Can you hide a server IP address using Cloudflare?

I am in the UK and looking for a new server for my websites. Pricing in the UK is really expensive but I stuck with the UK as that is where my main audience is. I noticed that with providers like Hetzner in Germany I can get a better server and 1/2 the price.

Can I host the websites in Germany but still do well in search engine rankings in the UK? It has been suggested that using Cloudflare will ultimately hide the true server location and the search engines then base the best location on website characteristics such as language, topic and the like.

How do Shadowdancer’s Hide in Plain Sight, Hellcat Stealth, and enemies’ darkvision interact?

I recently had a game where there was some uncertainty, so I’m here to ask you how this interaction works.

I have a character, a Shadowdancer. This character has also got the Hellcat Stealth feat. The character sneaks in pure darkness, no light at all, on an enemy with Darkvision. There is no cover. Does the character stealth with Hide in Plain Sight, Hellcat Stealth, or the character cannot attempt to stealth? Or does the character stealth with Hide in Plain Sight but with a penalty similar to Hellcat Stealth?

Taxonomy hide not working

I am trying to exclude a single term from my resource pages archive page. I have created a custom post type ‘resources’ and within that a custom taxonomy called additional_category. Within that I am tagging the post as gated or LEAP. I would like to hide the gated term from displaying on the archive page. I have the following code, but its not working as expected. Can anyone tell me where Im going wrong?

   $  some_args = array(                     'post_type'        => 'resources',                     'posts_per_page'   => -1,                     'tax_query' => array(                         array(                             'taxonomy' => 'additional_category',                             'terms' => 'gated',                             'field' => 'slug',                             'include_children' => false,                             'operator' => 'NOT IN'                         )                     ),                 );                      $  s = new WP_Query( $  some_args );                      while ( have_posts() ) :                     the_post();                          /*                      * Include the Post-Type-specific template for the content.                      * If you want to override th  is in a child theme, then include a file                  * called content-___.php (where ___ is the Post Type name) and that will be used instead.                  */                 get_template_part( 'modules/u3gm-content', get_post_type() );              endwhile;         ?> 

One of my players want to carry his familiar on his body and says it should not be targeted by enemies because it can hide on his body?

One of my players (of a rogue) said that he heard of DM’s allowing the familiar to be carried on the players body. He use his familiar to help him in combat and get advantage on the attack roll.

I said it’s okay for me and allowed it. But later in fight I played a goblin and obviously attacked his familiar in his pocket, to take his advantage away. He said that it shouldn’t be possibly because his familiar hides in a pocket and can’t be targeted. I didn’t allow that because it would obviously break the game. He said that many DM’s bend the rule like this and allow this.

I would like to hear whether anyone has ever allowed this change of the rules, and whether it did or will break the game.

How do I hide the event description within template of The Events Calenar using Ultimate Member shortcode?

OK, so the goal is to hide the event description with Ultimate Member shortcode [um_loggedin].

I tried doing echo do_shortcode but it’s not working…

This is the code I used within wp-content/themes/hello-elementor/tribe-events/single-event.php:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[um_loggedout]'."Sorry, but only loggedin users are allowed to access the details".'[/um_loggedout]');?>

<?php echo do_shortcode('[um_loggedin]'.the_content().'[/um_loggedin]');?>

can disguise self hide wings?

Can disguise self hide an aaracocras natural wings because they are hiding as a "different race"? Would this allow a creature to create wings to become an aaracocra? if a creature has wings and hides them, would they be revealed if used in flight? if a creature manifests wings while under disguise self’s effects, would they need to recast it to hide them?

What is the point of this line in the Hide of the Feral Guardian?

The Hide of the Feral Guardian, a legendary item from the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, includes the following ability.

When you cast the polymorph spell using this armor, you can transform into a cave bear (use the polar bear statistics).

Why does it do this, and not just turn the user into either a polar bear or cave bear directly? At first I thought it might be because of the book each creature was from, but they both have stat blocks in the monster manual, and neither are in the explorer’s guide elsewhere as far as I can see.