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How does Window Hello protect against brute forcing?

With my Windows 10 computer, I have the option to set up a PIN with Windows Hello (I believe it’s with that program). My normal Outlook password is 15+ characters mixed with upper case and lower case and numbers and symbols, but my PIN is only a few digits. Let’s say I had an eight digit password, that’s only 10⁸ possibilities. With something like the Hak5 Rubber Ducky, I figure that’s probably trivial to crack, especially with some light social engineering/research.

I haven’t personally tried inputting a bunch of wrong PINS, but I’m wondering if someone has an official source/literature explaining the security process.

PHP hello world, problema estranho

Estou tendo um problema estranho em um simples hello world com php, utilizo o XAMPP na última versão, e ao declarar o código mais básico:

<?php echo "Hello World" ?> 

Ao invés do resultado ser um:

Hello World



E ao aplicar um segundo espaço deixando o código desta forma:

<?php echo "Hello  World" ?> 

O resultado passa a ser:

Hello World

Ou seja, o esperado inicialmente.

Não sei ao certo se é uma falha de configuração ou que seria, estou utilizando o navegador Edge, também na última versão estável disponível.

What are these semi-arbitrary, seemingly nonsensical TLS hello bytes? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Google Chrome weird random Cipher Suite 1 answer

I’m comparing two different TLS ClientHello packets sent from a single client across two requests to the same remote host. For the most part the data is as expected (no change except for the ClientRandom data). However there are six additional bytes that appear to vary in a semi-arbitrary way, in places where the values don’t seem to make any sense.

For the first packet I have:

    0x16,                             //record type (handshake)     0x03, 0x01,                       //current TLS version (1.0)     0x00, 0xC0,                       //record size     0x01,                             //payload type     0x00, 0x00, 0xBC,                 //payload size     0x03, 0x03,                       //requested TLS version (1.2)     0xC2, 0x7E, [...] 0x2E, 0xE8,     //client random     0x00,                             //session id     0x00, 0x1C,                       //cipher-suite list size     0xCA, 0xCA,                       //nonsense cipher (0xCACA)     0xCC, 0xA9, [...] 0x00, 0x0A,     //supported ciphers     0x01, 0x00,                       //compression (none)     0x00, 0x77,                       //extensions list size     0xDA, 0xDA,                       //nonsense extension 1 (0xDADA)     0x00, 0x00, [...] 0x00, 0x08,     //extensions     0x7A, 0x7A,                       //nonsense extension 2 (0x7A7A)     0x00, 0x1D, [...] 0x01, 0x00      //extensions 

The second packet is similar, but with different ‘nonsense’ values:

    0x16,                             //record type (handshake)     0x03, 0x01,                       //current TLS version (1.0)     0x00, 0xC0,                       //record size     0x01,                             //payload type     0x00, 0x00, 0xBC,                 //payload size     0x03, 0x03,                       //requested TLS version (1.2)     0x0B, 0x84, [...] 0x34, 0xB8,     //client random     0x00,                             //session id     0x00, 0x1C,                       //cipher-suite list size     0x0A, 0x0A,                       //nonsense cipher (0x0A0A)     0xCC, 0xA9, [...] 0x00, 0x0A,     //supported ciphers     0x01, 0x00,                       //compression (none)     0x00, 0x77,                       //extensions list size     0x3A, 0x3A,                       //nonsense extension 1 (0x3A3A)     0x00, 0x00, [...] 0x00, 0x08,     //extensions     0x8A, 0x8A,                       //nonsense extension 2 (0x8A8A)     0x00, 0x1D, [...] 0x01, 0x00      //extensions 

What is the significance of these bytes? And if I’m trying to perform a TLS handshake with the client, is there anything my implementation would need to do to respond to the different values or can they safely be ignored?

Hello from a Digital Nomad

My wife and I currently run our WordPress services business from our 41 Foot Class A motorhome, currently parked in Pigeon Forge, TN, Last week we were in the Badlands of South Dakota, Next week, who knows?

We love being able to work from wherever we want to go and not being constrained to the rat race of a daily commute through traffic (We lived in Atlanta prior to selling all our non-mobile possessions)

Looking forward to spending some time on this forum and getting to know some of you.

Hello from Jamaica.

I am Kemar Lee. I live in Kingston Jamaica that's in the Caribbean. I love dreaming, music, fun people, food, games, football(soccer) etc. I love forums because they help people out alot. Forums has always helped me whenever i do a search in google. Forums are awesome!

Hello everybody


My name is Bollo and I'm graphics designer and sometime music remixer because music is a big passion.
I like to transform, modify, edit and add some effects in a song and mix and remix with loops like the photos with photoshop. I use MAO software but sometime I go to the recording studio with my friend MisterDJ. We just created a website and we need information like traffic, optimization, social media, ect… So we read some topics to be better and have some discussions with other…

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