macOS Mojave Command line: How to mount drive but NOT EFI and hidden partitions

If I connect a external GUID-Formated Mac Drive, the Finder does mount all partitions except the “hidden” ones EFI and if existing “Recovery HD”. That’s fine so far.

If I unmount the disk in the command line with “diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk3” it will be unmounted. Also fine. But if I then do the opposite with “diskutil mountDisk /dev/disk3”, this command will not only mount the relevant data partitions but as well the “EFI” partition and if existing also the “Recovery HD” partition.

As it looks there is no command which behaves like the Finder, I have to extract the disk informations with the diskutility command. Right now, with diskutil list $ (diskutil list | grep 'external' | awk '{print $ 1}') I get the following output.

/dev/disk3 (external, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *2.0 TB disk3 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk3s1 2: Apple_HFS Server SSD 127.5 GB disk3s2 3: Apple_Boot Recovery HD 650.0 MB disk3s3 4: Apple_HFS Server HDD 1000.0 GB disk3s4 5: Apple_HFS Free Space 100.0 GB disk3s5 6: Apple_HFS Backup 771.6 GB disk3s6

Now I search string manipulations to extract the “NAME” and “IDENTIFIER” information based on filtering out the “TYPE” and “IDENTIFIER” information and exclude the “TYPE” “EFI” and “Apple_Boot”.

In the end I should get something like

Repeat until last partition   Part_NAME="Server SSD Clone", Part_ID="disk3s2"   Diskutil mountDisk /dev/$  Part_ID End 

Somewhere else I did read that it is needed to mount partitions by there UUID and NOT by “NAME” or “IDENTIFIER”. With the command diskutil info /dev/disk3 you get this information but then it’s needed to extract the “Volume UUID:” from the result.

I would appreciate any suggestions either to part of my question or to a other way to get it done.

Thank you for your help. Regards Thomas

Emails hidden from Inbox

Yesterday, all may after 4/5/15 went ‘missing’ from my Inbox. The emails are identified in ‘All Email’ but not Inbox. I use ‘Priority Inbox’, prioritized by ‘Unread,’ ‘Important,’ ‘Starred,’ and ‘Everything Else.’ I have had this setting for years. Before yesterday each filter had the first 25 emails meeting the filter requirements. Now, I get 25 emails of Unread, Important and ‘Everything Else.’ (no ‘Starred.’ These 25 emails include emails from yesterday and 4/5/15 and before (no emails between 4/5/15 and yesterday show). When I select ‘All Mail,’ I get the first 100 of 17,000 emails in chronological order, including those ‘missing’ from 4/6/15 and after. I have checked all filters as well as Archive settings and there does not appear to be any changes (at least none, I have made.)

Can I see a Hidden creature that is not obscured at all?

Here is the scenario: I am the GM, and one of my players is a Sharpshooter Rogue. He likes to hide as a bonus action to gain advantage on his rolls, which effectively nullifies the -5 attack bonus on Sharpshooter, and thus gives him an extra 17(10+2d6) damage every round. So at 4th level he’s doing ~25 damage a round, which seems awfully high.

What I’d like to do in future encounters is send in some monsters to root out this Rogue and prevent him from staying hidden (obviously not all the time, but enough to keep this player on his toes and give the tank and melee fighter something to do).

What I noticed in our last session was that for the most part, this Rogue is just Hiding behind cover, so like a rock or a tree. So, to me, if I send in a goblin to check the tree the Rogue just hid behind, then that goblin should be able to clearly see the Rogue just by walking around the tree. But the Rogue already beat the goblin’s passive Perception to hide in the first place(back when he couldn’t be seen so it made sense), and the rules I’ve seen imply that the goblin has to spend its action to Search for the ‘hiding’ Rogue.

Does this mean that the Rogue is essentially invisible until he decides to attack? And that he can Sneak Attack this goblin that’s staring right at him (or stab him normally if by some miracle the goblin succeeds on a Perception test)? Or am I looking at this all wrong?

And yeah, I know there are plenty of tangentially related Stealth questions, but this seems like a weird edge case that I haven’t seen addressed yet.

Is there an argument for copyfile that will change the hidden property?

I have a database that writes data into a copied excel template. The template is hidden to keep the end user from tampering with it, however the final result is also hidden. Is there a way to change the hidden property when saving the new file?

Currently, the db copies the template and renames it.

fso.CopyFile "C:\Upload\Rebate_Upload_Files\Standard Form (Template)  protected.xlsx", "C:\Upload\Rebate_Upload_Files\Rebate Contract " &  Contract_Number & " " & Date$   & ".xlsx" 

After that, it transfers the appropriate table and saves the file.

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml,  "export_table", "C:\Upload\Rebate_Upload_Files\Rebate Contract " &  Contract_Number & " " & Date$   & ".xlsx", False, "A12:L65000" 

The process works fine, except that the final file is also hidden and I’d like it to be a normal file.


Content type fields marked as “hidden” aren’t being hidden in the form?

I have a SharePoint Online list library which allows users to create a list item by using a simple form.

In the backend of this site I’ve configured some hidden columns which are needed for some workflows to operate. Within the content type’s settings I have set these fields as “hidden” like below.

enter image description here

However, when I click + New to create a new list item, these hidden columns (or fields) are still showing in the form. Is there any way I can hide them? They weren’t previously visible and for some reason are showing now, but the hidden feature appears broken?

enter image description here

How do I keep div content hidden and reveal it self as the sections are scrolled up

I’m trying to achieve what this site does:

My code is as follows unfortunately all my div text is stacking on top of each other, instead of being hidden and then revealed gradually on scroll. like the site above.


html, body, .container, .content, section {   height: 100%;   margin: 0;   padding: 0; }  .content section {   position: relative;   background-position: top center;   background-repeat: no-repeat;   background-size: cover;   background-attachment: fixed; } #div-1{   position: fixed;   float: left;   top: 50%;   left: 50%;   transform: translate(-50%, -50%);   z-index: 3; } #div-2{   position: fixed;   float: left;   top: 50%;   left: 50%;   transform: translate(-50%, -50%);   z-index: 2; } #div-3{   position: fixed;   float: left;   top: 50%;   left: 50%;   transform: translate(-50%, -50%);   z-index: 1; } #section-one { background-image: url(""); z-index: 1;}  #section-two { background-image: url("");z-index: 2;} #section-three { background-image: url(""); z-index: 3;} 


<!DOCTYPE html> <html><head>     <title>fixedScroll</title>     <link rel="stylesheet" href="./js/style.css">        </head> <body>     <div class="container">         <div class="content">             <section id="section-one">             <div id="div-1"><h1>SECTION 1</h1></div></section>             <section id="section-two">                 <div id="div-2"><h1>SECTION 2</h1></div>             </section>             <section id="section-three">                 <div id="div-3"><h1>SECTION 3</h1></div>             </section>         </div>     </div>      </body></html> 

I have multiple hidden cameras in my home [on hold]

Its over my wife’s family fude cameras and mic all over they come in and take we have 4 different security systems all been hacked or takein because can’t hide from them cameras we have lost at least 10,000 in tools money in safe and electronics need to no how to hack them so we can find all off them u can’t see them with ur eye looking for them need to be able to get on that frequency so tiny we have detectors but they shut them off or replace we have called Police and they either do nothing, think I were crazy or on drugs and it’s getting miserable with all ….eyes on me showering using bathroom my wife and I have lost close to 10,000 in cameras tool and the police think we are making it up or on meth can someone please help us and show us how to hack the cameras so we can stop them coming in our home and taking and watching us I’m going to do things that eitll send me to jail please help me