Can rootkits hide their internet usage from resource-manager and third party software in windows 10? if so, how?

So lets say I have the latest windows 10 version, i also have DU meter for checking my network usage

now i know that in windows there is a linked list of processes that many rootkits tend to remove themselves from it to hide from task manager, but im not sure if this is still possible in windows 10 or even if it is possible, will it make third party software not show the internet usage or not

so i have two questions:

  1. what are the methods that can be used to remove the internet usage from third party software and resource manager to show up in windows 10? if a detail explanation is possible it would be really helpful

  2. is there anyway i can be sure that when there is no upload showing in my DU meter and resource manager then it means there is actually no upload happening?

Hide columns with certain dates

I would like to have a google sheet as a presence list. In the first 3 colums there will be person names, in the first rows the dates of the events.

I would like to hide on open all columns (exept the first 3 colums) left of the column which date is lapsed (range minus 3 days)

I tried this one:

function onOpen(e) {   var sheet = e.source.getSheetByName('Sheet1'); // or .getSheets()[0]; to apply to the first sheet.   var width = sheet.getDataRange().getWidth();   var dates = sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, width).getValues().valueOf();     var today =;   var minDiff = 1e9;   var imin = 0;   for (var i = 0; i < dates[0].length; i++) {     if (Math.abs(dates[0][i]-today) < minDiff) {       imin = i;       minDiff = Math.abs(dates[0][i]-today);     }   }   sheet.hideColumns(1, imin); } 


I would like not to hide the first 3 colums of the sheet. How can I do this?

How to hide the banner “This site is read only at the farm administrator’s request” after putting SP site in read only mode?

Today, as per client requirement,I made one of the site collections in our production environment on SP 2013 in read only mode. After doing so, we are getting

This site is read only at the farm administrator’s request

banner at the top of the page.

Is there any PowerShell command to hide this banner from the page?

Thanks in advance!!!

jslink hide or disable options in choice field on quick edit view for SharePoint lists

I want to disable or hide options in a choice field on a sharepoint list because some of the value should not be selected after a specific date but must be in the list for older items.

Is there a solution with JSLink ? With the following i got the field:


and with this js snippet i got the field with the choices:

var c = ctx.ListSchema.Field.filter(function(f) {         return f.Name === 'Period';     }); c[0].Choices //This will set the array to a new array c[0].Choices = ["test","test"] 

Now the array is set to the “test” array if I reload the page. But, the values are not renderd to the Dropdown… there are still the normal values from the choice field.

if I do the same with the grid value it will be renderd correctly:

c[0].AllowGridEditing = "FALSE"

Is there a way to manipulate the choice field? Or maybe if I implement it as Lookup field?


How to hide Author name and Site page name from the modern site page in SPOnline team site

I am working with modern team site created in SPOnline. From the site pages library, I have created a site page and as you know, on this site page, author name and page name becomes visible by default and I believe there is no OOTB way to hide it.

However I am using modern script editor web part so can someone please help me with right css classes to set display:none for those classes.

Thanks in advance.

Should I hide continue button until tasks are completed?

In a multi-step wizard, some of the steps present the user with a list of tasks that must be completed before continuing to the next step.

Each task in the list opens a popup where the user completes the task.

I have three possible solutions for the continue button:

a) Show it all the time. If the user clicks it before all tasks are complete the user will be shown information about what must be done before he can continue.

b) Show a disabled button, that is enabled when all tasks are completed. In its disabled state the button will have some generic message that all tasks must be completed before you can continue.

c) Hide the button and only show it once all tasks are completed.