Phone Number inputs from 1 string to 3 inputs. Help!

My team is needing to change a phone number object within a form to 3 input fields instead of one string. This is turning out to potentially be slightly challenging for our team on the technical side so I thought I’d reach out to see if anyone has encountered this before or used a phone number widget in lieu of 3 separate inputs to handle country code, area code, and number? It’s clearly not a new problem but it is for my team 🙂

Help making my villain who wants to rid my D&D world of all magic [on hold]

So, who I plan on making the big bad of my current campaign (a powerful wizard who tapped into the magic of the void and is almost invincible [ofc not really cause they need to be beatable] when it comes to magic), I want to give the goal of trying to absorb and ‘delete’ all magic in the universe other than themselves, making them the sole magic user and holder. But, this is D&D and I want a huge epic final battle and it will be hard with no magic! Basically, what this villain is doing is going under the guise of this omniscient being that stops really powerful magic disasters (that they put into play) so that they can convince everyone to reject magic (all magics arcane and divine). But I just don’t know what to do to keep this idea going, I would really appreciate some help!

Need help converting template to mobile browser template.

I need little help converting this attached template file to a template which can be used in mobile browsers also.

All I need is 2 things,
1. proper font sizes so users need not zoom to read on mobiles,
If its possible, font adjusts automatically on laptop screens and does not appears too large.
What font size settings should I use?

2. and the design stretches from left to right automatically so that I can make use of available space.
I do not want the webpage to go beyond horizontal…

Need help converting template to mobile browser template.

Need help with showing information in a limited space

Well, it is my first time seeking help for user experience design, so pardon me as I am not accustomed to the proper rules.

I have an information card which shows a thumbnail for a video and below it, information about that video is displayed. The layout is basically like this,

enter image description here

Well, the difficulty is that the application allows user to add multiple number of fields and value, which means that along with video title and details. The user can add 10 more fields with corresponding values.

I was thinking of using a modal to display additional information about the video, is there any better way as I am not so sure about it.

Analysis – Help with HTaccess (noindexing PDF Files) [on hold]

I am trying to analyse a htaccess. Considering I work in digital marketing, I understand 5% of all those rules and codes.

I would like a hand on everything but what I am most puzzled about is why the code is not enough to noindex the PDF files. There is a specific piece of code about it but I am wondering whether it conflicts with something else.

Thank you Fabrizio

Why would Madam Eva help the party in Curse of Strahd?

My confusion with Madam Eva’s motives comes from the following passage in the Curse of Strahd adventure, when describing the Vistani of the Tser Pool Encampment, which Madam Eva is one of (p. 36):

So, the Vistani of this encampment are in league with Strahd, but on the other hand, on p. 37, as part of the same section on the Tser Pool Encampment, it describes how Madam Eva helps you understand how to defeat Strahd via the Tarokka reading.

The Tarokka reading is a major plot point, as I understand it, since the party cannot know where to go/look out for or how to defeat Strahd otherwise. The Tarokka reading itself is described in detail on pages 11-18.

In other words, the Tarokka reading is a major part of the story, and Madam Eva is the means to deliver this information about how to defeat Strahd to the party… and yet she’s in league with him.

How does that make any sense?

As a footnote, this is not a designer-reasons question because I do require designer commentary to answer this question (although if there is anything from a designer out there that would provide some insight into Madam Eva’s motivation and willingness to help the party, I won’t turn it away either; the main point I’m making here is that I just want to understand what is written, not to specifically seek out more from the designers).

Help! I need advice on creating a homebrew race!

Ok! I am a pretty new player!(also am new to stackexchange haha, please be gentle) I have played one campaign to completion and am in the middle of two other ones with two different groups. I’ve never made any homebrew content, and I only have a pretty basic understanding of the game from a player’s perspective.

I am looking to create a homebrew race but have no idea where to start!

-This species is a bug race with two ‘factions’ if you will. (each with a different appearance and a single special ability(silk weaving and a knack for sensing vibrations of the ground))

-I have illustrations

-I have some ideas on how their culture works

Basically: Tell me what I should know, where I should start, and any advice you have! dear lord help me

*Note because someone brought it up: I have all the time in the world, I just wanna make this as a personal side project ^^

I have a player that rolls TOO well. Is this a problem and how can I help it? [on hold]

I have been running a home D&D game for the past year now with the party consisting of 5 players; a monk, a paladin, a ranger, a wizard and a druid. The Ranger was the last person to join the game about 4 months ago, and while she has been a great player (picking up on the hints I drop towards plot, taking amazingly detailed notes, remembering to look for traps that the party never did pre – her joining, etc…), she rolls way too well on her dice.

For every 10 of her rolls, 1 is below a 16 on a D20. I know she isn’t cheating as at my table we always check each other’s dice, and I’ve had her roll with multiple sets to the same result. While having this kind of help definitely improves outcomes for the party, a few of them are feeling rather chagrined at always being overshadowed, as they all assume that whatever she rolls will be a success because it almost always is.

My group plays weekly for 4 hours/session. She has been with the group for approximately 5 months = 20 sessions = roughly 80 hours of game play where we have consistently had this. This wasn’t just “one good night” it’s been consistent. I have also heard from some other friends that she rolled the same consistently high rolls with other groups.

The real underlying problem here is that it affects the other players when they are constantly being outperformed at any task just because of dice rolls. It leaves them feeling bad about their own performance despite doing nothing wrong, and despite my reassuring them they are doing things right or well, I cant blame them for feeling bad.

I don’t think that the player should be punished for rolling too well and her character is overall balanced on paper, not would I do anything that doesn’t make sense in game world. Should I, as DM do anything about this, and if so, what suggestions do you have?