Consequences of a language that hides his lower level rappresentations

I know it’s a silly scenario but I wolud like to know if it’s relevant and maybe there are some sort of theory/studies on it or it’s merely a non-sense situation.

Immagine a language much close to a Turing machine that is compiled in an higher language (let’s say C). This language can accept an integer as input, but using his syntax i don’t have any access to his internal rappresentation of this integer, that is the integer wolud be located in one single cell and the only operation I can do on a cell are:

 +1, -1, copy/paste from a register, set to 0, chek if it's non-zero. 

Now if I want to output the sign of the integer I would create a copy of it so that in one cell the value gets incremented and in the other gets decremented. Until I reach 0 and then I would stop and correctly tell the sign.

The interesting part is that under the hood, this program would surely use the information of the sign of the integer to execute +1 and -1 correctlty…

So I’m using operations that would use information x to obtain information x… Normally I would have access to the rappresentation of the integers and to check the sign consists in looking at one particular bit. But in this case some information is hidden from me.

It reminds me of solving the limit sin(x)/x as x goes to 0 by de l’Hopital rule… It’s a logical fallacy because that limit is required in order to derivate sin(x)

Could there be situations when this is not generated explicitly by us and it’s inevitable? Has it more profound consequences?

Windows 10 filenames ending with “dot something” hides the “dot something”?

I have some folders that are organized by the websites I got them from so they have filenames such as “” but ever since a few updates ago (must be at least a year) Windows 10 is now hiding the “.net” part in Explorer. So now the filename is just “Website” when it should be “”. However, the actual folder path is in fact “” in the address bar, it just doesn’t show that way in File Explorer window. Is there a registry setting I can change to make Explorer show the full filename again? It’s really annoying. Thanks.

Using Windows 10 latest updates.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation hides filters of same number of collection

I saw a behavior in default Magento 2 layered navigation.

Steps to generate

Create any category and sub category under root.

Add any multiple dropdown attribute with anchor.

Assign all the products to category and also in any one atrribute option.


Magento hides the attribute option in layered page, if the product collection of category is equal to its collection. which I think is correct in some way but I want to show the option even if its equal.

I can use Filterable without results in layered navigation but it also shows the 0 products filters.

Anyone has any better solution for this. Please share