Highlights connected to comments dissappeared

I have someone reviewing a document for me in Google Docs. All of a sudden her comments are there on the right, but the highlight over the text associated with that comment is gone. In other words, I can read her comment but I have no idea which portion of text she is talking about because the highlight is gone. Can someone help? How do I get the highlights back?

Shortcuts not working. “File” highlights

I am trying to use ^T (Control T) and ^W (Control W) for “New Tab” and “Close Tab” respectively in my web browsers. The shortcuts are listed correctly in “Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > All Applications”. When I try to use them, the “File” menu in the bar at the top is briefly highlighted with a blue highlight, then it becomes unhighlighted and nothing happens after that. Command+T and Command+W still manage to successfully open and close tabs. What am I doing wrong?