I’m a student and I need help.

I have serious problems with my studies and my Professor told me that if I do not pass three essays tomorrow, then I will have debts until next year and stay to work for the summer. This is terrible. How can I quickly solve the problem with writing an essay? It takes a long time.

Is there a standard for vibration pattern when a mobile device failed to send an alert that the user needs help?

I’ve been looking for any standards around haptic feedback of a mobile device when it tries to send out an alert for security but failed. I haven’t found any clear answers so hoping I’ll get some guidance here. 馃檪

So the app I’m designing is for the security of the user that when they find themselves in a threatening or dangerous situation, they will call for help by pressing a button on the device. But if the device couldn’t send the alert for some reason, the user should be made known that the device cant help you, it failed to send the alert.

I have checked a similar answer saying the distress signals are sent in sets of three, but this is not a distress signal, it’s a feedback that the distress signal could not be sent. Any recommendations?

Need help to find out where a code lives

I've been struggling with this issue for a few days and I can't figure it out. Basically I'm editing a WordPress site, and I'm using the inspector (either Firefox or Chrome). I have been able to play with the code on the inspector and then edit the corresponding files on the server to make the changes permanent several times, however, there's this one code that I'm having a hard time with, because I can't figure out which file it is actually located in. I can see that in some cases the…

Need help to find out where a code lives

Help! I need a link spying tool… recommendation urgently

I am Alvin a junior marketer that wants to specialize in SEO. I am looking for a tool that could spy on the links created by my competitor. I need to have a record of when the link is built and when the link is dropped. Ahrefs and Sem rush doesn't have that and its fairly inaccurate for link building. Does anyone of you have any recommendations? Any help given is deeply appreciated.

Help problem when updating libxatracker2_19.0.2-1ubuntu1.1~18.04.2_amd64.deb

I can not update this package, it always gives the same error

:~$   sudo apt upgrade Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho Creando 谩rbol de dependencias        Leyendo la informaci贸n de estado... Hecho Calculando la actualizaci贸n... Hecho El paquete indicado a continuaci贸n se instal贸 de forma autom谩tica y ya no es necesario.   libllvm7 Utilice 芦sudo apt autoremove禄 para eliminarlo. Se actualizar谩n los siguientes paquetes:   gnome-shell gnome-shell-common libxatracker2 3 actualizados, 0 nuevos se instalar谩n, 0 para eliminar y 0 no actualizados. Se necesita descargar 1.280 kB/2.131 kB de archivos. Se utilizar谩n 329 kB de espacio de disco adicional despu茅s de esta operaci贸n. 驴Desea continuar? [S/n] s Err:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-updates/main amd64 libxatracker2 amd64 19.0.2-1ubuntu1.1~18.04.2   Fall贸 la conexi贸n [IP: 80] E: Fallo al obtener http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mesa/libxatracker2_19.0.2-1ubuntu1.1~18.04.2_amd64.deb  Fall贸 la conexi贸n [IP: 80] E: No se pudieron obtener algunos archivos, 驴quiz谩s deba ejecutar 芦apt-get update禄 o deba intentarlo de nuevo con --fix-missing? 

Help (Initramfs) v1.27.2 from startup – how to fix?

“BusyBox v1.27.2 (Ubuntu 1:1.27.2-2ubuntu3.2) built-in shell (ash) Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.”

I am a novice and understand little about Ubuntu. Could someone help me and give me a more in depth explaination? Perhaps a step-by-step guide?

I worked with LibreOffice and couldnt save. I closed down all my files, restarted nicely and then this happened. Im frightened that I might lose all my 6 hours of work!!

Regards, Alexander

I’ll help you with anything related to design today

Hi friends :)

I'm a graphics artist and thought maybe I could help some fellow forum members with whatever design related help you may need, just for today :)

Need to fix an image? Convert a photo to vector? Separate an object from a photo?
A small little graphic you can't find anywhere else and you'd like me to create it?

or simply a question on how to do something on Adobe Illustrator?

Let me know what I can do, I'd love to help you today :)

Does changing DNS help prevent MITM on ISP level?

A few days ago Kazakhstan gov-t passed a law to enforce using gov-t signed SSL certificates on all https traffic on all (almost) ISPs. So when you visit https://google.com your browser will warn that the certificate is untrusted and you must have to trust or install those certificates manually.

In short, you use gov-t issued certificates to encrypt your traffic which is then decrypted again on ISP level to be then encrypted again by the original (valid) certificates before being sent to the websites you access. Which basically means ISPs can do whatever they want with your data as if you were using HTTP all along.

AFAIK, one solution would be using a trusted VPN service. However this drastically worsens the usage experience and essentially makes you trust to the VPN Provider (which majority don’t care to check).

So my question is: if I were to change my DNS to say, by Cloudflare, will it prevent my ISP from acting as a middle-man?

Edit: if it won’t help, what can I do to protect my privacy?