Is it possible to play an Epic D&D3.5/Pathfinder campaign with a non-magic hero?

My DM is going to arrange a campaign of Epic Gestalts (LvL 24/24), I wanted to play a non-magic user, but they are so underpowered that I probably can’t, the closest to a non-magic user I seem to find is using Tome of Battle. Is it the only way?

My Character Idea

My idea was to do something like a Warblade16/Factotum8 With a Swashbuckler3/Something11/PathfinderDuelist10 (Even though, Factotum is a bit magic user :-T)

But I don’t know if a mage with a Wish or even any creature on the Epic Level Handbook can launch my character to the stratosphere without effort, where he hopelessly dies.

Although I don’t think the campaign will focus on combat, I don’t want to be placed in disadvantage.

We are using a 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder gestalt hybrid of handbooks which mean the most useful of the three versions is what we use.

Oh and another question (if you think the build could go as I put it)…

What Should I place in Something 11? (I don’t know if I should do Factotum 11)

The Campaign Idea

In a Forgotten Realms pre-Spellplague Faerûm, 5 characters will go to the city of the dead to argue with Kelemvor about The Wall of the Faithless And the injustice it is to actually exist. If he doesn’t cooperate chars should prepare to change it with not so diplomatic ways.

The other Chars

I don’t have all the info, but I do have some vague idea of what we are having

  • An ArcaneUber[Wiz/Src]/AbleCombatant
  • A Warlock/Master of the Nine [ToB]
  • An UrPriest/Avenger of something (Kinda Barbarian/Roguish something)

What happens when an attack with a raider drops a hero to 0 hp? [duplicate]

So, imagine you are hit by a monster and dropped down to 0 hp. But then the same attack also requires you to make a Constitution save or take extra damage. Is this attack treated as a single damage and you stay at 0 hp, or what I think, you are dropped to 0 hp from the normal attack, then you make a Con save and if you fail it, you take the extra damage causing the character to receive a failed death save?

Edit: As my question was deleted because there is a similar one, but there is no answer to this exact circumstance. Here we have one attack that requires an attack roll for the 1st portion of damage and then a save for the additional damage. I cannot find an answer that explains this situation!

Can Equipment be removed without a Hero Point for the Complication?

In a recent discussion on Reddit, a few of us asserted that Equipment, unlike Powers and Devices, can be removed without warning by the GM, whether it’s a temporary removal (the gun jams, or runs out of ammo) or more permanent (your sword breaks or your disarmed knife skitters off the side of the roof). You can generally take an action to reload or unjam your gun, or buy another knife between scenes. And then it was pointed out that in the 3E documentation, it seems that you might get a hero point for a GM-induced Complication.

Lots of equipment has a limited lifespan: guns run out of ammo, cars run out of gas, SCUBA tanks run out of oxygen, and batteries run out of juice. However, it can be a hassle to keep track of the lifespan of every piece of equipment the heroes may have (to say nothing of all the villains and supporting characters). So these rules pay fairly little attention to equipment running out or breaking down except when the Gamemaster wants to make things interesting for the heroes with a complication or two. Thus equipment failure—either due to running out of fuel or simple malfunction—is a dramatic issue rather than a matter of cost-accounting and keeping track of things like ammo and how much gas is in the tank of the hero’s super-car.

Thinking there was an edition change, I checked the 2E materials, and while it’s a bit closer to saying that there’s no Hero Point, the last line kind of indicates differently.

Equipment is vulnerable to damage, malfunctions, and loss, moreso than devices. One use of a power like Disintegration or Transform can turn a character’s equipment to dust, for example, and equipment tends to be delicate when it comes to super-powered attacks. Equipment may be lost or taken away from the character with impunity, and the GM may sometimes arrange circumstances to separate characters from their equipment as a GM fiat or setback (see Chapter 6).

For some reason, I thought that 3E still had text indicating that Equipment, unlike Devices, didn’t get Hero Points when it was taken away. Is there any evidence for that viewpoint, maybe a post from someone from Green Ronin?

What are Hero Points in DnD5e

I’ve just Downloaded an Excel Character Sheet and it has a slot for Hero Points. I have Players Handbook, MM, DMG, SCAG, VGtM, MToF, XGtE and I’m fairly sure it isn’t in any of them.

Is it Homebrew, or from a different realm, is it just a different name for something I know about or am I just being thick?

Advice for first time DM/player with first time hero players trying the Lost Mine of Phandelver with an under-sized party

After listening to and enjoying some “actual play” podcasts I’m about to try DnD with my wife and children. None of us have played before, so after some research I’ve decided to go with the official DnD 5e starter set.

Due to a slight misunderstanding I thought that the set was fine for four players including the DM, it seems that actually it’s meant for a party of four or five plus the DM.

Given that the party will only be three strong, none of them have played before, and two of them are children I would expect them to not be hugely effective to begin with.

As DM I’m planning to help as much as I can with the rules and hints about what they can do (initially they won’t have read all the rules). But I’m concerned that as a small party they might struggle.

The kids have decided that they like the wizard and rogue and my wife is happy to play any of the remaining characters. From my research I’ve suggested the cleric for her so that they have someone with high AC and good healing.

As I haven’t played before either I’m looking for suggestions on what else I can do to get things off to a good start. Obviously I can do things like reduce the number of enemies in fights, but I assume that there are a lot of other tricks that I’m not aware of to help in this kind of situation.

Is there an option to circumvent creating an entry in the character advancement log in Genesis 6.1.2 when creating a hero rank >1 character?

When creating Splittermond player characters with Genesis 6.1.2, how do I create characters with a higher hero rank than 1? Currently, it looks like I have to create an event after regular hero rank 1 creation that awards my character experience points, and then use those to advance them.

Is there an option to circumvent that step as it creates an entry in the character advancement log which I’d like to circumvent.

Why aren’t my hero images appearing as thumbnails in the SERP?

I display hero images across the top of my blog pages. However, I use CSS images rendering through div tags and I read that google doesn’t typically index those.

So the images aren’t included as thumbnails in SERPs, see below.

Can you please confirm if there is a way to direct google to index the images like with an image sitemap?

Does an image have to be included in the IMG tag to be considered for a thumbnail in the SERP?

enter image description here

Reverse engineering and buffer overflows: zero to hero

When I do CTFs, I can usually cope well with and understanding everything pretty much apart from buffer overflows, binary exploitation and reverse engineering

Almost to the point that I would consider myself having zero knowledge at all. I grasp the concept at the very most basic of levels and by that I mean I can operate a mouse and keyboard

Is there anywhere that takes you from zero to hero? I’m currently doing CTFs on and have done most of them apart from reverse engineering ones. is a decent start I believe but was wondering where there was a book, an online resource that as I say, could take me from zero to hero

I understand there’s a “stack” and “memory” and “assembly language” and then after that… nothing.

Specifically – I would like to get to a point where I come across a related challenge in a CTF and at least know where to start, where to go and how to complete it