What counts as “helping slay an elemental” for a Ring of Elemental Command?

The various Rings of Elemental Command in the DMG (p. 190) all have basic abilities that start working as soon as you attune them, but there are other abilities that only start working if you “help slay [an] elemental” of the same type that the ring commands.

As the DM of our current campaign, I’m considering having one of these rings be available to the group, but I’m curious how strict I should be in the interpretation of that “help slay” part. Most of the scenarios I can think of boil down to a version of:

Does dominating an elemental that’s otherwise been minding its own business and having it stand between me and (subsequently get eaten by) the dragon that’s chasing me count as “helping slay” that elemental?

My inclination is that this is perfectly acceptable but I’m curious if there’s a rules clarification on what counts as “slaying” in this case.

Seeking GM advice, tricking players into helping the villian

I’m looking for a little help and guidance as I’m trying to plan out my first attempt at gm’ing.

My basic idea for a plot:
The new adventuring group in a Tabaxi town are hired by the towns mayor to solve various ill’s befalling the place. I’m planning on starting them off at LV1 and using his quests to build the players up to about 4-5.

The thing is, I want the mayor to secretly trying to destroy his own town as sacrifice to his evil deity (in order to receive a blessing and become a Rakshasa).

What sort of quests could I give to the players intermingled with ordinary quests that would eventually lead to plague, famine, invasions and various calamities that would ultimately end the town?

need helping finding ip address from a whatsapp phone number or other services like it

my wife has has a stalker for 4 years continuously making new phone numbers and she cant change the number because its for work. she works in the adult entertainment industry and this person is trying to ruin her life, and im fed up. he has been making fake reviews and fake appointments. im trying to find a way to get this persons ip address, possibly block it from sending msgs of any kind from any fake number service. i really dont know what my options are. if anyone can help i would appreciate it.

Are there any resources or forums online for helping me understand TAOCP?


I am doing an undergrad math project that involves exploring Donald Knuth’s “TAOCP, Volume 4, fascicle 6: Satisfiability”.

I am having trouble parsing some of this material.

Surely there are some online forums where different sections are unpacked or discussed or translated into Python?

I googled this but cannot find anything that helps me.


What are some online resources to help people parse TAOCP?

Surely many people have read this work before me?

Need helping building a new website

Hi im new to web development (an absolute novice really), but i am trying to build a website where people can trade a virtual asset for another virtual asset and i will then be charging them a fee for the transaction. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell where to start with something like this. Again i would really appreciate the help.

Does the Kenku racial curse prevent the Awakened Mind class feature and similar telepathy effects from helping them communicate?

A Great Old One warlock is granted awakened mind at first level — a limited form of conversational telepathy that allows communication (with range limitations) with any being that can understand at least one language.

Kenku, however, are under a racial curse that prevents them from speaking except via mimicry of sounds they’ve heard in the past (as if a talking crow or myna had the intelligence to carry on a conversation with its mimicked words). Obviously, a Kenku could be a target of this ability from another being, because they understand speech — but could the Kenku reply other than by mimicry of words and phrases he’d heard? Beyond this, could a Kenku Great Old One warlock use this ability to carry out one-on-one conversation without having to dig through his memory for words or phrases that fit the need?

Note: most upvoted vs. accepted answer here; there seems to be some conflict yet on whether awakened mind is even two-way…

Are there ways to increase your reach when helping somebody escape a net?

The Net’s description states:

A creature can use its action to make a DC 10 Strength check, freeing itself or another creature within its reach on a success.

Every way I have found of increasing your reach only increases it for attacks that you make: Reach weapons, monster attacks, bugbear’s long-limbed, the Battle Master Fighter’s Reaching Attack Maneuver, and the Four Elements Monk’s Fangs of the Fire Snake feature.
Is there a way to increase your reach used when helping somebody escape from a net?