Help with view filters

I have a view using one content type: fee_schedule The view contains fields for species, keywords (hidden), and the title.

The filters need to show ALL species except when searching by keywords. The keywords field and the title field are combined using Global Combine fields filter that is exposed.

Here’s the issue: When someone uses the exposed species drop down, it works as expected. It shows the ‘All’ species and which ever species they selected. But when they put in keywords (like ‘bulk’) then it still shows All species (even though these species do not have ‘bulk’ as a keyword), along with the species that do have the keyword ‘bulk’. When searching using keywords, I need the view to display ONLY the species with the keyword. When searching by species, I need it to show the content with All species and the specific species they selected.

Here’s the link to the view:

I am using and/or filtering as follows:

Content Published: yes AND Content Type: Fee Schedule AND Global Combined fields filter exposed (title and keywords) AND Content Species (each specific species but not All)


Content Species (All is only selected)

Maybe I can’t do what I need to do using views. Any help much appreciated.

Magento 2 – Help on how to run a script on db via cron

I was looking for a solution that would disable products with no images so the catalogue is not randomised by ones that have our image place over. Looks messy.

I found this on stackoverflow, which is a script to run in the database but at the moment it’ll mean i’ll have to manually run this every day when my product feeds are imported (via cron) into the shop

update catalog_product_entity_int m left join eav_attribute a on a.entity_type_id = 4 and a.attribute_id =  m.attribute_id set value = 2 where   a.attribute_code = 'status'   and m.entity_id in     (   select m.entity_id   from catalog_product_entity m   left join catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value_to_entity a   on a.entity_id = m.entity_id   where a.value_id is null ) 


How would i go about getting this run on the database automatically by cron?

help me with these patterns

Explain what pattern each of the following examples will find:

c.  b*- d.  *b* e.  [!b]* f.  ???*- g.  *[[:digit:]]*- This pattern represents any digit 0-9 . 3.  [[:upper:]]* This command will list entries whose names have at least one upper-case letter and this can represent any number of characters (including zero, in other words, zero or more characters) 

Explain what each of the following commands will do:

a.  touch file{1..10} b.  mv file* Documents c.  mkdir Documents/{English,Math,Linux_Admin,Speech} d.  cp Documents/file[34] tmp 

Twitter Moments Vanished from tab HELP PLEASE

Hi hopefully someone out there can help

I used to love Twitter Moments on the explore tab but suddenly it’s gone without me changing any settings and now only shows trends. I’ve been trying to get it back for a couple of month now, I’ve raised a ticket from twitter no reply. I don’t know where else to search so if anyone could help I would be very pleased

Thanks Adam

Mac shell script help

I have written a very basic script to count the number of files in a folder, then if it reaches 16 files, to run an automator workflow, as below:

#!/bin/bash cd /Users/barbooths/Projects/Originals count=$ (ls | wc -l) if [ $ count = 16 ] then /usr/bin/automator /Users/barbooths/Projects/BatchRename.workflow else echo $ count fi

However when I run the shell script in terminal, it seems to run the workflow with no problem, but it throws up a load of errors:

Bars-MacBook-Pro:Projects barbooths$ ./

2019-01-15 23:35:53.636 automator[4301:378917] Cache location entry for /Applications/ in cache file at /Users/barbooths/Library/Caches/ is not valid: (null) 2019-01-15 23:35:53.636 automator[4301:378917] Cache location entry for /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/System Image in cache file at /Users/barbooths/Library/Caches/ is not valid: Location /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/System Image has been modified.

I don’t know a huge amount about scripting, so was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction??



Need excel help vlookup?

I am using a Mac: I have 3 categories of zip codes. Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3. I have a list of zip codes and I need to see easily if a zip code is zone 1,2 or 3. For example Column E holds my zip code column F has my zone listening. value is 1,2 or 3. Sheet 2 hold my zip code list but they are massive. One is 514 rows. I am currently doing this manually and it’s taking forever. Vlookup gives me an error. Realistic it would be great if it returned a value of 1,2 or 3 however if it just returned anything and I had to go through each column of zip codes would be great. I need help please 🙁

PHP Help Required ASAP

Hey folks :) I need a small bit of help with some (likely simple) PHP if/else statements in WordPress.

Basically, I have a WordPress theme with a built in ad spot. I need different ads to show on the homepage, on single posts and pages, and on category and tag pages, but my feeble attempts at if/else statements aren't working for me.

$ 10 USD to anyone that can provide a quick bit of help. PM me!