fund me accounts