I am suffering from severe insomnia and heavy irregular pattern of sleep

I can hardly sleep
It takes hours sometimes I am so tired I cant barely function but I still cant sleep
I tried delta music,hot milk, excercise and a ton of other stuff, yes, even counting sheep..
My local Doc does not wanna give me sleeping tablets even though my eyes are black. He is adamant he has not prescribed sleeping meds in 15 years and will not start now, so he says.

I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes in the middle of the day
sometimes I sleep for 3-4 hours sometimes…

I am suffering from severe insomnia and heavy irregular pattern of sleep

Does the Heavy Armor Master feat reduce damage twice against a mixed damage attack?

Displacer Beasts have a Tentacle attack that does 7 (1d6 + 4) bludgeoning damage plus 3 (1d6) piercing damage. Does the bludgeoning and piercing damage reduction granted by Heavy Armor Master reduce that total damage by 6 or 3? If only 3, what determines which of the two damage types is reduced?

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heavy duty metal joint for lean pipe

Our History
Ningbo Defa aluminum profile accessories Co.,Ltd. is located in the southern outskirts of Ningbo City, near Ningbo airport and seaport, very convenient for transportation. The company is about 12,000 square meters and has already invested total RMB 8,600,000 for its products and equipments in the past 10 years.
Our Factory
DFH is the mother manufacturer company of three factories: Aluminum Profile Accessories Factory, Pipe Rack System Factory and Metal Tool Factory.
Our Product
DFH specialized in producing and developing aluminum profile accessories and pipe tack systems.
Product Application
All the items made in DFH can be widely used in automation area.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
The products are mainly exported to more than 20 abroad countries and regions such as Germany, France, Italy and other European countries. We have also entrusted several agents in other countries or regions, such as Pano Metal from Turkey. DFH has won a good reputation from customers all over the world for decades of years. In recent years, to meet broad market, DFH keeps continuous innovation and broaden the market, product design, material quality, processing technology, product standards, a series of stringent monitoring processes to be perfect, to meet the requirements of our customers.
Our service
All of our products are strictly made according to international quality management system ISO9001-2000 and also inspected strictly according to customer’s requirements before delivery. We are doing our best to make sure every part sending to our customers are perfect. Any quality feedbacks after customer’s collecting the goods will be highly treated and solved by DFH side in a shortest time.
We believe that “only customer’s satisfaction can really bring DFH’s satisfaction”. Thus, our efforts starting from quotation to after-sales service will be well recorded and all suggestions from customers will be highly appreciated. We sincerely hope to establish business relationship with any one or any company on the basis of mutual benefit and equality. heavy duty metal joint for lean pipe

Mongodb heavy document vs light document operations performnace

In mongodb we can either have a schema with a single document having entire data or we can break it into multiple documents. I want to know the performance of operations like update, insert, find. What are the pros and cons in other dimensions like sharding, indexing etc.

For example,

HEAVY DOCUMENT {     "_id" : dummy_id,     "vendorId" : dummy_id,     "contractType" : "RATE_CONTRACT",     "validFrom" : dummy_date,     "validTo" : dummy_date,     "items" : [          {             "catalogItemId" : dummyId,             "prices" : [                  {                     "price" : 190.0,                     "locationSetId" : dummy_id,                 }             ],             "originalQuantity" : 0.0,             "remainingQuantity" : 0.0         },          {             "catalogItemId" : dummy_id,             "prices" : [                  {                     "price" : 66.0,                     "locationSetId" : dummy_id,                     "isFreightAdditional" : true                 }             ],             "originalQuantity" : 0.0,             "remainingQuantity" : 0.0         }     ],     "createdAt" : dummy_date,     "modifiedAt" : dummy_date,     "_class" : dummy_class" }  LIGHT DOCUMENT: {     "_id" : dummy_id,     "vendorId" : dummy_id,     "contractType" : "RATE_CONTRACT",     "validFrom" : dummy_date,     "validTo" : dummy_date,     "item" :          {             "catalogItemId" : dummyId1,             "prices" : [                  {                     "price" : 190.0,                     "locationSetId" : dummy_id1,                 }             ],             "originalQuantity" : 0.0,             "remainingQuantity" : 0.0         }     "createdAt" : dummy_date,     "modifiedAt" : dummy_date,     "_class" : dummy_class" }  {     "_id" : dummy_id,     "vendorId" : dummy_id,     "contractType" : "RATE_CONTRACT",     "validFrom" : dummy_date,     "validTo" : dummy_date,     "item" :          {             "catalogItemId" : dummyId2,             "prices" : [                  {                     "price" : 190.0,                     "locationSetId" : dummy_id2,                 }             ],             "originalQuantity" : 0.0,             "remainingQuantity" : 0.0         }     "createdAt" : dummy_date,     "modifiedAt" : dummy_date,     "_class" : dummy_class" }  

Note: here we can also further break the prices array into documents as well.

Heavy Disk and CPU usage [Kubuntu 18.04.2]

My Kubuntu desktop is seemed to have slowed down for the past two days and I don’t know why. It was fine, all my programs worked great but since yesterday the desktop runs really slowly. Applications like Dolphin (File manager) and Firefox (browser) which I use almost everyday take a very long time to load and quite often they hang along with the system which forces me to reboot the whole system. Videos playing on the browser and offline using VLC player stutter all the time and freezes quite often. I booted my computer today and left it idle for around 30 min with the KSysguard application running in the background to monitor the CPU usage. I found that after boot, my CPU usage is constant at 100% for around 10 min before it drops and is always in between 50% to 80% (this is without any application except for the system monitor running in the background). Any application that I open like Firefox, the CPU usage immediately jumps to a 100% and stays there even though the computer is idle. The RAM usage however is normal as before. No excessive ram usage noticed. I ran the ‘top‘ command in the terminal to check the load usage which is on average above 3.0 on idle (which is weird according to my father who also uses linux on his work laptop, his laptop load is under 3 most of the time and exceeds 3.0 only under heavy load). Is this a bug or some improper installation of some update? I need help. [I use Kubuntu 18.04.2 and it is updated as of 17 July 2019]

Is there any way for an adventure’s league character in the 8th season to gain heavy armor proficiency?

Is there any way for an adventure’s league character in the 8th season to gain heavy armor proficiency?

My wizard has no armor proficiencies, and the only way I found to get it was the following: Multiclass into fighter or barbarian and then gain the heavily armored feat.

Are there any other options?

Is there any way for a Half-Orc Sorcerer to get Heavy Weapon Proficiency?

I have a player playing a half orc sorcerer who’s partially in denial about his magic. Wants to be a melee fighter. Recently, the party beat a group of orcs who were putting him down for being half-human.

He wants to use the greataxe the leader was using. The weapon master feat is limited to simple and martial weapons. How can he get proficient at the greataxe, which is a heavy and two-handed weapon?

Apache prefork module. Processes not being forked under heavy load

I have an apache prefork module http server running on linux machine. The machine has 8GB RAM. I have following in my /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:

<IfModule prefork.c>     StartServers       8     MinSpareServers    5     MaxSpareServers   20     ServerLimit      512     MaxClients       512     MaxRequestsPerChild  4000 </IfModule> 

The problem is that no more child processes are getting forked after 256 and the requests are getting queued. I can see the number of child processes stuck at 256 under heavy load.

The average memory of a httpd process is aboout 3.69 MB.