New developer here, tips/suggestions to improving UI/UX on personal website using ReactJS [on hold]

I am an amateur web developer, and am teaching myself React. Currently, I have been building a personal website hosted on github pages –

Now my primary goal has been to make the page functional, and far as I understand, it is functional. But the page does not really “look’ or “feel” good – that is, I wouldn’t want to spend time on this site at all. I’m now working on making it responsive and improving UI/UX but am having a hard time there. As someone who has not made a website ever before I cannot conceive ideas that will make the website look appealing/aesthetic. So I was hoping for help in –

  1. As I want to complete the mobile design first, switching over to mobile view (iPhone 6/7/8) in devTools, what suggestions (font, style, colors, item-positioning, etc) do you have to make the site look more appealing to a user.

As this is a personal website, I think the essential factor is that it should be “eye-catching” but I don’t understand how to make it so. Is there any online resource/books I can study to get a better understanding of aesthetic web design? I appreciate your help in developing (no pun intended :P) a budding programmer and please do not hesitate to criticize and highlight the site’s shortcomings.

Halting problem proof is wrong, here is why

Instead of solving the halting problem, I will try to solve a less complicated problem in a similar manner.
Can we write a function that will predict if two given numerical inputs are equal. I will not create such function but, let’s assume such function can exist and we will call it H. Now we have H, a function that works and solves our problem, but let’s write another function and call it H+, a function that will negate the results of our perfectly working function.


def H(p1, p2):    #perfectly working piece of code that will solve our problem    # returns True if p1 == p2, else returns False  def H+(p1, p2):    return not H(p1, p2) 

Now when we have the code lets compare p1 = 1, p2 = 2. And let’s use the function H+, why not, it is the same function as H, a function we know works. H+ just negates the results from H. The result of H+ is True, how can it be?? we know that 1 is not equal to 2 so we have a paradox here hence proving we cannot write a function to predict if two numerical values will be equal.

Now to the Halting problem,
If I understand correctly the Halting problem was prooven in a similar way; There is a machine H that can predict if a problem is solvable. There is a bigger machine that uses H but negates its results called H+. Then if H+ is fed into H+ it will create a paradox. Of course, H+ will not work. We assume machine H is the one that will give us the right result, why do we think that H will still work the same way after modifying it and turning it into H+??
What happens if we feed H+ into H will we still have the same paradox? I don’t think so.

Noob Kubuntu/Linux user here. Need help step-by-step installation for p5.js and how to set up for it to work

I’m in desperate need help installing p5.js and making it work on my linux kubuntu os for school. I tried to look for videos on youtube on how to install p5.js on linux but failed to find anything and that fully explain how to install it.

I found this: but I struggle to understand what the poster meant to do “chmod +x” I tried to google it and got lost in it.

I’m new to linux os and have only been able to install programs using Sudo apt-get install or install programs through “app” store called Discover that came on Kubuntu.

I have no idea how to install programs using the zip-method. I downloaded the p5.js zip and unzipped it on the download folder but nothing happened… can someone please help me and provide a fully noob-proof instructions on how to get p5.js running on linux?


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