Which websites should i use to start learning the basics of AI and machine language in python? Java beginner here

i am a student that has only picked up the basics of java and object oriented programming. My school is attending a workshop on machine learning and AI based in python. I would like to know where and which websites should i start off with to get a better idea of the topics before the workshop.

There are many sites that cover AI but they do not seem to be that easy to understand due to the top down approach.

i am currently using this site https://machinelearningmastery.com/machine-learning-in-python-step-by-step/ to start with ML. Any recommendations that might be useful for beginners to start?

SharePoint Intranet – DNS pointing here?


We are currently using a very old intranet that is hosted on one of our internal servers. I’ve designed a SharePoint Online intranet that looks a lot better, plus it’ll feature a lot more communication and collaboration. We want to start using the new SPO intranet but the main obstacle to adoptability.


When users in our organization type in, for example, gnet into their browser of choice, they are automatically redirected to http://gnet/. This provides an extreme ease of access which is great. However, if users were to access our SPO site, they’d need to login to their O365 accounts.

Is there a way to discontinue the old gnet, use that same domain/URL and redirect them into our SharePoint Online intranet? I’ve looked at several solutions online and couldn’t find anything concrete. The alternate access mapping feature isn’t available for SPO from what i’ve discovered. Would anyone have any ideas?? It would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone here have any idea about this company? [on hold]

Our company is dealing with a security project.I’m in charge of the project. We need to complete the project by next month. We are in urgent need of some circuit boards for the completion of the project.

I have googled about the circuit board manufactures in Toronto and found some of them. I noticed about this circuit board manufacturing services in Toronto. Does anyone here have any idea about this company? If yes, please do share your experiences.

Any one to help with a solution for this task here? [on hold]

John is a famous shopkeeper who sells n items in her shop. She assigns each item a unique popularity rating in the inclusive range from 1 to n.

The shop only has one shelf, so the items are displayed array-style in a single row spanning from left to right in a random order. He wants to rearrange the items on the shelf by decreasing popularity rating such that the rating for the i item is always greater than the popularity rating of the (i + 1) item. Mary can swap any two items, i and j, in a single operation.

Specification minimumSwaps(ratings)


ratings: Array – an array of numbers indicating the popularity rating of each item on the shelf.

Return Value

Number – denotes the minimum number of swap operations Mary must perform to order all n items by decreasing popularity rating.


n = number of items in ratings array

each rating value ( arri ) will be unique

1 ≤ n ≤ 2 × 105

1 ≤ arri ≤ n

// Here is my solution to the problem above but does not pass the tests

function minimumSwaps(ratings) {     var swaps = 0;     for (var i = 0; i < ratings.length; i++) {         for (var j = i + 1; j < ratings.length; j++) {             if (ratings[i] == ratings[j]) {                 ratings[i] = ratings[i] + ratings[j];             } else {               swaps = swaps + 1;             }         }     }    return swaps; }  minimumSwaps([4, 3, 1, 2]); 

How long should I wait for an answwr on here?

How long should I wait for an answer to my question 18.04.2 authentication error on here, and in the meantime is there anything I can do to make it more answerable?

I’ve already included a fair bit of detail so afraid adding more might overwhelm potential responders and discourage them, but would very much welcome dialogue about editing my question if that might help.

Thanks, + John

here is my code! and it works but I’m not sure if it’s written right so I want some feedback

I wrote this code and it works but I’m really not sure if it’s written without any weird parts. So I want your feedbacks. I will really appreciate all your comments. thanks!

Operation description : the questions are being showed in the console tap with player’s score. it’s questioning by prompt continually until the prompt input gets ‘exit’. If the answer for each question is right then player’s scores are counting up. but if not then it shows the same question over and over until the answer is right.

var Question = function(question,answers,correctAnswer){   this.question = question;   this.answers = answers;   this.correctAnswer = correctAnswer; } Question.prototype.score = 0; Question.prototype.playersAnswer;  Question.prototype.logAll = function(){   console.log(this.question);   for(var i = 0; i < this.answers.length; i++){     console.log(i + " : " + this.answers[i]);   } } Question.prototype.askQuestions = function(){     Question.prototype.playersAnswer = prompt(this.question); } Question.prototype.checkIfRight = function (){   if(this.correctAnswer === Question.prototype.playersAnswer){     console.log("Correct Answer!");     Question.prototype.score++;     Question.prototype.logScore();   }   else if(Question.prototype.playersAnswer === "exit"){return 0;}   else {     console.log("Wrong! Try again :)");     Question.prototype.logScore();     return 'w';   } } Question.prototype.logScore = function(){   console.log("Your Score : " + Question.prototype.score   + "\n---------------------------------"); }  var q1 = new Question('What is the name of the course\'s teacher?',['John','Baek','Jonas'],'2'); var q2 = new Question('Is JavaScript the coolest language in the world?',['Yes','No'],'0'); var q3 = new Question('What language are you gonna learn about after?',                       ['C++','C','Java','Python','Node.js'],'4'); var questions = [q1,q2,q3]; function init(){   var n = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3);   questions[n].logAll();   questions[n].askQuestions();   questions[n].checkIfRight();  }  do {   var n = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3);   questions[n].logAll();   questions[n].askQuestions();   while(questions[n].checkIfRight() === 'w'){     questions[n].logAll();     questions[].askQuestions();   }; } while (q1.playersAnswer !== "exit"); 

Someone here who installed Mattermost and Vestacp?

I need to install Mattermost on a Ubuntu 18.04 with Vestacp as control panel.

I installed Mattermost at the root of the domain directory and changed the user to the web-user(username of vesta user). But I’m not able to access it over the IP or Domain. I already checked the firewall of vesta. I don’t know how to get access to it.

Someone here who installed Mattermost and Vestacp?

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