Must a creature be able to hear the caster’s whisper to be targeted by the Dissonant Whispers spell?

Dissonant whispers says:

You whisper a discordant melody that only one creature of your choice within range can hear, wracking it with terrible pain. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw.

I initially took the first sentence to mean that the creature must be able to hear the caster’s whisper to be targeted by dissonant whispers, but now I’m not so sure.

Perhaps I’ve read it one too many times… although only one creature can hear the whisper, the spell doesn’t require that the creature must hear the whisper. Am I reading too much into this?

Can an Unconscious PC hear you?

Some spells and abilities specify that the target must be able to hear you. Is an unconscious PC (0 HP) considered a valid target?

Unconscious … An unconscious creature is incapacitated (see the condition), can’t move or speak, and is unaware of its surroundings…

For example, the Oath of the Crown Paladin has the following ability:

Turn the Tide

As a bonus action, you can bolster injured creatures with your Channel Divinity. Each creature of your choice that can hear you within 30 feet of you regains hit points equal to 1d6 + your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1) if it has no more than half of its hit points.

Can the Paladin grant hp to unconscious party members using this ability?

Freshly baked!! Super excited to hear your feedback about my new project VisitorLAB

Hello guys, I would like to talk about my new project VisitorLAB, I have been focusing on this project since last November. My tool the ultimate aim is to understand what is your visitor doing on your website.

First feature is visitor recording. I am generating videos from every session with the information of referral page, browser, city, devices etc. The second feature is heatmap, I can show you your visitors' click and mouse movements. The third feature is detection errors. One of my…

Freshly baked!! Super excited to hear your feedback about my new project VisitorLAB

How do I hear my Audient iD14 output via my headphones when I’m recording?

I’m running Linux Mint and using Audacity with my Audient iD14.

Everything works flawlessly except: I can’t hear myself via the headphones (plugged into the iD14, with the headphone button selected and the headphone volume at the proper level) when I record.

Choosing the iD14 as the output via Audacity doesn’t help.

Thanks – I appreciate your time and suggestions.

I Can’t Find My Physical Position of My Flash Memory But I Can Hear It


I don’t know if my USB is broken, but I do know that I can hear the usual notification sound when I plug it into whatever which port I decide. The problem is that I can’t find the memory, it’s invisible now. More info I can give you: I formatted it after it refused to assimilate files that I’ve tried to replace onto it. I’m confused: did I messed up my Kingston DT50 16GB flash memory drive with that formatting? Also I can’t find any drivers for it in the official site. What should I do?

See the picture. The first half is when I have it plugged – obviously PC recognized it, but it not appears to me.

enter image description here

It’d be very helpful if you tell me something.


2-step Verification No Popup only hear the sound?

The 2-step verification used to work. But today, when I sign in the account, my android device does not popup the verificaiton window at all. I only hear the notification sound, but no popup and no notification at all. This is just weird.

All special actions I did after its last working time are (1) create a second user account on android mobile (2) this is dual-sim cards mobile. I removed my primary sim card.

I am not sure if the above two actions are the cause or not. But I do hear a notification sound, but with no popup window at all.

So What is the problem? and How can I do the 2-step verification now?

Thanks a lot.

Receiver is not working during calls. Can’t hear voice without turning on speaker. Samsung A50 (Android9 Pie)

Called number getting the voice properly. Voice recording is also OK i.e. Mic is working fine. Before that receiver was working fine but Mic was having issues (called person was not able to hear my voice & I was getting his voice clearly). Headphone is also not working. Is that motherboard issue or any software related issue? Phone Model: Samsung A50 Android 9 (Pie) Version