Where is a secret chest hidden?

The spell Secret Chest says this:

You hide a chest, and all its contents, on the Ethereal Plane.

So, my question is: Where in the Ethereal Plane does the chest go?

Along the same lines, depending on the answer to that, is it possible for someone to travel through the ethereal plane to find a secret chest? I’m asking about this part as well because depending on where it’s hidden, it may be either easier or harder for someone to track down a secret chest.

In Path of War can Hidden Blades use a Strike or Boost Maneuver with a Counter Maneuver?

In Path of War, can you use a Strike Maneuver with a Counter Maneuver?

For instance, can you initiate the strike Rippling Current (Mithral Current 3; melee att +3d6 dmg; if quick drawn, make target flat-footed) as part of the attack of the counter Mithral Flash (Mithral Current 5; opposed attack; if quick drawn, can attack with +5d6 dmg) ?

peace of code hidden inside stegano image [closed]

I’m trying to decipher a stegano file, a jpg image. I am new to so pleace dont get mad if my question seems to be a simple one.

I friend of mine send me a jpg image. I have tried steghide to unhide the hidden file without any luck. My password guesses seem to keep failing.

An other approach was one I found on youtube.

Here I do not seem to get further then the first few steps where this man finds the (binairy) string he uses to decypher. In my case there is a large string at the end of the file but its hidden, which means I can not see the characters used but still seem to be able to copy and paste this peace. When I use python to decypher this string it says that there is a "^" placed inside it. Now I can not follow the method in the youtube clip either.

Can somebody help me out here?

How hidden is “Hidden” in Dresden Files

Sally the thief sees guardsman Bob. They are in the same zone, Sally having just rounded the corner. By default, both are aware of each other. If Sally rolls a block using stealth against Bob’s Alertness, then the Bob does not see her. On the other hand, Sally could maneuver, trying to place the aspect "Hidden" on Bob. This would let her tag Hidden later, probably for some kind of sneak attack.

I have a Stealth-focused character in my campaign. She has been using the first, then the second, in order. Last session, she asked what happens if she skips that first step. My ruling at the time was that she was staying in shadows or otherwise concealing herself, but that the guard knew that somebody was there. She could invoke that aspect to disappear completely from view, representing his losing track of her.

Thinking about it, I’m not sure about this. Should someone who has the aspect "Hidden" be completely unknown? When I have NPCs hiding from players, I tell the players who’s hiding from them and usually where they are, and trust the players to stay in character. (It usually works pretty well.) That gets run as a block, and they tend to place the aspect "Concealed" when they’re darting around shadows making a hard target of themselves. On the other hand, someone with the aspect "on fire" is still on fire, whether compelled or not – they just don’t have any mechanics associated with this. So someone who was "Hidden" could still be unseen.

How should these different versions of hidden be handled?

Hidden trails and how to recognise them

I am relatively new to D&D but am attempting to DM in a couple of days’ time. I am introducing friends (also new to D&D) with the adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver.

As far as I am aware a DC 10 Wisdom (survival) check entails a character to roll a 1d20 and add their Wisdom (survival) modifier to the outcome.

So my question is: Do I ask all characters to make a Wisdom (survival) check when they are approaching the hidden trail or do I wait until a player asks to investigate further and then ask them to make the check?

What events are depicted in these frescos from the “Shield of the Hidden Lord” DMsGuild module (which expands on the Descent into Avernus adventure)?

There is an unofficial module on DMsGuild named "Shield of the Hidden Lord" by M.T. Black – who is one of the writers on the official adventure Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, so I assume its lore is correct.

Pages 7-8 of the "Shield of the Hidden Lord" PDF include the descriptions of 4 frescos on the walls of area T2. These paintings reportedly depict Gargauth (presumably different key aspects or events relating to Gargauth).

What events or aspects exactly are depicted in each of the following frescos?

First Fresco. A handsome sage in amber robes sits on a throne with a pile of scrolls next to him. He is speaking to a group of kings and queens, who listen to him with interest and respect.

  • I suppose this is just an illustration of Gargauth’s charming abilities. Is that the only meaning?

Second Fresco. The sage in amber robes looks at a city in the background. The city is burning, and soldiers fight in its streets. In the foreground are two snakes, twisted together.

  • What city is depicted here?
  • Who are the soldiers, and what organisations do they belong to? Why do they fight?
  • What is the meaning of these snakes?

Third Fresco. The sage in amber robes rides a blue dragon over a dark forest. In a clearing in the forest is a unicorn with a broken, twisted horn.

  • I found this dragon’s name: Rathguul. Is that right?
  • Why is there a unicorn?
  • A twisted horn is Gargauth’s holy symbol. But the module says that Gargauth’s holy symbol is a Knight of the Shield badge. What is right here?

Fourth Fresco. The sage in amber robes wields a rapier and fights a shadowy figure in dark armor. The shadowy figure wears a jeweled gauntlet.

  • Why a rapier?
  • Who is the figure? Bhaal?

Hidden Markov Models for Hand Gestures

I am completing a final year project for hand gesture recognition using Hidden Markov Models

I have a fair understanding of Hidden Markov Models and how they work using simple examples such as the Unfair Casino and some Weather examples.

I am looking to implement multiple Hidden markov models where each model corresponds to a single gesture, similarly to this paper where the observed states are the angles between the coordinates of different points. This would create a sequence of numbers from 0 to 18 as seen in Figure 3 and Figure 4. .

What would the hidden states be in terms of this scenario?

The weather example has the observations ‘Walk’, ‘Shop’ and ‘Clean’ which would be the numbers 0-18 in the hand gesture case, however I do not know what the states ‘Rainy’ and ‘Sunny’ would correspond to in the hand gesture scenario.

What does the attuned creature know about the Shield of the Hidden Lord?

The DMG states that all properties of a magic item are known to the attuned creature, or a creature that spends a short rest analyzing it, but what about the Shield of the Hidden Lord? Some properties of the shield aren’t usable by the attuned creature. Plus, it seems kinda boring to me that the player would instantly be aware of Gargauth’s true nature after an hour of attuning or analyzing. To me that is something to be found out via play or identify.

Connecting to Hidden Networks

I can see 1 of my 2 wifi networks. The 2nd wifi network doesnt show in my wifi pick list. One hidden network has a very strong signal, which leads me to beliwvw that it is my 2nd wifi network. I enter the SSID and the network security key (network password). It then says "do you want to allow your octo be discoverable by other pc’s and devices on this network". I hit Yes, and it says "Cant connect to this network".


Greg J

Spell attacks while hidden

I’ve had a thought experiment regarding spellcasting, targeting, and hiding. It’s known that casting a non-attack spell while unseen is not perceptible by the target, regardless of whether the spell succeeded or not (i.e. scry). However, what about spells specifically with the "spell attack" descriptor?

Here are the relevant rules.

Unseen Attackers and Targets:

When a creature can’t see you, you have advantage on attack rolls against it. If you are hidden—both unseen and unheard—when you make an attack, you give away your location when the attack hits or misses.

Casting a Spell, "Targets":

Unless a spell has a perceptible effect, a creature might not know it was targeted by a spell at all. An effect like crackling lightning is obvious, but a more subtle effect, such as an attempt to read a creature’s thoughts, typically goes unnoticed, unless a spell says otherwise.

Question 1: Does a hidden spellcaster that uses a non-obvious spell attack remain hidden? Let’s assume the target does not notice the casting, either via subtle spell or otherwise (maybe they’re in a loud and crowded tavern).

Question 2: If there are saving throws related to question 1, does the target know if it failed or succeeded?

Example A, Ray of Enfeeblement:

A black beam of enervating energy springs from your finger toward a creature within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target deals only half damage with weapon attacks that use Strength until the spell ends.

At the end of each of the target’s turns, it can make a Constitution saving throw against the spell. On a success, the spell ends.

Scenario: A hidden sorcerer uses subtle spell to cast ray of enfeeblement at a target. For the purposes of this example, combat has not started yet (so the target is not hostile) and the target does not see the black ray. Does the target know it was enfeebled? If the target remains ignorant, does the target know it made a saving throw after 6 seconds?

Example B, Plane Shift:

You can use this spell to banish an unwilling creature to another plane. Choose a creature within your reach and make a melee spell attack against it. On a hit, the creature must make a Charisma saving throw. If the creature fails this save, it is transported to a random location on the plane of existence you specify. A creature so transported must find its own way back to your current plane of existence.

Scenario: A hidden wizard uses a familiar to deliver the touch spell on a target. If it succeeded its save, does it know it was targeted?