Keto diet is highly renowned because it

Keto diet is highly renowned because it has the propensity to reduce overweight without letting a person go through a strict diet and vigorous exercise It is a unique formula because it allows a person to eat good fat so that your body can go through ketosis However this diet is costly and not affordable for every individual So as a substitute for the keto diet one highly renowned company has introduced opti farms keto weight loss supplement This article is going to provide…

Keto diet is highly renowned because it

An app on the play store promises to trim without root access but I highly doubt if it even works

My phone is new so I can’t root it because I don’t wanna void my warranty just yet and trimming my phone would also not make a significant difference. Since most other apps on the play store promise to run trim only with root access, I don’t think it’s possible for this app to do so without root but if it can that’s the best thing i can get. Can someone please excuse my stupidity and confirm if this app actually works? It will be really helpful.

Link to the app:

Want to create my own highly relevant link lists for my niche: help needed please

I am using GSA ser footprints and scrapebox to find urls like in the following video: However when building backlinks to my projects with GSA ser they still look spammy. Is there a way to get even more relevant lists to my niche and my keywords? I want my link profile to look natural and manually done. I prefer less links, but high quality ones. Thanks so much for your help!!!

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[ Movies ] Open Question : Why isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio rated more highly in debates about the greatest actors of all time?

He easily passes all the criteria: (1) won an Oscar for Best Actor, deserves at least 8-10 more (2) did extremely difficult roles that no other actors could (3) starred in films with other greatest actors (4) starred in one of the highest grossing films of all time (5) has a widely known legendary reputation throughout the world (6) worked with some of the best directors and producers (7) has starred in at least 10 films that deserve a Best Film Oscar. (8) all of his roles are interesting and unique (9) has no bad performance (10) has at least 5 classics He is easily number one on my all time actors list and I’m a movie enthusiast.

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how to make below code highly fast, efficient, great time complexity and perfect way of code

the code is given below working properly but how to make this code highly fast, efficient, great time complexity and perfect way of code.

lets assume, I have a 1000 country, state and city data in mongodb collection. I want to retrieve all the city data by matching country id and state id from mongodb collection. please tell me the perfect way to code.

// @route   GET citylist/:countryid/:stateid // @desc    get all the city from mongodb for countryid and stateid  router.get("/citylist/:countryid/:stateid", (req, res) => {   const isValidCountryid = mongoose.Types.ObjectId.isValid( req.params.countryid);   const isValidStateid = mongoose.Types.ObjectId.isValid(req.params.stateid);    if (isValidCountryid && isValidStateid) {     CityModel.find({       country_id: req.params.countryid,       state_id: req.params.stateid     })        .then(cities => {         if (!cities || !cities[0]) {           return res.status(404).json({ msg: "City not found" });         } else {           res.json(cities);         }       })       .catch(error => res.status(500).send(error));    } else {     res.json({ msg: "Country or State Id is not valid" });   } });  

how to make this code highly fast, efficient, great time complexity and perfect way of code.

How to design a highly available and fault tolerant file storage drop location in linux box

Am trying to build a highly available and fault tolerant file drop location in linux server. Please find the current system design below:

enter image description here

We got 2 linux servers in secured zone into which several clients from unsecured zone will be dropping files in batch mode using xcom utility. Each client has got different times to send files based on business use-case. Now all clients have been configured to drop file into server1. But this design is not proper as it do not addresses following issues:

  • If server1 goes down no way for clients to push files into secured zone unless configurations updated to send to server2 manually.
  • If server1 goes down there is no backup of files in server2.

Am looking for a solution like a load balancer that can put files in a round robin fashion OR keep server2 in a passive mode(automatically accepts when server1 goes down).

enter image description here

Am not sure this is the best approach. Please share your views and ideas to achieve this.

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