Is there a standard hierarchy when two supplemental books contradict each other?

The spell, Energy Vortex, is found in:

  • Complete Divine (p.164) as a 4th level Cleric/Druid spell (published May 2004)
  • Spell Compendium (p.81) as a 3rd level Cleric/Druid spell (published Dec 2005)

In both books, the spell does the exact same effect/range/damage (choice of acid/fire/electricity/cold), aside from CD allowing Sonic as a 5th choice for damage type.

Since these books were published more than a year apart, I assumed this was more a correction than a typo. Is it standard to use the most recent book as a general hierarchy, or is there another, more preferred method?

Node ordering at contraction hierarchy of biDirectional Dijkstra

I try to understand the node ordering at contraction hierarchy.

To me, ordering and contracting node looks impossible because when contracting a node, then it influence the other node. Therefore, it looks impossible to calculate the exact node order.

Let me explain the node ordering.

According to the some parameters such as edge difference, we can order the node and put the node at the prioriry queue.

After ordering, we extract the minimum priority node.

Before contracting the node, we should compare its priority with the recomputed priority of the head of the node in the priority queue, assuming the node is contracted.

It is because the contracting behavior influence the order of the nodes.

In this case, I have a question. Is it possible we cannot extract any node in the priority queue?

For example, in the queue, there are the nodes A, B, C, D, E in the order.

When we extract the node A, we found node B is actual minimum node.

Therefore, we put node A in the queue, again and extract B.

But after that, we recomputed the priority node A, we get to know A is the minimum.

Then we have to put node B.

I think it can go on and on. Therefore we cannot contract any node.

Is my think reasonable? And then how can we design the algorithm of node ordering?

Placing Critters in the appropriate place in the Natural Order Hierarchy in Mouse Guard

I am currently developing a campaign setting using the rules and lore for Mouse Guard. The setting will be similar but not in the same geographical location (Northern Michigan) that the original was written in. To that end I will be bringing in additional animals and developing their stats. I asked a question here that references how to balance the Nature scores and encounter abilities of the creatures but will also need to determine how best to place new creatures in the Natural Order table.

In MG mice can only directly attack/kill creatures that are up to two levels higher than they are in the hierarchy. Where to place a new creature in this table could indicate mechanically whether they would need extraordinary means to interact with that creature during an encounter. Balancing this would be an important part of creating a new creature in a custom Mouse Guard campaign.

I’m looking for expertise in balancing new creatures and placing them within the Natural Order hierarchy when introducing them into a Mouse Guard campaign.

I’m looking for answers using the “Good Subjective” standard and experience on how specifically balancing was done and determining where to place the creatures in the Natural Order hierarchy.

Left Sidebar Menu design with hierarchy

Current scenario: I’ve a webapp, in which there is a left sidebar. There are some menuItems and subMenuItems in sidebar. This hierarchy can go to N level. enter image description here New Requirement: Now There can be multiple programs in this application. User can switch program at any time. Each program has some menuAreas. User can also switch between menuAreas. Each menuArea has its own list of menuItems (and subMenuItems in hierarchy). At a time, User can only see menuItems for selected program and menuArea. These menuItems should appear at same place where current menuItems appear. Can anyone suggest UX for this scenario?

Entering data fields in a table where rows have a hierarchy

Situation: A store is adding in how much money has been spent on products in their store that week. They can enter the figures either at the individual product level, or at the brand that product belongs to.

So, either at NestlĂ© level, or at KitKat, Milkybar, Aero…

I want to make sure the user has the flexibility to enter figures at whichever level of hierarchy they want, but also don’t want to end up with duplicate or mismatching figures by someone entering in a value at Parent AND at each Child.

This is fine when they first start – we can just disable the Parent / Child field once they choose which level of the hierarchy for that product they’re using.

enter image description here

HOWEVER, the issue I’m having is how can we allow the user to change which level they’ve been using? For various reasons they may need to change from a global Parent (NestlĂ©) figure to specifying a value for each product instead (or if they’ve done it at Child level (KitKat) they may want to actually just specify at Parent level instead).

I don’t want to fill the fields with toggle icons as that’s visually noisy. I don’t want to add a global toggle for Parent / Child because there are many brands out there (Coca Cola, Mars etc) and the user may still wish to enter figures at child level for one brand but Parent level for another).

What is a simple method to allow the user to change from one level of hierarchy they’ve already specified up/down to the other level?

The only thought I currently have is that if the user clicks a Disabled field they will be given a prompt asking if they now wish to add figures at Child level, but that seems like an accessibility fail, and it isn’t really that obvious that a disabled field can be clicked.

Order custom taxonomy hierarchy

I have some custom taxonomy for regions.

Commonly it would look something like this.

USA (parent) - Arizona (child 1) - - Phoenix (child 2) 

however, there will be cases where it will only be like

USA - Arizona 


UK - Wales 

and maybe even just


In my for loop I get the taxonomy data as $ location = get_the_terms( $ id, 'listings_region' );

and then in the html/php I can simply write $ location[0]->name and then I get the the name of the first object in the array.

I have however noticed that the taxonomy comes back not in the correct hierarchy – instead, alphabetically.

When I echo '<pre>'; print_r($ location); echo '</pre>', I get the array and [0] would be Arizona and [1] would be USA.

How can I retrieve it the taxonomy array in the correct order so that ideally [0] is always the parent, [1] is the first child, etc?

Thanks in advance.

Do warlocks with an infernal pact or tieflings have a place in the infernal hierarchy?

I’m doing some lore research before I start as a player (playing a warlock in a pact with levistus) in Descent into Avernus, and I’m curious whether there’s any information about where mortal warlocks with infernal pacts might lie in the infernal hierarchy. I’ve searched through MToF and the MM but I cant seem to find any information on the subject. Do they rank at all? are they lower than low?

This also got me wondering if tieflings have any place in the ranks of hell or is ranking entirely reserved for full blooded devils?

So far the closest I’ve come is MToF’s information on merregons and narzugons, who were dedicated to evil in life and reborn into the heirarchy after their deaths.

How should a class hierarchy for scrapers look like?

I have to work out a class hierarchy for an application that uses many scrapers for many various webpages (like tens or hundreds of scrapers). So far my team didn’t do any OOP applications so I will also have to help them learn how to use such things. So the class hierarchy shouldn’t be too complicated I think.

What I made up in a couple of hours is such class hierarchy using decorator pattern.

enter image description here

I am thinking that it may be too complicated and also I think there may be some better solutions to this problems as I’m not that confident in my oop skills. I would appreciate if you could asses my solution or give me some suggestions

How do I create a hierarchy between my sharepoint pages?

So I have a bunch of pages already created on my site but I don’t know how to go about giving them an actual hierarchy. Visually in the navigation bar there is a hierarchy but my breadcrumb links do not act like there is a hierarchy. I am using a bootstrap theme from BindTuning and the bottom breadcrumb links only ever show “home page” > “Pages” > “current page”

So the start and end is correct but the middle only ever says pages since that is where the page files are stored in share point. Sometimes there should even be another level of navigation in between that and it should never say “pages” in the breadcrumbs.

How can I go about making a hierarchy between the pages I have made?