Evince highlights wrong regions in PDF

This is an old bug, it seems to be not Evince’s own fault but the bug is from Poppler. The specific cause of the bug has been identified (it’s the calculation of some coordinates) but as of 2019 it is still not fixed in Ubuntu.

That means all the users of Ubuntu cannot highlight PDF texts using Evince — this is such a basic function.

Is there anyway to update Poppler to the correct version such that Evince works?

Please do not mark this as a duplicate question UNLESS one can provide a specific way to upgrade Poppler and resolve this problem.

iPad Auto-delete deleted iBooks, now all my highlights are gone

iBooks iOS recently deleted iBooks for no reason, it’s an app I use everyday. I clicked the restore button with the little cloud icon and it reinstalled immediately with every single book and pdf that was in it the day before – except – every bookmark, every highlight and annotation is now missing.

I have already enabled sync bookmarks etc. but none of it has worked. I don’t understand since it DIDN’T delete my local content, every book was there, but, it did delete all the notes I took.

This is really upsetting as I have dozens of fully annotated books for coursework that I spent 100s of hours on. I’d be really dissapointed if there were no way to recover them, although I suppose it’s my fault for not making backup copies. I’d really be so incredibly grateful if anyone had a solution, I’m at a total loss.

Thank you in advance. -John

Simplify ReactJS code that performs profile pic selection highlights

I am making a profile picture selection screen, basically you select a picture pic1, if another picture pic2 is selected, then we cancel the highlight of pic2 and highlight pic1. Here is my code right now for it in React (btw, I am using CSS to take care of the highlighting).

How I am doing it currently (let’s say I only have 3 options to choose from), this is the code taking care of determining which one is clicked:

`  this.state = {       isClicked1: false,       isClicked2: false,       isClicked3: false     };` 

The JSX code that actually displays everything:

                 <img src={hero001} />                 </a>                 <a class={a_class2} onClick={this.profilePicClick2}>                   <img src={hero002} />                 </a>                 <a class={a_class3} onClick={this.profilePicClick3}>                   <img src={hero003} />                 </a> 

the class is actually what determines if it is highlighted or not (background color in CSS), if the class is animal selected then it has a background else no background.

let a_class1 = this.state.isClicked1 ? "animal selected" : "animal"; let a_class2 = this.state.isClicked2 ? "animal selected" : "animal"; let a_class3 = this.state.isClicked3 ? "animal selected" : "animal"; 

And the JS logic:

    profilePicClick1 = () => {     this.setState({ isClicked1: !this.state.isClicked1 });     this.setState({ isClicked2: false });     this.setState({ isClicked3: false });   };    profilePicClick2 = () => {     this.setState({ isClicked2: !this.state.isClicked2 });     this.setState({ isclicked3: false });     this.setState({ isClicked1: false });   };    profilePicClick3 = () => {     this.setState({ isClicked3: !this.state.isClicked2 });     this.setState({ isclicked1: false });     this.setState({ isClicked2: false });   }; 

Here’s a run through sorry if my code is confusing: on load, the isClicked state for all images is false, that leads to each a_class being “animal”, and on render, it will display the images with the a_classes, since it is only animal, we will display the normal image. Onclick of let’s say image1, we will turn isClicked1 into true, which will make a_class1 “animal selected”, and will thus render the picture with the background selected color. And onClick of another picture other than pic1, we will set all other isClicked to false besides the one just being clicked, and blah blah.

How to look at midtones, shadows and highlights separately?

Is there some hotkey or other quick method in popular editors for showing, separately, which pixels are highlights, which are shadows, which are midtones?

I know only of a function to select midtones or shadows in Photoshop and then copy that to a new layer. Is there faster way to just quickly visualize it? For example, there is a feature in Lightroom to watch over- or underexposed areas on a photo. Is there a possibility to watch shadows, midtones and highlights the same way?

Highlights connected to comments dissappeared

I have someone reviewing a document for me in Google Docs. All of a sudden her comments are there on the right, but the highlight over the text associated with that comment is gone. In other words, I can read her comment but I have no idea which portion of text she is talking about because the highlight is gone. Can someone help? How do I get the highlights back?

Shortcuts not working. “File” highlights

I am trying to use ^T (Control T) and ^W (Control W) for “New Tab” and “Close Tab” respectively in my web browsers. The shortcuts are listed correctly in “Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > All Applications”. When I try to use them, the “File” menu in the bar at the top is briefly highlighted with a blue highlight, then it becomes unhighlighted and nothing happens after that. Command+T and Command+W still manage to successfully open and close tabs. What am I doing wrong?